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  1. +1000 I don't understand why Rachel (and 99% of the rest of the media) are so adamant about the Democrats starting impeachment proceedings. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi know what they're doing and I'm always glad to see Schiff on the show telling us how they're plodding along doing their jobs in spite of the media uproar telling them what they should be doing. What I don't understand is why the media isn't raising a hullabaloo about the Republicans being so obstructionist about the oversight and all the bills the Democrats have passed in the House which the Republicans won't bring up in the Senate. We all know how Trump has bellowed over and over again NO COLLUSION in spite of all the evidence against him. Can you imagine how crazy he would be after an impeachment bill was passed by the Democrats in the House and the Republicans in the Senate would vote not guilty? Rachel is usually so shrewd that I'm surprised she doesn't seem to have thought this through.
  2. Yeah, she gets so flustered and embarrassed when somebody mentions she's won an award or anything. Hell, she blushes and covers her face with her script if Lawrence O'Donnell even compliments her. Rachel is the last one who would spend half her show boosting her book or herself although I'm sure she'll get a lot of attention and it will be a best seller.
  3. shok

    All In With Chris Hayes

    Time to change the channel. His voice and his blatherings are as bad as Trump's.
  4. shok

    Love It Or List It

    He said he got a really healthy discount on the additional doors and windows they bought which seemed to please him greatly, plus the same carpentry crew stayed on and did additional work for them. He was very pleased overall with how everything was done, and he really liked both Todd and Jillian and said they were a lot of fun to work with. What he wasn't quite so pleased with, although he wasn't complaining, he just kind of had a wry smile about it all and shrugged his shoulders and said he realized in the end they were putting together a tv show, was how they edited all the footage and much of what he said wasn't included. Turns out he and his wife are real climate change warriors and have talked for years about building a house with as small a footprint as possible. His wife saw the blurb in the paper or on tv about LILI looking for homes to redo and she said she was going to send their name in and he just laughed at her. Two weeks later, there was a producer at their door wanting to discuss it with them! When the plans were all set, he said it took six weeks to complete and get their house keys handed back to them although they had to do several after shots to talk to Todd and Jillian. He also said they only did one 'choice' shot. They didn't do one each of 'love it' or 'list it' as I've heard rumoured, they talked about it a lot and genuinely chose 'list it'. Oh, to clarify the edit I referred to, as I said the Khoo's are real climate change warriors and he said a lot of discussions were had about the subject and he was quite fervent in his statements in front of the cameras but they were all pretty much cut out - apparently the producers were very careful about not allowing anything that might tick off the sponsors and advertisers, even though Dr Khoo is the sweetest man and I can't imagine him saying anything that might be offensive to anyone. I'm not sure if the length of time they've stayed in their old house is normal for the show. Dr Khoo had some health problems and was off work for three months last summer which would have been shortly after they did the show. They still plan to build a house and he is still very intrigued by the modular units and may well use them or something very similar. Whatever, it will be extremely energy efficient. I think that's most of it. If I remember any more tidbits, I'll edit my post. 🙂
  5. shok

    Love It Or List It

    Ok, I got to see my doctor today who (with his wife) was on the second episode this season. I thought I wasn't going to get a chance as he started right in on my chart when he walked in the door but at the end, as he was leaving, I asked if I could ask a question and he stayed and chatted for a good ten minutes! 😁 They haven't moved and they're still in their house but his wife is still looking for property where they can build a new super energy efficient house. They're concerned about finding an area that has a good school system for their son to go to middle and high school though plus he doesn't want to commute anymore from West Kelowna. That lake lot Todd showed them is still available but is one of the prime locations in Kelowna, in fact it's only a few blocks down the street from the cancer centre, but he laughed and said the price was way over the $750,000 quoted on the show, like over $1,000,000. They did, in fact, do a bunch more work on their house after LILI were finished and changed all their other doors and windows too. He was so pleased with his solar system and bragged that his total electric bill for last year was only $300 after all their changes. I was madly thinking about how I could ask him how the finances worked on the show and I mumbled a question and he said, oh no, the homeowner pays for all the furniture and the fixtures and the labor and construction work. The show paid for the interior designer (teehee, Jill doesn't do it - pros are hired) and he thought it all cost about $25,000 and he seemed quite pleased with the deal. (Going to post this page so I don't lose it all by hitting some strange button which I have a tendency to do 😄 )
  6. shok

    Love It Or List It

    Finally getting the new Vancouver (well actually Kelowna) shows on HGTV these past couple of weeks and I have wo wonder about the time line of the shows being produced and aired. One segment is filmed while there is snow on the ground and the next in spring when they're running around in t-shirts. The Okanagan is very temperate so yes, you can get a good dump of snow one day and it's melted in a couple of days but their continuity seems all out of whack. The photography is all over the place too and isn't making the city look as beautiful as it it. Had a real shock last night when I tuned in and recognized the client. At first I thought it was a show I had already seen and then realized it was my oncologist Dr. Khoo!!!!!! His first name is Kong and he is just a fabulous doctor and every bit as pleasant and lovely as he appeared on the show, as obviously his wife is too. Jillian and Toss seemed to absolutely love them too. I have an appointment with him in three weeks and can hardly wait to ask him about it! Think they made a mistake on their choice of their house though. Their original house was gorgeous with those million dollar lakeviews enhanced by the new windows Jillian put in. Can't imagine them putting containers together and getting the brightness and space they wanted. So anxious to talk to him to see if he'll spill any of the details of the whole process. Hmfff, he'll probably want to be professional and be the best oncologist in town, but he'll be pleasant about it as he's always so cheery and friendly. I love that man!
  7. shok

    Tennis Thread

    My boy Felix is still astounding everyone with his tennis and his achievements. Youngest player to reach the Miami semifinals after his win against Borna Coric tonight. Tomorrow he'll play John Isner which should be quite an experience for him. Felix is a pretty good returner but he's never run into anyone like Isner. The media is going nuts over Felix and at 18 he's remarkably composed and well spoken. He says he's enjoying each match as he plays it because no one knows what the future will be. And that gap toothed smile of his is just adorable. 😍
  8. shok

    Temptation Island (2019)

    Glad to see someone else on the board sticking up for Evan. I've enjoyed watching his and Morgan's relationship grow and develop and always thought Kacy was a real shrew and that really came out with her hysterics at the bonfire. They definitely weren't right for each other even if Evan hadn't found Morgan but I'm glad he did.
  9. shok

    Tennis Thread

    No comments about the amazing Miss Bianca? What an amazing week she had and what fighting spirit to win it all at the end. She was #158 at the beginning of the year and then something switched on and she's been playing great since then and is now #24 in the rankings. And the exciting thing is, at 18, she's only going to get better. I thought maybe she had run out of gas near the end of the third and Kerber was playing pretty well but Andreescu sucked it up and played, as she loves to say, crazy. 😛
  10. shok

    Tennis Thread

    I'm so excited that my young Canadian player (who I've been following since he was 14) Felix Auger-Aliassime is into the first ATP final of his young career down in Rio. At 18, he's the youngest player to make a final of a 500 event since 500s were instituted back in 2009. All the seeds were knocked out early so his opponent isn't a big name player and Felix has a really good chance to win this. Woo hoo and allez Felix!
  11. shok

    Tour-Related Questions

    I may be blind but at Step 2 I didn't see an instruction on how to change the width so that the conversation goes across the width of the page which is the one thing I'd like to change. Right now the comments are on the left and only about half a page wide while an index or something is on the right.
  12. shok

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    And just like three years ago, Joe and the rest of the media are giving this guy hours and hours of free air time to blather away about stuff he knows nothing about. And other than the one quick clip of Kamala Harris' comment about Medicare, all the Dem candidates and their plans and policies are getting zip, zilch, nada.
  13. shok

    Four Weddings

    All four of those brides needed to join Weight Watchers and do some serious work regularly at the gym.
  14. Most of the rest of us get a few weeks of vacation too. Rachael doesn't. Besides being off for a couple of weeks when she was quite sick early last year, I only recall her taking one week of vacation/fishing time in the whole year so I don't begrudge her occasional 3-day weekends. Plus she works killer long days from noon or earlier to after 10:00 pm. Nights like last Friday night though certainly reinforce how valuable she is to journalism.
  15. I so enjoyed Rachel's coverage of the House swearing-in festivities. She covered the joy and pride of all those new congress critters being sworn in and the sense of promise in what they might be able to accomplish during their terms. Most of the other shows I caught bits of on both MSNBC and CNN fell back into their usual ruts of how Trump reacted or how much was Pelosi going to compromise but Rachel, as usual, found the fresh and informative angle of the proceedings.