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Guess That Episode Game

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I can't believe you don't remember what that's from!  LOL.  It is driving me nuts!!  Pretty sure it's from early on, maybe even S1, but I just cannot place it for the life of me.  Argh!!!!!


Anyway....new theme.  How about someone fixing their hair or makeup?



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Yep!  More specifically, a certain connection between Prof. Fleming and Richard Gilmore.  (I couldn't find the exact expression from Rory I was looking for, but this one is from the same conversation.  Hee.)

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Hee.  Had to look up in which episode they finally talk about it openly--Family Matters.  And just for fun, the dialogue:

RORY: Well you gotta choose Paris, because this is becoming pretty clear that the what-ever-you-want-to-call-it with the professor is not a short-lived thing.

PARIS: I'd say that's accurate, and you can just call him Asher.

RORY: No, he's my teacher, so I think I'll stick with professor.

PARIS: Professor just makes him sound old.

RORY: He IS old!

PARIS: He's sixty. Today's sixty is what fifty was twenty years ago and he's got the body of a forty year old.

RORY: I really don't want to talk about his body.

PARIS: I'm not denying that we've got a May-December romance going on here.

RORY: This is not May-December, this is May - Ming Dynasty.

PARIS: An age difference like this is very common. People dating people the same age are passe now.

RORY: My grandfather introduced you to him. Do you see how awkward this is for me?

PARIS: Well, hot men tend to run in packs.

RORY: Do not ever say anything like that again.

PARIS: Mary, you are such a prude.



Great theme, by the way. Here's my first pick:


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Is it the one where Kirk plowed into his diner with Taylor's car?  I'm not about to try to go find the episode to check...LOL.  I did wonder if that was it, though, because it looks like there's a dust cloud or something floating around.

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Emily in Wonderland?


EMILY: Sunflowers it is. Now, what about music? N'sync or 98 degrees?

R (to Lane): Uh, N'sync or 98 degrees?

LANE: What kind of sick joke is this?

RORY: I don't think I could choose.

EMILY: What about that other group? The Backside Boys?

RORY: You mean the Backstreet Boys?

EMILY: Yes that's it.

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