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  1. I am surprised that Josh valued her house at $4m when she paid $5.8M in 2006 & spent $500K on renovations. Is she in a bad location ? I thought the "Bird" streets are popular ?
  2. Joe started a long winded rant around 7 20 am . Joe criticized the left wingers who are running Portland & letting it burn to the ground. Tiffany disagreed with Joe! Joe wants 2 strong political parties. Joe said Portland is in chaos. Joe said he was critical of George W Bush. Joe said things are worse under Trump than Bush. Tiffany disagreed with Joe again! Joe's whole body starting rocking back & forth. I thought he was in shock that someone would disagree with him. Joe defended Bush's treatment for AIDS in Africa. Joe said that Tiffany will be invited back so that Joe could say nice things about George W Bush.
  3. Joe was unhappy that the female black police chief resigned her job over police defunding. Joe criticized the all white Seattle city council. Joe started quoting several politicians who complained about reducing police officers. Joe said the police could be reformed. Rev Al said people want to be safe from bad cops & want better training for dealing with mental health issues.
  4. Mike Murphy & Peggy Noonan were not happy when McCain surprised the press with picking Palin. Noonan called it political BS.
  5. Joe buttered up Mika by saying that her dad knew Joe Biden in the 1970's. Mika also said that Joe Biden won the prestigious Brezinski Prize at CSIS in 2017. Mika also likes Jill Biden. Mika said that Biden liked to be close to women while he was in office.
  6. I think Joe is saying that the McCain campaign should have floated Sarah Palin's name 2 weeks before the announcement to see if the media would have found any controversial details about her life or political positions. They could have avoided the problems that Palin faced during the campaign. I remember when George H.W. Bush picked Dan Quayle, there was confusion over his military record.
  7. Kasie Hunt was excited about having private dinners with Kamala . They were off the record. Kasie said Kamala was popular in the Senate.
  8. Joe said that Presidential candidates shouldn't sneak up on the press and make surprise announcements about their VP picks. Joe said that Geraldine Ferraro, Dan Quayle & Sarah Palin were disastrous picks. Joe said that black voters saved the Biden campaign in South Carolina.
  9. It only took 3 minutes for Mika to mention Kamala's KYV appearance. In the photo of both of them, Mika was dressed in an all black outfit with her platinum hair. Those were her Bond Villainess days. Mika said that Kamala cares about women's issues.
  10. Very true. I wonder what would have happened to Mika if she had resisted Joe's advances ? Would she have reported Joe for sexual harassment ?
  11. Trump gave a big piece of cake to President Xi in 2017 at Mar A Largo. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/donald-trump-shares-chocolate-cake-great-chemistry-china-s-xi-n745931
  12. Mika was very excited reading out all the names of the speakers for for the DNC next week. Joe mentioned Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. Someone said Woohoo! off camera. Joe said the Democrats ran a perfect convention in 2016 but lost the election . Sadly, Mika & Joe were not given any guest speaking spots. I think Americans would be excited to see Joe go on a 30 minute rant in front of a national audience.
  13. Joe started off the show with a clip of Trump blaming the Spanish Flu in 1918 on troops coming back from World War 2. Joe is mad at Trump for making fun of people with southern accents & people who graduated from the Alabama law school. Joe liked Sessions because he went to a law school in Alabama. Only Joe is qualified to make fun of people with southern accents. Joe is yelling at Trump for not knowing history. Mika is dressed in a black top that would be appropriate for a funeral. Joe said Trump was stupid to go to North Korea. Joe sounds like Yoda when he is making fun of Trump for giving chocolate cake to President Xi. Joe is trying to do a Trump accent by sounding like Yoda. Joe said Trump should have listened to Joe Biden. Mika is listening to Joe patiently. She said great job Sweetie after his 12 minute rant! This is not professional. Elise Jordan got a new light for her living room. I predict Elise will say something snarky about Trump.
  14. Isn't Hannah allowed to have a prescription for Valium ?
  15. Sandy said that the chef has seniority over the rest of the crew , so he gets to pick his cabin mate. Is this true? Why should Hannah & Bugsy be forced to be together ?
  16. Joe was the lawyer who defended a person charged with murdering a doctor that performed abortions in Pensacola prior to running for Congress. Joe's campaign for Congress in 1994 was partially funded by anti abortion groups. Last week , Joe bragged about not having to "dial for dollars" because he had so many grass roots supporters. He wasn't willing to describe which groups in particular were supporting him. https://www.villagevoice.com/2009/06/02/barrett-why-dont-msnbcers-question-morning-joe-about-abortion-doc-killings/ President Trump has yet to apologize to Joe for not putting Richard Haas & Harold Ford Jr in his cabinet. Trump's personal attacks on Mika & Joe were the final straw in their relationship.
  17. Joe did get called out by a right wing news site for being a failed psychic. https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/mark-finkelstein/2020/08/10/failed-psychic-scarborough-sees-line-democrat-presidents
  18. Joe called Trump an autocrat. Joe didn't like Trump supporters booing the press at his club. He said they are members of a cult.
  19. Erin from the non profit was looking down on her phone when she was introduced to the show.
  20. It's important for Kamala Harris to do some events for Mika or at least mention Mika in her acceptance speech for VP. I think Mika would appreciate if Kamala also told the audience that Mika was one of her mentors & convinced her that she could become VP. It would help Mika's book sales & online KYV seminars.
  21. Joe said that Trump should have listened to Biden in late January. Biden's plan of listening to scientists would have stopped the virus. Joe started shouting about the NSA talking about Wiffle ball & Goonies 2. Mika started bragging about her dad & Brent Scowcroft. Joe said Dr Z was a great NSA. Mika beamed at Joe.
  22. Lemire said that Trump could win Wisconsin because college kids won't be on campus this fall in Madison. Lemire said that Trump is also very competitive in NH, but Joe disagreed. Joe believes Biden will win Pennsylvania.
  23. Kasie was allowed to speak at 6 21 am. She said Pelosi & Shumer have not confirmed that they will try to block Trump's executive orders. Trump is daring them to block more unemployment benefits. Mika is mad at Republicans for not standing up to Trump.
  24. Joe said the Republicans will be a minority party for a generation. They can't allow Trump's executive orders to become a precedent. Joe said President Kamala Harris could use executive orders to allow more abortions & ban guns.
  25. Joe is upset at cutting payroll taxes. The unemployed don't pay payroll taxes. Ratner said that Trump is transferring money from FEMA for his payroll tax cut. There are now 6 Brady Bunch boxes. I expect Kasie & Michael Steele to criticize Trump.
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