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  1. What will Ryan's baby talk sound like towards DJ? "Who killed your mommy ... who killed your mommy ... I did ... I did" (in cloyingly baby talk voice).
  2. Lot's of strong actors here. Man, that woman who played Lori was top notch.
  3. Thanks. Basically, Erin has great-grandparents who are John and Billy's grandparents
  4. Why didn't Alicia escape with the rest of them? They all had the same path out. Oh ya, another plot device.
  5. MIssed the first 10 minutes. How did they stumble upon this group?
  6. OK, putting that hat on was one of the few great scenes I have seen on this show.
  7. Why the heck would they let her go, just to join up with one of her other camps to lead the army. I'm hoping she and Dakota are toast now with June in the room.
  8. Did they ever give the backstory of how Virginia gained all this power?
  9. I still don't get if some of them revolted with Strand and now control that one camp, or if Strand and the good-guys were likely recaptured by Virginia's henchman. (i.e., what the heck happened in that fight, other than providing a plot vehicle to get Morgan and Virginia alone talking). Morgan is an idiot for bringing her there.
  10. "Wow, the Walking Dead crew choreographs the best fight scenes, so you know who is on what side at all times, and exactly what is going on across the battlefield." said no one ever.
  11. So John abandoned June, and then was about to off himself? Given his character development, I just don't see him leaving her. Seems like another out of nowhere plot point by the writers to move the story along.
  12. Probably from the back of a Frosted Flakes box.
  13. We're 10 years out and those batteries are still working?
  14. And no way that rat would have come out while the dog is there.
  15. so HGZA (instead of HGTV)?
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