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  1. holly4755

    S05.E10: Cold War

    OK, maybe I go too far, burt I like to get to know these people on youtube. Larry and his wife are so sweet, so lucky to have found each other and escaped their abusive families. Sam has a regular channel talking about shows, he not only participates, but enjoys watching other seasons other shows. the the first child appeared on some of the shows. Plus he was good about sharing behind the scenes stuff at Reddit, like how many fish he caught early on and how he had other things to eat plus his packs of supplemental food. he said it was protein he missed in the last two weeks not no food at all. he also complained that they asked him to make how to videos and then the videos were never shown, haha. I have not seen Britt on-line, but Jason was posting even though he was seriously roasted there. I am fine with who ever one how ever they won,. this is real, unlike the other survivor shows on TV.
  2. although I will miss santino because he was so very talented, I will look forward to this final season. thanks to everyone who contributes things I would probably never find myself.
  3. so this is not a done deal but a maybe deal? she certainly is getting a lot of exposure. Wonder if it would be in Nashville, so she can be close to home.
  4. holly4755

    S05.E08: Slayer II

    In defense of everyone on this show, being alone can get things stuck in your head with nothing to knock it out. I am not a psychologist but can see where you are just haunted by a thought stuck in your head and that can translate into I don't want to be alone. I used to have a vacation home and would be lying on the beach enjoying the sights and smells and suddenly a desire to share it with someone would come over me, and I was not even hungry or tired. as to Sam not doing anything but laying around, I recommend you to the media thread where i posted the Carly explaining the cameras video or to Reddit where Sam is posting a bit about his stay, not too much because of DNAs, sometimes about season 1 as a cover. should i be posting a link to this stuff? even on this same forum?
  5. holly4755

    S05.E08: Slayer II

    I know Larry seems hard to take this time, but I still have a fondness for him. He is consistent in hating mice from the first time to this one, but I enjoy the others have found them useful snacks. As far as dave is concerned, I think he is just one of those people that can't sit still, and he burns calories just thinking about doing things, so he needs a lot more to sustain him. He had been successful in hunting o a larger degree than others around him. Sam is just sam, someone who is not offensive, not shown a lot, it tends to frustrate him, he said he did a lot of how to videos as the production asked and they jsut don't show any. I have to check, he was posting at Reddit, but then I got ill, and sort of disappear for a while need to see if he posted some more he mostly talks about season one as an example since that season is done. Britt seems to be keeping the right attitude and having a lot of fish success, but that to shall pass, he hate a grasshopper, so we will see what he eats next. things will be getting desperate soon with the cold setting in. I understand how people think they can last but the loneliness can really reach in and get you when yo least expect it. A couple of times I was snowed in for a month, if you don't dig your car out of a very long driveway with in a few days, it can freeze in place. I remember when I had to pick some one up after 4 weeks I was boiling water and throwing it on the ice and snow trying to melt my way out. after a few weeks, albeit with internet and TV and telephone, I did get severe cabin fever and had to go out and talk to someone face to face
  6. holly4755

    Dance Moms in the Media

    guess her cancer treatments are going well. good for her.
  7. holly4755

    S05.E06: Of Mice and Men

    was disappointed to see Brooke give up, Have never been alone without internet for a month, have been alone for a month but in my house on crutches, ha ha . TV internet telephone makes up for a lot. Some seem top be settling in, others not so much, Larry should have watched this season, eat the mice in your room, don't drive them away, that could feed you all winter. well, bears will hibernate soon and the cold will be coming, so ill be interested in how well the cabins work.
  9. sadly, I feel the need to speak up for stalkers. after 25 years of marriage when we were going to marriage counseling, my ex blamed everything on me. He said I was acting weird, I was cold and unfeeling despite crying endlessly in confusion, so I followed him after work and found he was with someone 20 years younger than me. a little more research on her and picking up his office messages because of course I knew his message code (always set it back to new messages), found the affair was going on for months, so that pretty much convinced me counseling was a waste of money, time to move on. if he didn't lie and gaslight me, I would not have had to stalk, didn't take me more than a week or so to find out the truth, cant's say got over it fast, but at least I found out what I needed and bought a dog and moved on, finding dogs nicer then men at that point. Mia should have bought a dog, She should have done that instead of going on this show.
  10. holly4755

    S05.E05: The Bowels of Hell

    the have a GPS so they can be tracked, and they have a satellite phone so they can call in once a day to say they are alive and I beleive they carry it all times in case of emergency , If someone does not move for a while, who's to say they are not sleeping. I think they are at the point where they are checked on every third day,
  11. holly4755

    S05.E04: Mongolia's Wrath

    I did the same early on, but I think that the hunting in Mongolia is much more relaxed than in Canada. i don't have a link anymore, but pretty sure you can't hunt deer swimming. can't put gill nets in the river, although I understand gill nets in catching ducks and geese is pretty effective - apparently you stretch it horizontally, put bait underneath, band when the geese or ducks lift up their heads, they can't figure out that they just need to lower them again, basically they are trapped. have not seen gill nets used yet. oh and no snaring deer, you are more likely to injure them than catch them.
  12. holly4755

    All Alone In The Media

    bonus media camera equipment
  13. holly4755

    S05.E05: The Bowels of Hell

    I agree they had the title right this episode, but from what i understand , termites eat wood because they have a special bacteria in their stomach for breaking it down, now people can eat some saw dust without too much of a problem, but making that your only food is so wrong. People are not termites. 'to me, they still have food all around them, I think that Britt has fish success because of grasshoppers, big difference when fishing with bait. no one else seems to be doing that. No idea why, I remember so much of my summers wasted digging up worms for my small brother to fish, my older sister had to bait the hook, so digging was not the worst part. Now he could not keep the fish since it was from a small pond, but he did love his fishing. I am going to put some bonus video in the media thread. look for it. a lot of times things are not what they seem because editing.
  14. danielle kept saying she wanted a southern gentleman, I think she is rebelling from her liberal parents and wants a conservative husband until she finds out what that means. STDs I think one year they did not have time to test the men and one guy infected his "wife'. Maybe gangster Ryan in season 2?
  15. holly4755

    S05.E04: Mongolia's Wrath

    I have to search again, but pretty sure that I read that shooting large animals while swimming is not legal. and was Britt going to swim across that fast moving frigid river to get the deer and then swim it back? that was not practical. let it go. as far as other's shelters, I think Randy was living in a tent while building his shelter until he finally moved in, so jsut because I see a tent, I don't think that means they are not working on one. I am waiting to see someone build a toilet because I can't imagine going out in -30 f. I really enjoyed the show, I thought Dave spent far to much time talking about his hunting philosophy, think a lot of it was put on to present himself, I mean I can see not wanting to injure and animal to catch it, better to kill first shot, but the whole I only kill to eat - eh? I was glad to see he kept the fur. I was wondering why people were wasting the bird feathers. I would think they would make a nice pillow.