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  1. In 2 seconds, you have thought through the scenarios much better than the writers.
  2. Ya, I didn't notice that but you're right. Just more weak writing breaking the 4th wall. Since the viewers have seen them, they don't need masks anymore.
  3. You said it. Just some group attacking others at random like the Saviors, but without the overwhelming numbers. They have to see that they would be much better off working with others instead of attacking them, right? I mean, bull-rushing into every battle without a strategy just continues to dwindle their numbers, right? What would be really interesting, and where I would give the writers credit, is if we found out that Maggie was to the Reapers what Negan was to Alexandria, and the Reapers are just trying to get vengeance on Maggie.
  4. That military base looked like it had a warehouse full of food. Why not clear the place of walkers and then set up a more efficient system to get ALL the food.
  5. Glenn will swoop in and catch her. Then Negan reveals he killed a robot version of Glenn, and all is well.
  6. It's like Scooby Doo and Shaggy. We don't know how they obtain full monster disguises, but they do.
  7. So they magically escaped, commandeered two guard outfits, and snuck out. WTF? How did that little bit of magic happen?
  8. What will Ryan's baby talk sound like towards DJ? "Who killed your mommy ... who killed your mommy ... I did ... I did" (in cloyingly baby talk voice).
  9. Lot's of strong actors here. Man, that woman who played Lori was top notch.
  10. Thanks. Basically, Erin has great-grandparents who are John and Billy's grandparents
  11. Why didn't Alicia escape with the rest of them? They all had the same path out. Oh ya, another plot device.
  12. MIssed the first 10 minutes. How did they stumble upon this group?
  13. OK, putting that hat on was one of the few great scenes I have seen on this show.
  14. Why the heck would they let her go, just to join up with one of her other camps to lead the army. I'm hoping she and Dakota are toast now with June in the room.
  15. Did they ever give the backstory of how Virginia gained all this power?
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