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  1. My Grandma and Mom watched soaps on CBS and I ended up watching them too. The writing was so awful with so many inconsistencies, I quit watching several years ago. Funny how you can keep up by only catching a few episodes each year while channel changing. Caring for elderly family, I recently caught up with recent events on Y&R and B&B. I see that Delia's death is still a focus on Y&R. Really! Anyway, the Logan sister closeness is one of the stupid themes that I find to be completely ridiculous due to the constant relationship swapping. Brook is just as irritating to me always. Why does she have to be such a loud mouth in every situation. After yesterday's show, I am back to not watching but wanted to vent.
  2. That segment upset me. For once I agree with Mika. What does Joe Biden have to "come clean" about regarding his son working for a Ukrainian company? Every time the question is raised, the response should include questions about the Trump family activities. The Republicans deflect all the time. It works because they repeat the same accusations constantly.
  3. Due to poor writing I never much cared for most of the characters on this show especially Brooke. She lived up to my expectations by her immediate reactions to both Hope and Steffy. She should have greeted Hope and Beth with a hug but kept her mouth shut for a few minutes at least. What a shrew! Given Douglas' comments it was unrealistic that Steffy took so long to understand. Otherwise, JMW did fine showing shock and being confused. Her character appeared to be coming around until she was screamed at by Brooke. Liam has reason not to trust Hope. What happens the next time their lives go off the rails. However, since Hope said she was sorry all is forgiven and the subject will not be mentioned again.
  4. I saw that part. She exploded. Her reaction was perfect. I think she shocked some of the others. Go Elise!
  5. Once again Joe claimed Trump was a Democrat before he was a Republican, I guess implying he is really a Democrat. I did some research and ended up reading a Wikipedia article that discussed Trump's political positions. If accurate, Trump first registered as a Republican in 1987 then changed to NY's Independence Party. He next registered as a Democrat, returned to the Republican party, changed that to no party affiliation, and came back to the Republican party in 2012. Opportunist may be the best description.
  6. After a few years of not seeing any episodes, I saw the show recently and gagged at the SL especially the writing for Hope's character. I saw no reason to tune in again. Last week, I visited elderly relatives who watch this show and was caught by the big reveal that is in progress. That Douglas is sure a cutie. I turned on the show today. It was a complete let down compared to last week. If only Hope had picked up something and hit Thomas with it! That would have been a much more satisfying conclusion. The episode did not live up to expectations.
  7. I agree TEDDYSMOM. When Brokaw stated that unfortunately we're hearing it from the other side now, I wanted specifics. It was annoying that no one followed up on that statement.
  8. I actually agreed with Joe about last night's debate. He articulated the reasons I quite watching after the first commercial. I am about done with most of the candidates. Just because someone is good at debating and throwing out zingers doesn't mean that person will be good at policy. Times were different a decade ago when the ACA was planned and subsequently signed into law (2010). It is crazy for candidates to pick it apart now. I disliked the bickering. They need to focus on the present. A few whom I liked at the start have fallen to the bottom of my list. Joe (surprisingly to me) summarized my feelings about the debate.
  9. Finally Kamala is addressing the present.
  10. Kamala is losing me fast. She was one of my picks to be one of the last ones standing. I want to focus on the future including voter suppression, and not re-litigate the past. In addition, I disagree with her mis-characteracterization of Biden's comments. Gillibrand is grabbing more of my attention after hearing her speak this morning and on another show and moving up on my list. Kamala's voice is whiny right now. I'm so sad about the impact of her interview on me this morning.
  11. I am tired of the repetitive segments on MSNBC shows regarding Biden's attempt to talk about how he can work with people he doesn't like. The topic came up again a few minutes ago on MJ. I turned off the TV. One MSNBC show covered the story 3 different times on the same episode. Snippets from a few candidates on MJ on Friday gave insight into their being willing to exploit anything to take down an opponent using words such as coddling and adoration to describe what Biden said. I did not get that from Biden's words though he expressed himself poorly. One unintended consequence is that I am starting to see which candidates I can't trust to be truthful. It will make it much harder to vote for the one who wins the nomination. The problem is that the coverage is so over the top. There is nothing new and it never ends. My husband just walked into the room. I told him that I turned off MJ and asked him to guess the reason. He called it right away.
  12. After hearing part of his interview with Willie, I am done with Beto O'Rourke. I still don't know his policies. I wasn't that impressed with him though I wanted him to beat Cruz in Texas and at that time thought he had potential. It never materialized. I never understood why he was running for President.
  13. I am really enjoying the discussion about the book "Songs of America" written by Jon Meacham and Tim McGraw.. One of the best features of this show is the book discussions. This one is more in depth without the usual interruptions. They actually got to talk!
  14. The best part of this show was the relationship between Murphy and Avery. I loved Benny Brown. It was fun while it lasted.
  15. Saw this show today for first time in a long time. What a mess. The writing is AWFUL and OFFENSIVE. I won't be back. Yuck. Hope is not a woman. She is a door mat.
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