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  1. I hate Wendy. As a licensed professional (I am one as well), she is making ethical violations everywhere, and she should feel remorse and guilt. As a therapist, she should be debriefing with others. She should know this. I don't feel sorry for her. She used private client information to use against Taylor. That is a straight up violation in my opinion. She is lucky that she doesn't lose her license to practice.
  2. Personally, I think Wendy is violating the code of ethics for her profession. If she follows the APA, there are issues there IMO. Has Wendy NEVER thought that going after Taylor could has her to loss her license to practice is Taylor brings a complaint to the state licensing board?
  3. I think the girl playing Lydia is a great actor.
  4. Can't help but think this is because of GoT and how cool the winter scenes are. After all these years of never doing a Winter, now they do a winter on the North Pole? They have run out of ideas.
  5. I don't understand why they can't fix the roofs of these houses. They built a bridge, they can't fix stuff? Makes no sense.
  6. I so agree with this. There is no end game with the Whisperers. Besides the flesh that they take from the dead would continue to decompose and fall apart. The whole thing is creepy, but makes no logical sense. The thing that I really hated though, was the fact that AMC just completely spoiled these guys before the show even came back. If you saw ANY commercials at all before last night, you saw what would happen. That kind of ruins it for those that have never read the novels. I think they made a huge mistake getting rid of Carl as well. Carl leading the younger crew would have been of intere
  7. I just started watching Morning Joe over the last 6 months here and there (I usually watch sports news in the am), anyway, as a new viewer I have been wondering about why Joe and Mika were always broadcasting from somewhere else. Your posts clarifies that for me (I thought it was wedding related at first), but here is my other question, if they are both together in Florida, why don't they appear on the same screen together? I was thinking that she was in one place and he was in another, then that confused me because they just got married, so as a new viewer, I have been totally confused! lol I
  8. I am hoping for a Lizzie and Ian pairing, he is such a cutie.
  9. I forget the exact quote, but it was something like, "You fought for me. I will never forget you" That is probably why she couldn't go through with giving him the pills. I have to say I was stunned with how good Tilly looked and the Matt character. They looked so much younger. The make-up people have done a great job.
  10. Unbelievable episode. When he ran over that poor cop, it showed me how dangerous both of those guys really are. Tilly, is only one step removed from these guys. She had not committed any crimes (that we know of), but obviously could, and has (helping with the escape). So looking forward to next week.
  11. One of the best episodes. Like a Season 1 episode. Watching again. Murtaugh is not as grumpy! But still an old coot! lol
  12. The issue with Jesus is similar to how they wasted Morgan's storyline as well. I always wondered about Jesus' ninja like skills when he first met Rick and Daryl and when he broke out of jail and into Rick's house. I assumed they wanted to keep it a mystery and make us wonder. Sometimes it is better NOT to tell. But then they never showed us anything with him and his fighting skills at all. They never developed him at all. Most times he was a lookout or not there for fighting. I thought that was purposeful, but now he is a ninja. When he essentially stayed away from direct confrontation. I re
  13. Since TPTB are dangling mysteries that may never be solved, how about this one? I STILL want to know what that card meant that Tara picked up after she left Oceanside and got separated from Heath. If they could start with THAT one, I would be happy.
  14. Loved this episode. Made me sad when I realized that Claire and Jamie will die (or already are dead). That impacted me more than almost anything else on this show and Roger's reaction to it. Really looking forward to Bree going through-I assume she must be able to. Maybe Roger can go too.
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