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Guess That Episode Game

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And this is why I lurk instead of play this game. I'm so awkward at this!


Seeing him naked in his very first scene didn't do the trick?! ;)

Well, there's attraction before the big L ;)

But I guess I should really say that's when I first thought Rory should date him. Up to then I loved Marty on his own, but I was fine with him just being Rory's friend and nothing more. But when she fell asleep on his bed (which to me shows significant trust and non-sexual intimacy) I thought it would go somewhere.

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takalotti, I have a ton of Marty-related stuff I'd love to chat with you about! Can I convince you to visit his thread?! 


And you are not the least bit awkward and should play here more often! And I'm not saying that purely because your picture is from one of my special all-time favorites, Like Mother, Like Daughter :) 


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Hmmm--I am recalling two times she had a stack of books with her in a class--one time in season 4 when she says her interests are 'teasingly diverse', and another time in season 6 with travel books? Trying to tell by the hair, is it in a pony tail or just pulled back? But bangs in season 6? So many conflicting clues!!


Let me know if I'm on the right track, ASF. Or, anyone else should jump in who has a better memory than I! I have no recall of which season 4 ep is the 'teasingly diverse' one....

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Aw, Luke looking all proud as Jess gets his employee of the month plaque.  A Tale of Poes and Fire.

If that's correct, whatever, go ahead and put up a new one.  I'm sick and am going back to bed as soon as I get the kids to school LOL.

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That is correct, and I can't believe you got it so quickly! The fact that you're this sharp while sick is even more impressive. I really hope you feel better. My prescription is to stay in bed, eat whatever you want and watch at least five Gilmore Girls episodes. :)




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Heh, I'm a very visual person.  I can usually "see" scenes in my mind pretty well.  Having said that, uhhhhhh.  Haven't placed this one yet LOL.  I'm thinking it may be from S5 or S6 though?  Which would be why.

I was sleeping nicely until the effing phone woke me up.  Argh.  Probably head back to bed soon.

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If there were a challenge to pick favorite moments from episodes and seasons we're not thrilled about, this would be one of my selections!



I like how you can tell he's smiling even though very little of his face is visible. 

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WBB was what I thought, too.  He looks mad so I think it was after the Christopher debacle.  (He also looks hot.  Except for the gloves.  Lose the gloves, Michael Jackson.)

Pretty sure yours is Happy Birthday, Baby?  I hated that Lorelai wore that shirt to FND.

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47 minutes ago, whateverhappened said:

Taryn's Michael Jackson joke was one of the bright points of my day! 

LOL.  Glad to be of service.

I went to find a pic to post and clicked on my X-Files screencap page instead of GG.  Good luck figuring that one out, ha!


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33 minutes ago, whateverhappened said:

Star Crossed Lovers? I remember she looked even fancier than usual when that blind date for Lorelai was around. :)

Yes.  That was the look Emily shot Lorelai when she said "I'd love to be picking my locale right now."  Ahahahahahahaha.

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