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Guess That Episode Game

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A Messenger Nothing More!


I'm impressed with myself 'cause I figured that one out from Lorelai's outfit alone! (Or should I be scared by that...hmm...)  :-)

I love how in this "game" I completely forego trying to stump anyone and instead just use it as an excuse to go look through all the pretty pretty pictures.... 


(Also, ASF, hope a vicarious hug from your favorite version of Luke helps!)



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OOC of Jess to try and make small talk, was what I was thinking. It made total sense in the episode (they both wanted to please Rory), as did the way their brief attempt to get along completely fell apart by the end of the episode. Still, anyone walking in on the two of them sharing lunch and small talk would have found that to be...unexpected, I think.


Glad you're enjoying the theme!


Yours is from Poes.

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I confess ignorance as to how.  Thus the timidity....


I have tried twice but get a message about the site not allowing certain extensions.


Wait, I did it. Probably more complicated than it needs to be but still, got one!

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I agree, Lorelai shouldn't be wearing hats. Maybe that's why there were so few in all of the seasons.


I think this is the church bells one.  I'm not as good with the episode titles as most of you.


If so, another easy one.


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