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  1. Okay so the plague has not yet been unleashed on the world, Scully just foresaw it. All righty. That's like lame writing 101, and I don't let my students get away with that shit. (side note: if the Walking Dead would like to make everything dealing with Negan a hallucination/dream/flash forward and go back to before he arrived to pollute my teevee, that is acceptable) I don't think the CSM is actually the dad; I'm gonna guess it was some alien and a turkey baster or something was used. At least I hope so because otherwise? Ew.
  2. I teach this in my Dystopian Lit class and we watched this episode today, and my students really liked it. I think they are interpreting the book well, and also making it easy to follow for those who haven't read the book. I thought the Particution was well done, and the costumes are amazing. My only quibble is that the Commander is attractive and Nick isn't. That's not how I picture it when I read the book. And that's all I will say to avoid going into book talk.
  3. Looks like my decision to cancel cable until Z Nation comes back on was the right one. 7B doesn't even sound slightly interesting.
  4. Well, she did scream at the end. I'm glad 10K is alive. I couldn't handle losing him AND Glenn in one year. And speaking of the Walking Dead, hey writers, THAT is how you do a cliff hanger. Does anyone know when this will return? I'm getting rid of cable since the Walking Dead sucks, but I'll get it back when this comes back on. I'm guessing in the fall?
  5. I'm not watching again until Negan is gone from the show. I've even decided to go ahead and ditch cable all together after Z Nation ends next week. So thanks, Walking Dead writers, for saving me $88 a month.
  6. Warren looked especially beautiful in this episode. No wonder Murphy was in love with her. That is what the one girl said, right? I need to pay closer attention. What was up with the girl on the chain? Was the chain embedded in her flesh? It sort of looked like the coat was nailed to her.
  7. I liked the dumpster reference a great deal. I might've liked this episode better if the real election had turned out differently. Le sigh. Still, in four years, I would like Addie to moderate one of the debates.
  8. I don't think Elisha is resurrected. I think she just took the dead doctor's name and is carrying on whatever her weird experiment is. I like that the mayor found the will, and he also provides some humor. Overall, I really liked it, even though there were some "idiot plot" moments. If the characters hadn't acted like idiots, the bad thing wouldn't have happened. For example, leaving Vic after surgery with John and not sharing critical information. And yes, I think Sarah will come back evil and that will eliminate the love triangle. Which is convenient. I liked it complicated.
  9. I finally got to watch this episode and I really liked it. It was silly and stupid, but it was true to the show. Plus, 10K! I do wonder if the nurse was really a nurse, though, and not just another patient playing at being a nurse. And I hope we see the bus again. Maybe with the zombie cheese wheel.
  10. I'm not watching anymore, but I'm curious if they'll go with the "bag over the head of the zombi-fied character" in TWD since it was already used on FTWD.
  11. I did not sign up to watch people become sick and depraved. I signed up to see how people dealt with the zombie apocalypse. And apparently, according to this show, it's that everyone becomes a raging asshole. The reason I am done (except to watch the Carol and Morgan episode) is that I have no desire to see where they go from here. Because after they defeat Negan, what's next? How do you do worse than what just happened to Glenn and Abe? I have zero desire to see that.
  12. okay, the last five minutes here just saved the show. This is why I watch. For the human element. Not to see someone get their skull bashed in. Still not watching next week, though.
  13. Not that I have any plans to watch beyond tonight's episode (unless there is a Carol and Morgan-centric episode), but I hope it's Carl who kills Negan.
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