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S02.E06: Sicut Cervus - Pre-Air Speculation and Live Chat

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Just now, Peanut said:

Wait so we're suddenly off the boat and in Mexico?  


I have no idea what's going on.

I thought I must have blacked out or something...

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1 minute ago, Sherry67 said:

How handy to find weapons on the ground in front of them as they are approached by a horde.

I think the eye-bleeders were collecting them to go to the walled place we are seeing now.  'Thomas' told them they'd be cut down before they could get in the gate, so it must be this place they were heading off to.  

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When they stopped by Oz Daniel was the only one who requested a brain. Strand been trying to dump these fools since Day 1 and they just drop weapons on command. So much stupid so little time.

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Just now, minamurray78 said:

Oh fuck this, why Strand's boyfriend? the one relationship I was rooting for.

No offense, Maddie and Travis.

He's too big for this show.

1 minute ago, JackONeill said:

So Abagail is going to die/turn.

glad they made the trip.

They get the house.

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4 minutes ago, minamurray78 said:

I'm sorry, the world's come to its end, but the help are still using uniforms?

The Abigails really excel at the faithful retainer game.

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Just now, Boofish said:

This show is to Hispanic men what TWD is to black guys! Don't get comfortable Daniel and Travis

Travis is Maori, but Chris' mother was Hispanic.  So I'm assuming that puts a target on his head.

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