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Season 4

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5 hours ago, Kiki777 said:

I think that’s also the episode where Rory made Mac& cheese by throwing velveeta slices on hot pasta?  I tried that and it was NOT GOOD.  Another reason to hate Rory lol

I love mac and cheese. The way she made it was gross. 

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  • 3 months later...

Rewatching Last Week Fights This Week Tights the other day; I know it's a lot of people's favorite, and it does have some great moments, notably the waltz, but some of the dialogue is sooooo clunky. I was cringing through the rewatch. 

Liz and TJ scenes are always a struggle for me to sit through, but the "You're going to make a good sister-in-law to some lucky girl..." Just ugh. Who talks like that? Literally nobody talks like that. 

Also Dean's "I laughed a lot tonight. You're funny!" A) Rory is not very funny and B) again, nobody talks like that. It makes Dean seem a little...touched, if ya know what I mean.

If I come to this ep again, I may have to turn the sound down and just enjoy the pretty visuals.

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I’m watching the UPtv marathon now and just noticing- shortly after Rory gets her hair cut, Paris gets the same cut. I don’t know why but this amuses me greatly and they should have written it into the dialogue.

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