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Guess That Episode Game

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Okay it is a town meeting. Lorelai's jacket looks season one. They seem to be enjoying 'the show'. Is Luke ranting about reenactors and prom dresses?

Love & War & Snow?

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You got it! It's funny that you deduced S1 based on Lorelai's jacket; I always know when it's S1 because for some reason Rory looks really different to me in S1 than any subsequent season. So adorably...young :) 

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My mom, who notices and cares about clothes a million times more than I do, kept ranting about how she loved the top half of Lorelai's outfit but loathed the skirt :) 

This one's easy, but I can't resist! 


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Oh! Lorelai looked so S1ish to me for some reason :) Good job, nolie! 


It's the red jacket.  I assumed it was KaT too!  LOL.


ETA - Ahh, I just went and checked the KaT screencaps.  Lorelai is wearing a black jacket with a red liner and a huge red purse in that one.  I knew the red stood out for some reason!

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Man, and I remember thinking I want stuffed bell peppers. Is it That Damn Donna Reed 

Sookie is asking why Lorelai called Luke about Stella. Or am I totally off base?

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LOL I just made this one too hard.  Sorry!!!


I'll expand on the hint a little -


Hint - I think Sookie is on the verge of changing her mind about what she wants to serve that evening, if I remember the scene correctly.  The 'changing her mind' thing becomes a minor plot point later in the episode, and plays a part in a huge argument.

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