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  1. I was thinking the exact same thing. How sexy can it be to be with a boyman who probably got a boner having his first coke and pop tart. Also I think Olivia may have a savior complex. First she wanted to save Ethan and now Mariah or whatever the daisy dukes sisters name is. It’s like she got saved from living in a fundy hell forever when her parents saw the light and now she wants to save everyone else.
  2. Really sad revelation on this episode about the little boy. Definitely explains some of her control issues but it seems like she was like that even before that happened. I always feel sorry for kids raised by these types of parents. Sure it must be fun to run around with no shoes all the time and never have to get up early for school but to be literally afraid of people who don’t believe exactly the way you do is borderline abusive. They only skimmed it on the show but you know there’s major homophobia and mysogony going on in that house.
  3. I have to admit I just don’t get what Olivia sees in Ethan. I think she’s beautiful, poised and smart. I would be totally embarrassed to be with someone so awkward especially when I was 21. Also, momma fundie being SO anti sugar, everything healthy, comes off as phony as hell because obviously she’s eating something besides kale smoothies.
  4. Just watched this episode and was wondering if anyone else noticed Donnys face at the start of the show when he was introduced as “Danny” lol
  5. Avery is as nutty as a fruitcake for fantasizing about living in a war zone and basically relinquishing all your rights to someone you don’t even know
  6. I know it’s not culturally acceptable to open a sex store there but is it even legal? I can just imagine Laura getting carted off in handcuffs and Aladin laughing his ass off when she expects him to bail her out
  7. Unlike dopey Nicole, I think Laura can comfortably afford to open up a lot of stores. And just like Nicole she’ll find some way to get fleeced from her hot bodied boy toy
  8. Usually by the time I watch this you guys have covered everything I was thinking. I just want to add if anyone noticed mama Aladin sitting on the bed scowling in next weeks preview? I wonder if she would be happier if her son was gay or marrying a wrinkled up old white lady?
  9. With $700 dollars worth of stuff from the clearance rack that Mormon guy bought for them
  10. So then is it a scam or is summit just wishful thinking? Maybe he wants to piss his parents off and embarrass them so he can be free to live his life with or without Jenny.
  11. I just don’t get how somemeat actually believes nobody in his hometown, where it sounds as if everybody knows everybody and their business is going to get away with hiding wife Jenny from his parents. If he wanted to do that why didn’t he look to move further away?
  12. Been away for a while due to a work schedule change and I see nothings changed. The Scarborough‘s are married now and still can’t sit together on set. I really hate when they have the Reagan worshiping Peggy Noonan on and then to make it worse they have these problem solving committee guys and the Republican one is saying both parties aren’t talking and compromising. Why do they let these people come on and spout BS? Also Peggy’s boobs look really low today. Maybe with Ronnie’s trickle down economics she can get a better bra.
  13. I agree with you Eliot. Usually Joe is a self serving douche but what he said is spot on. I live in NY and the dems are running non stop health care ads which is great but just the way joe said that really packed a punch. Hope the dems use it. Im at work, have MSNBC on my phone. Obviously they're talking about the new bombs found and a customer looks at me and says 'that's total bullshit. It's not even Americans sending them'. And that sums up what the dems are up against.
  14. John Heilemann was the one adult on set but he left. Now Mikas looking straight into the camera telling Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan they have to stand up to trump re his latest hateful tweet. Too bad they can't see you Mika, they're watching Fox News.
  15. And also according to Mika dems can't win. They either have no message or they're stooping down to trumps level. We have a president who's the high school bully and all the pussy footing around that's been done the past two years has only emboldened him more. Oh goodie, Jon Podhoretz and Noah Rothman both one in one day. And according to Rothman you can't blame all the republicans for not standing up to trump. It's an election year after all. smh
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