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Guess That Episode Game

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The rules are simple! Just post whichever screencap/image you choose, and the rest of us get to guess which episode it comes from. I'll kick us off with an easy one:





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Lulu, I had trouble initially as well! A poster named Willowy gave really good instructions:

Find the image you want, upload/drag the photo to Imgur (which is a free service that's easy to register for and allows you to have up to 225 pics hosted at once)

Right click on the pic and select the 'copy image url' option

Come back here and paste it directly into the reply box

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Hee---guess I should have made that a tad more challenging for you GG geniuses, but I adore that picture too much not to post it! Nolieblue, you beat Taryn by seconds, so you're up! 

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GYPSY:  Please make your mother stop talking to me.

Hee!  That's from WBB.

(Sorry this one is so big, I don't know how to make it smaller for the post.  ETA - Scratch that, it shrunk when it posted.)



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Argh---I think that's from the opener of one of those S4 episodes I vaguely like but can never remember too clearly. Maybe Nanny and the Professor...?

If so, an easy one that I couldn't resist posting anyway:



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Excellent guess, but it's actually not The Reigning Lorelai! Hint: It's from an S3 episode...and it's one of the S3 episodes where Emily is having a Trix-related freakout...and there may or may not be a hockey game taking place... :) 

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