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S02.E06: Sicut Cervus - Pre-Air Speculation and Live Chat

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Luis' mom just found out her son is dead (not to mention the fact that she lives in a town where people's eyes bleed) and she's COOKING?  

You're sick of it Nicky?  You haven't seen the half of it, baby.

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I guess I could just sit here all night and repeat the dialogue back to them in astonishment.

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1 minute ago, Boofish said:

Ophelia could telecommute. There is no real reason for her to come to set everyday. She could call in her lines.

She could write in her lines.  Ofelia is the reason Salazar is giving up on life.

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Just now, NorthstarATL said:

Madison and Travis have issues. Maybe they should take a break.

Hey, I'm just glad they're not calling each other "Babe" anymore.

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Just now, candall said:

I wonder what Maddie thought Travis should DO about Chris?

For a second, I thought she was just about to tell him to take Chris away with him somewhere else.

I get she's worried about her daughter, but the kid is her husband's son.

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