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Guess That Episode Game

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S2 is correct.  Paris is determined to have a really memorable issue of The Franklin.  She goes out of her way to get what she thinks is going to be a really great scoop.

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OMG, I never stump you guys, so this is a bit of a thrill for me :) 


It IS S5. There's a name in the title, but it's the name of a real life person rather than a GG character. And Sookie gets some major news (though not from a newspaper, ha ha) in this episode. 

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Well that looks like Zach waiting tables in the background, so it's probably during the eps where he's filling in for Lane.  And I have a feeling that from his expression, Luke's about to yell at Kirk....maybe for breaking up with Lulu.  Am I right, Eledgy?  I don't know what ep without looking it up though.

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And I have a feeling that from his expression, Luke's about to yell at Kirk.


Does that really narrow down our choices, though? ;) 




It's actually not that scene, I went hunting it down and Kirk is wearing a different sweater.  Hmmmm.  More searching.

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Aha!  I sleuthed it out.  I was mistaking Luke's "exasperated with Kirk" face for his "about to yell at Kirk" face.  Kirk is reading him the classified ad he took out to try to sell his mom's dining room set in WYBMLG.

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