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Guess That Episode Game

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I believe that would be from Run Away, Little Boy, when Burrito Boy comes into Luke's with his parents.  And now I will laugh for the next twenty minutes.  (Check out the look on Rory's face!  Bwahahahahaha!)

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I deliberately picked a scene with the daisies in it, but not too prominent, precisely for that hint.  ;)


Bwahahahaha I know what scene this one is but not the episode so I'll let someone else try.

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I love the color coordination too, lulu, especially since red happens to be my favorite color---though I don't look as good in it as they do :) 


Festival of Living Art?

If I'm right:



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Hee---Does Lorelai have a 'lost chick' for Luke to help her find?! That Damn Donna Reed :)


And, yes, you were right re SIAM. The 'writing/sliding' scene is one of my all-time favorites. 

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LOL---Rory is trying to read the newspaper on Lorelai's head (where else would a newspaper be?!) in Hammers and Veils :) And I'm so glad you enjoyed my shot of SleepyLuke! 


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