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  1. After Mika's strong on air reaction to Trump's accusations and many comments on this forum (some implying the worst) about the intern's death over the years, I became more curious about it. Apparently Joe was in Washington while the intern was working in his office in Florida. During the day, she mentioned not feeling well to others. Joe announced he was leaving congress a few weeks before she passed away. There were several articles that listed these details including one from Fox News. Now that there has been more investigation into Tara Reade, will Morning Joe circle back regarding Tara's credibility? While credibility has objective and subjective components, there are so many questions about different facets of Tara's life that it seems right to have a conversation about her credibility. This is especially true after Mika's interrogation of Joe Biden. Wouldn't it only be fair to do a follow up on his accuser?
  2. Aw, isn't it nice how Mika gets compliments on her tough Joe Biden interview every time she asks how well his campaign is handling the allegations. How long will she continue to bring this up?
  3. Mika appears sleepy this morning especially when someone is answering her questions. So PJs fit with her entire appearance.
  4. Found the article and Michael J Stern does a good job of addressing the issue.
  5. Interrogation is right. I also thought she looked like she was crying. Yes.
  6. I give Mika credit but she is going too far IMO. Joe Biden keeps answering the question in a consistent way. She keeps asking the same questions over and over and over. Why? Added: What else is he supposed to say? She is acting like he is on trial and he is guilty. Again IMO.
  7. Regarding Joy, I agree that her talking over everyone was annoying and wanted to clarify my emoticon selection for a couple of posts. I picked sad because it was hard to watch Joy. She is not handling this virus situation well. Maybe that is why she was not on the show today. She needs to refocus her energy on finding out how she can be part of the solution. That should help her move forward. Whoopi was patient. Joe Biden did a great job today. It was nice to hear that he is getting on top of the data and making plans in case he needs them. Those from either party who focus on facts and solutions are much appreciated.
  8. I just caught up on missed episodes. The show seemed a lot better without Lori Loughlin. It surprised me because I always liked her. I don't much care for the triangle between Elizabeth and the mountie and bar/hotel owner. I agree how Ally's character is written is annoying. Overall though, the show was a little better. The women still seem to dress like they live in a big city. Imagine taking care of all those long dresses that drag in the mud. When would people who actually lived in those days find the time to maintain those fancy clothes (washing, ironing) and style their hair especially those who did not have servants? The scene with Elizabeth and Rosemary hanging clothes made me laugh again with the same observation I made in a past season. It is clear neither actress has had to hang clothes outside in real life.
  9. I agree with most of this. Though Mika can be a wet blanket, I have seen a little bit of improvement over the last few months. She does not seem to be muttering as much in the background and she has been pushing back to get answers on some of her interviews. Baby steps but I wanted to point this out. Joe's worry about contagion is valid but it makes me wonder if/when some of our leaders and their families are going to retreat to a bunker.
  10. The debate last night was irritating. I lasted about 1/2 hour. The MJ discussion is actually well rounded by bringing on different people with different perspectives. I agree with Donnie's comments about wanting a more substantive discussion and not wanting to see an angry Sanders all the time. Not sure I can even hold my nose to vote for a couple of them. I am agreeing with Amy K. There was not enough discussion on solutions.
  11. I watch this show occasionally though I don't last long because they talk over each other so much and I can't figure out what they are saying. I tend to do a lot of channel changing. Lately, I have been turning the show on to hear interviews with some of the political guests. I find Meghan the most annoying and agree with the comments on her poor attitude and behavior. But I wish Joy would not interrupt so much. She often jumps in too quickly instead of letting others finish their thoughts.
  12. I just watched the first 4 episodes. The premise of the show is good. The execution is awful. With few exceptions, I've never found that the constant use of profanity replaces true humor. I can't take another scene with the fighting couple, Judd and some of the others. Ho Hum. I wanted to like this show but won't be watching any more episodes.
  13. Is there a list of view hosts someplace? When prior hosts are referred to by their first name or a nickname I don't always know who they are.
  14. Not exactly. My impression is he was saying that conservatives had to fight harder to make their points when they were in school. The implication was that liberal positions were more easily accepted, so conservatives had to build a more in depth case as opposed to liberals who could just throw out a few talking points. This experience was good for the future because conservative learned how to make a good case where as liberals didn't have the same learning experience and weren't as good putting together a case.
  15. It is nice to see Joe Biden on MJ this morning. I like his talking points and him. He always seems to be squinting. It makes him look as if he is uncomfortable or in pain. I wonder if it would help if he wore glasses.
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