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  1. Joe should be named the Commissioner of MLB. He will solve all the problems of cheating. Joe should also be named Chairman of the RNC & DNC. Both political parties would benefit from his wisdom. Mika could sell her KYV books & seminars to all the females in Congress.
  2. David Silver was also very bad at managing money. He inherited $250K from his grandpa & now is borrowing from loan sharks & stealing from Donna.
  3. I have been binge watching this series & Brandon's braying is getting worse as the series progresses. He brayed at the pimp who threatened him with a knife. He brayed at the assistant D.A. who wanted to know his source for the story on prostitution. Brandon should have been beaten up several times during the series for his outrageous behavior.
  4. I wonder if the MLB will let Joe negotiate an amnesty agreement for any Red Sox player or coaches affected by the cheating scandal ? Joe could demand that Alex Cora be reinstated as manager of the Red Sox. I doubt the MLB will want to deal with Joe ranting on a daily basis. Joe is a leader
  5. I think Live PD should have a dog in the studio on all the shows. They are well behaved. This show is fascinating to watch. It's sad that there are so many people in distress and struggling to survive while being mentally or physically sick.
  6. Why didn't MSNBC pre empt the Maddow interview with live coverage of Joe singing at Prohibition ? Joe was reportedly singing a new song about Trump's impeachment .
  7. I couldn't stop laughing when Brandon was being interviewed by the detective. His description of the gunmen was so elaborate compared to his friends. Did Priestly realize how silly he looked whenever he was trying to be serious? Were the other directors afraid to tell him how bad he looked. ?
  8. Joe made fun of Mika's book sales yesterday. She outsold the Bible.
  9. Senator Claire Macaskill came on to discuss the Chiefs. She thinks they will go to the Super Bowl.
  10. Joe made fun of Trump talking about dishwashers.
  11. Joe is mad at Democrats for not focusing on Trump. Joe ran against 11 candidates for Congress & won because he focused on Clinton. Joe said we live in the age of Trump. Mika mocked Donny's 3 piece suit with the wrist bands. Donny said everyone asks him about Trump. Mika said mayor Pete & Amy will be on the show.
  12. Mika was very agitated about the baseball talk & that the moderator didn't listen to Bernie's denial about Warren. Mika doesn't want Democrats to fight with each other. Mika said that Berne tried to shake Warren's hand but she refused.
  13. Morning Joe ranked #83 in the latest TV ratings. Almost 1 million watched the show on Monday. http://www.showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-top-150-monday-cable-originals-network-finals-1-13-2020.html
  14. It doesn't make sense that Mika's co author would not appear with her on the show. I also saw Mika's co author from her book on millenials seated next to Ginny Brezezinski in the audience. Mika & Joe were very excited about Joe Biden's chances of winning the nomination. Joe called him Teflon Joe. Mika looked for validation of her comments to Joe after she spoke to Colbert. She kissed Joe at the end of the interview. Mika looked very nice on the show.
  15. Why wasn't Mika's co author on the show with Mika ? It's bizarre
  16. I am curious as to why Mika always appears with Joe on Colbert. Can't she promote her book by herself without Joe ?
  17. I wonder if Joe would have any input into proposed lineup changes at MSNBC. He & Mika have said on air that they like Chuck Todd. Would the network risk the wrath of an angry Joe Scarborough throwing temper tantrums from Florida ?
  18. Mika is upset about young boys getting access to pornography a young age.
  19. Joe doesn't believe Warren's story bout Bernie saying that a woman can't bet Trump. KC got a lightning bolt intro. Mika told KC to call her if she had any questions about childcare.
  20. Luce wants Bloomberg to ask for a $1 donation in his ads so he can get on the debate stage. Barnicle said that Bloomberg drives Trump crazy. Rattner had to disclose that he manages Bloomberg's money.
  21. Adrienne is excited about Sanders & Warren fighting with each other. The panel i happy that Biden is gaining support in NH & Iowa.
  22. I froze a screen shot of the opening credits. He wasn't in it. I do think he might appear later in the season.
  23. Mika was excited to be on Colbert last night.
  24. I agree but Joe would get very upset if anyone looked up his voting records or played any video footage of his speeches when he was in Congress. It would be a lively show if Joe ever allowed a guest on the show that remembers his positions when he was in Congress or even his views on Iran during the Obama administration.
  25. Mika said that tickets are still available for Joe's performance as well there will be giveaways if people show up!!!.
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