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Guess That Episode Game

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You're both right!  "I just like that sometimes, you still seem like a little kid."  Hee.

OMG, that totally reminds me of a story with my own 18 yo daughter a couple of years ago.  We were in Walmart and I was shopping in the toy section for a bday gift.  She was the next aisle over looking at all of the Marvel action figures (she's a huge Marvel fan) and I heard her say "Wow!  Hulk's package is like, twice as big as all the other guys' packages!"  I went around the corner to get onto her for saying that so loud and she was just happily looking at the - yes, huge - plastic outer packaging of the Hulk figure.  I laughed until I cried.

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3 minutes ago, whateverhappened said:

Taryn, I love that you raised a Gilmore Girls fan!

Me too.  ;)  We throw quotes at each other all the time.  It's glorious.

1 minute ago, whateverhappened said:


Is that the opening from Double Date?


It is indeed!

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1 hour ago, whateverhappened said:

Taryn, I love that you raised a Gilmore Girls fan!

Lulu, is that adorable creature a Luke teddy bear?! I'm in love and must get one! 

That is indeed a Luke Bear. My daughter made him at Build a Bear Workshop. He was a Christmas gift in 2006. Did you notice the writing on his hat?

That's Love and War and Snow

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7 minutes ago, whateverhappened said:

Wow. You both have the best daughters in the world. 

Lulu, unfortunately, my eyes are pretty bad. I see the Luke's coffee cup emblem and can see there's writing below it but can't make out the words. Please fill me in when you can!  

It's Scott P's autograph.


Luke Forgiveness and Stuff head tilt.jpg

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But I'm a Gilmore. "You've been one hell of a White Knight today, Baby"

I'd say Dean was my second favorite boyfriend for Rory. Jess was first. But more the mature, I finally got my shit together Jess.



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1 hour ago, whateverhappened said:

is Dean your favorite of Rory's boyfriends? 

Negative.  I found Dean to be borderline (emotionally) abusive and just wanted him to go far, far, away.  (Caveat:  Although it was nice to see he had gotten married and was doing well in the revival.)

My fave bf was Jess.

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