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  1. shok


    Oh good grief. They're live shows, using actual real life material like pens and papers. Do you work in magical silence?
  2. shok

    Tennis Thread

    Haha. Statues erected. Centre courts named. And now a national holiday in his honour!!!
  3. shok

    Tennis Thread

    Coming back from commercial my feed just showed a quick video of the trainers hands cutting the tape off his foot and ankle. The idiot commentators were saying 'oh, isn't that good, he didn't get it retaped so he can run now.' Meanwhile, his movement was obviously compromised. 🙄 As I noted, he was asked about it by the Spanish press but he didn't want to make excuses and said it was just his old injury acting up again. It was translated and posted by Genny_ss but totally ignored by the English media. (I will refrain from posting my thoughts about the English speaking media.)
  4. shok

    Tennis Thread

    It's the genital bone defect in his foot. It started acting up in the FO match again - I wouldn't be surprised if he has some fractures in that bone again. He had the trainer on to cut the tape off his foot and ankle because his foot had swelled so much the tape was constricting his blood flow and there's video of him limping quite badly when he left Roland Garros the next day. He hasn't been seen back on a court in Mallorca yet either. He was asked about it in the Spanish portion of his press conference but declined to say much about it other than that it was the scaphoid bone acting up again
  5. Not likely, since there was gossip posted somewhere that Ryan and Clara bought a house together a month or so ago.
  6. OMG, the stories Rachel told tonight about the Secret Service!!!! Scary as hell that they're in charge of guarding the President and VP. Carol Leonnig's book sounds like a must-read.
  7. Boy, Erica is sure being a witch. She thinks she should win and she's being super petulant when she isn't praised over and over again. Didn't like her from the beginning and she gets more unlikable by the minute. Love Kim and her cooking. Those lotus root chips looked like to die for!
  8. This show is getting worse by the week. Unattractive unlikable cooks and boring pretentious judges. Good thing I have a DVR because I can fast forward through an episode in about 10 minutes.
  9. You must have loved the ending then. ;)
  10. shok


    Mehdi's a terrific interviewer. He's like a dog with a bone and usually won't let the guest go without answering his questions.
  11. I love love love all the doo wop shows and the voices that these people still have are just amazing. There are a few that I don't bother to watch but for the most part, I find it a blessing to be able to listen to this wonderful old music. So much better than those brain aging backwards shows or British murder mystery nonsense. I saw the Righteous Brothers sing You've Lost That Loving Feeling the other day and almost wept. Don't think I've ever had the privilege of actually seeing them perform this song before. I do agree that all the begging breaks get tiresome but I put them on mute and wait
  12. I think that was one of the best Bake Off shows I have ever seen. The appearance and the quality of the baking was superb. The tarts were so gorgeous and colorful and appetizing I thought they wouldn't be outdone but lo and behold, the cakes were even better! I hated seeing Larry sent home tonight and it's going to be just as hard to see anyone else go in future episodes, they are all so good.
  13. "this"? There is no "this". It's all fake news. There's no solution needed because the left just imagines there is a problem. ( the right winger's doctrine is truly scary and dangerous).
  14. No prob. Mika has the name of the plastic surgeon who looks after things like that. I mean, she confessed that that was what she had had done when they went to Florida and crashed Dump's New Year's Eve party and he twittered to the world that Mika's face was bleeding. You may have heard a little something about that kerfuffle on about a zillion telecasts.
  15. Very sad to see all the posts and the attitudes of trying to make excuses for Chris Harrison. His interview with Rachel was the very epitome of white privilege. He's not an evil man but he certainly has a long way to go to understand what racism is and how prevalent it is in the country. A popular show like the Bachelor could help people learn about the issue if it was handled properly which it hasn't been so far.
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