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  1. captain1

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Saw an ad this morning for Cottonelle toilet paper that really made me go ‘ewww” - parents who are going to a long-awaited kid free Caribbean resort vacation and the wife is recommending Cottonelle toilet paper. Because she wants to be extra fresh and have all of the nooks and crannies extra squeaky clean. I was immediately reminded of anal sex and just nooooo. ETA: Not that I object at all to two consenting adults having whatever kind of sex they want to, I just don’t need to be thinking about it when I buy Cottonelle!
  2. captain1

    Life Below Zero

    I have a question - do Alaskans actually call winter "dark winter" or is that just a show thing?
  3. captain1

    The Cast In Other Roles: Beyond Their Stations

    The actor who played Spratt plays a similarly annoying lawyer in Mary Poppins Returns.
  4. captain1

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Minority opinion, I know, but I actually like the show. Although I'm still disgusted by their treatment of Trump after he announced his candidacy, at least the scales have fallen from their eyes now. And it appears their ratings have been pretty good: https://www.forbes.com/sites/markjoyella/2018/08/28/trumps-troubles-bring-big-ratings-boost-to-msnbcs-morning-joe/#495241c193f1
  5. captain1


    Did anyone catch this year's holiday special? We love Mark and Digger. They always look like they're having fun. The storyline with Tim was too contrived, even by this show's standards, but still fun to watch.
  6. captain1

    Crikey! It's The Irwins

    I did the same thing! I loved Steve too. And his funeral introduced me to the wonderful music of John Williamson. His album, "Anthems" is a celebration of all things Australian. I enjoy seeing how well Terri has raised the kids - Steve would be proud! I think Terri lost her true soulmate and will never marry again.
  7. captain1

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Ha! I've been rewatching Downton Abbey and every time she is introduced I think of Mabel Lane Fox.
  8. captain1

    The Chew

    I found the salmon and broccoli clip on The Chew’s Facebook page! You have to scroll back to June 6.
  9. captain1

    The Chew

    I'm sad - I was missing the show so much so I decided I would watch Carla's salmon thing again - and the link gives a page not found now. So I tried to find it on YouTube and couldn't. If anyone has better luck than I do, please share the linkie!
  10. captain1

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I do not eat at Chik-Fil-A anymore for the reason others have mentioned, but I sure used to love it! I think that ad might be referencing that with kids that age, they often have after school activities such as practices and clubs, which might keep them from being able to get there in time.
  11. captain1

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I have a new theory this morning - I know I was on the "they're still together and all is well" train but maybe not. To me, this morning it looked like at least three, maybe four, of the disembodied heads might have been on the set of Morning Joe, judging from the backdrops. My new theory is that if they are shown together at the table, the cameras have to pan back, and we would notice the absence of a ring on a certain finger?
  12. captain1

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I'm waiting to see whether or not things get back to "normal" on the set after Labor Day. Who knows - maybe they all have contracts that give them a ton of vacation days. In the country at large after Labor Day there is a general feeling of "summer's over so it's back to work". If it's still weird then I have no idea.
  13. captain1

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    IMHO if J and M have broken up, they wouldn’t have included those clips of Sen. McCain teasing Mika by saying to her “it’s not too late!” and “Joe finally found someone who loves him as much as he does!”
  14. captain1

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I loathe the commercial for some prescription drug where a woman breaks out in some ungodly rash and bugs swarm all over it - can’t even watch!
  15. captain1

    Small Talk: Cup O' Joe

    A rare Mika sighting this morning!