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S02.E06: Sicut Cervus - Pre-Air Speculation and Live Chat

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2 minutes ago, Straycat80 said:

Oh no! What's up with the dog? 

I hope it's not some sort of animal sacrifice thing.   We know what that will turn into.  ha.  

I *think* we're suppose to believe they're feeding walkers.   Chapter two.

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2 minutes ago, calliope1975 said:

We are 49 minutes in and I couldn't recap this episode since I have no idea what is going on. 

This is the Greene farm and barn plot, basically, but with subtitles.

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Just now, Sherry67 said:

Did she poison the pozole too?  That's an idea...

I think Nicks eyes would be bleeding by now. But he's done a lot of drugs, he might be immune to poisoned communion wafers by now. 

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So, were the villagers assembling their pitchforks and torches to go kill all the walkers in the cellar at Casa Abigail ?  Or were they going to kill Celia ?

How did Thomas get bit ?  He should have GTFO as soon as people started dying.  This all makes no sense whatsoever.

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