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Guess That Episode Game

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I had to look at the Season One titles to do some process of eliminations. After Cinnamon's Wake because she hasn't went on an official date with Max yet and before Double Date where Max is history.


Paris is Burning.


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Richard in Stars Hollow?


(ETA:  If I'm right, can someone give me a quick primer in how to upload a screen cap? I've been playing around but am getting that weird little blue square instead of the photo)

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The way I did it was I found a picture I like. I use this site. http://www.gilmoregirls.org/screencaps.html (sadly it doesn't have all the seasons or all the episodes) I copied the link of the picture I wanted and then I went here and clicked on the icon with the picture frame with mountains and pasted it in the URL box.

I have had that problem with the blue box. I think it has to do with where you are getting the image.

And yes you are correct. 

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I don't think you have to make a username or anything there lulu.  I don't remember having to do that?  And I just noticed when I went to look at the website, it states that it's the only gallery with all seven seasons.  I guess people really, really hated the last two seasons LOL.


To get your link to have a different title you just type what you want it to say, then highlight the text and click on the "Link" button above the text box.  Paste in your URL and it will make a link using the highlighted text as the title.



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Is this from So Good Talk?

Looks like maybe the outfit Rory wore when she went to the Friday Night Dinner after the blowup between Emily and Lorelai. Where she doesn't have to be bubbly or vivacious

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You got it! I love their expressions there...and the amusing amounts of food :) 

...Just saw your pic! I think that lovely moment occurs in A Tale of Poes and Fire...?

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