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Spitballin': What should Comedy Central do next?

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There is a lot of conversation about what may/will happen once Jon Stewart leaves The Daily Show later this year. Here's the spot to talk about what Comedy Central should do next in the 11pm slot.

  • Just replace Jon - how hard can it be
  • Test patterns
  • Who might the new host(s) be? Who would you like to see (Sky is the limit!)
  • New format for the show, keeping the title?
  • Maybe they should just run old Benny Hill episodes.
  • Completely new show. Throw the whole thing out.
  • Run a dirge on a loop; civilization has ended.

No idea/speculation/proposal is too crazy. As always, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.


To talk about what you think Jon Stewart should do next, here is the spot to take that conversation!

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I'd like them to get a really great host to take over the show. It worked when John Oliver did it over the summer. That convinced me that the general format can survive, and they just need to find the right host. I agree Aasiv might work, if he wanted it-- which I'm not sure he does.


I would be very disappointed if they toss out the concept entirely.

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I agree with possibilities. I think it's inevitable that the show will continue without Jon and the weeks with John Oliver prove it can be done (as much as I will miss Jon Stewart, of course -- and I will miss him dreadfully). I think it's important that the person who takes over be a writer for the show as well as on-camera talent (Oliver was a writer; Jessica Williams, Sam Bee & Jason Jones are not). The new host also has to have a certain amount of gravitas and moral authority, which I think most of the current crop of correspondents (Klepper, Bee, Jones, Minhaj) do not have. Jessica has famously taken herself out of the running.


Aasif would be great but as ApathyMonger pointed out, he does have a deal with HBO. Of course, it could turn into a "black-ish" situation (Larry Wilmore left that show when he got the "Nightly Show" gig) depending on Aasif's contract -- he is slated to write, co-produce and act in the series; I'm not sure how prominent his on-camera role will be. Aasif is already a favorite of TDS viewers and would not be yet another white guy in late night. Since Jon will no doubt be instrumental in choosing his successor, and his choice of Wilmore for TNS indicates he might look to people he's already worked with, it seems like previous & current TDS correspondents would have the edge.

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I got the Letterman replacement, so I'm registering my prediction here for the Daily Show.


I'd go:


First level: Amy Poehler (does she want this?), Aasif Mandvi, John Hodgman (possibly too much of a Colbert character feel)


Second level: W Kamau Bell (suspect track record), Sarah Silverman (too comedically polarizing)


Third level: Chris Rock and Tina Fey (what about their acting/writing/producing careers, otherwise they'd be first level), Louis CK (his personality is a little weak), Kristen Schaal (same problem as Sarah), Cecily Strong?


Fourth level: Janeane Garofalo (I enjoy her, but she's just too unlikeable), Lewis Black (4 nights of angry scream...no)


Fifth level: Jay Leno (just kidding)


Wacky idea: what if they modified the show to run more like 60 Minutes? That show doesn't have a single host, right?

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So much for that Comedy Central statement about Sam Bee staying with the show: http://deadline.com/2015/03/samanta-bee-daily-show-leaving-tbs-deal-1201386918/

Samantha Bee Vacating ‘Daily Show’ To Headline TBS Comedy Show

Hot on the heels of announcing a new scripted comedy series created and executive produced by Bee and her husband, Jason Jones, TBS is cementing its relationship with the prolific couple even further. The new show, which is in the early stages of development, is being planned as a platform for Bee to apply her smart and satirical point of view to current and relevant issues. In addition to hosting, Bee will serve as executive producer on the show, along with Jones. The series is being produced by TBS.

“We’re thrilled to have Sam join Jason at TBS and really make this a family affair. We actually have their kids coming in next week to pitch us animation,” joked Brett Weitz, executive vice president of original programming for TBS. “Like her fans around the country, we absolutely adore everything about Sam, from her straight-faced sarcasm and ruthless wit to her uncanny ability to mine comedy gold from just about any awkward situation. After watching Sam’s work for years, we knew that her distinctive humor and talent belong at the front of her own show.”

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We actually have their kids coming in next week to pitch us animation


Given how many times Sam has appeared on TDS pregnant, I would think this would be quite an undertaking!

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I forgot that Conan is already on TBS. I don't watch it all that often since it's on opposite TDS.

I'd be very curious to know the behind-the-scenes scoop on this... like, did Sam put out feelers whether or not she'd get the TDS gig after Jon leaves, or did she just want to start over with something new. Perhaps she assumed that following Jon will be a truly fraught job and it was better to just go into a different situation. It sounds like TBS is all in with the Jones/Bee duo.

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It pains me to say this, but judging by the reactions I'm seeing which echo my own, it doesn't seem like Larry's making a great case for himself to get moved up to the main slot.


Economically, that seems like a lot of work and expense to have to rebrand two shows at once.


When Colbert takes the Late Show, I see him sucking away the ratings at the 10:30/11:30 slot for some time. And like with what happened with W. Kamau Bell's fledgling show coinciding with the FXX startup, I would think they'd want someone solid to withstand that or cheap and expendable.


TDS seems like it would have more wiggle room ratings wise since it's up against the local news, at least in my timezone.


It seems genuine that Jessica really doesn't feel ready to helm this type of show yet.


It's interesting just how many of these shows are popping up now and how many contracts are being locked down. Wyatt Cenac and W. Kamau are out with new TDS-style shows just announced and John Oliver was locked in immediately following Jon's announcement.


To over-think and assume a lot, I would think Wyatt or Kamau would be a mutually great fit for the show especially if they were wanting similar shows anyway. Perhaps the decision for TDS is already made.

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Victor, i'm in CST. I meant 11:30/12:30. I meant exactly what you said. But probably rambled too much.


I was trying to respond to the idea of moving Larry up and having Jessica for TNS. She's such a promising talent, I'd hate to see her burned at 11:30 against Colbert.


If live viewing is important, I think they have more room to play around at TDS time slot.

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I love Jessica, but if she's not up for it (and the other folks who've been floated already have other projects) how about Trevor Noah?


Moving Wilmore to 11pm would definitely get me to turn the channel.


The reaction from Travon Free (writer for TDS) on Twitter after Trevor's spot, made me think he could be in the mix.

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I love Trevor Noah but he has such a successful international stand-up career, I wonder if he'd want to "settle down" on TDS. Then again, he seems to be a much bigger star in other countries (he's currently playing Dubai, according to his Twitter feed) -- maybe he'd like to raise his American profile.

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Wow, just wow...






This guy has barely made an impression, and he's getting the top job?


And, I hate to say it, but another unknown foreigner*? When The Late Late Show job came open, there were all these (American) names bandied about, and James Corden got it. Now this.


(*I'm trying to distinguish this from, say, John Oliver getting the job. A known foreigner.)

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Trevor Noah has been appearing on the show for a bit now (he first appeared in late 2014), and has really made an impact with the limited exposure he has received. I think he would be fantastic, and I've had him on my shortlist since Jon's announcement, as I think a number of other folks have.

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I've been a bit hit and miss on Noah's TDS appearances thus far, but it's so early and I have been eager for more, and I absolutely love his stand-up.  Whoever takes over as host is going to have to make the show their own; the correspondent bits can - and hopefully will - remain generally the same, but the host pieces and interview style will need to be as much the new person's as the current ones are Jon's.  Because of that, a relative newcomer might be a good idea. 


I'm having some trouble envisioning a TDS built around Noah, but the same is true of every single person I've tried to mentally plug in behind the desk.

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Yeah, whomever it is that will take Jon's place at TDS, it will seem a bit strange for awhile. 


But I definitely put Trevor Noah on my short list to host the show some time ago.  Granted a lot of it is because I do enjoy his stand-up.   However, I've also enjoyed his appearances on TDS as well.  I just believe he's talented enough to carry the show if he's chosen as the new host.


I originally wanted Ollie to come back home.  But since he signed that new deal with HBO, that ain't gonna happen.  One of my other choices was Jessica.  Though she has made it abundantly clear she's not interested in taking over at this point in her career.   Trevor Noah though was always right up there in the discussion for me.  Doesn't surprise me at all that he's on the short list of hosts for the job.

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If there is indeed a "list" of finalists, why is his name the only one to be leaked? I'd like to know who the others are. 


The anchor job is considered a career-maker, but the style of the show doesn't suit everyone. It could also be a career-breaker for someone talented but ill-suited to be TDS anchor. Jessica, who's obviously a bright person, no doubt knows this, and it may be the main reason she's basically taken herself out of the running.


Conan O'Brien was an unknown when he got the Late Night job. He'd been a successful writer for a number of years, but was an unknown quantity as far as being a performer.


There are a lot of factors at play here, but in the end, it's still pretty much a crapshoot. Not a decision I'd want to make.

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Conan had a really shaky beginning on the Late Show. He was on a week-to-week contract at one point. This was for a show that aired at 12:30 a.m. Taking over Jon's spot on TDS has a lot more baggage. I don't envy that person. He (and, sigh, it probably will be a he) can't win.


I wonder if Jon will have any say in who his successor is, even in an informal, advisory way.

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I wonder if Jon will have any say in who his successor is, even in an informal, advisory way.


Whenever Trevor is on, it's always felt like Jon gushes over him in a way that's strange considering his age and accomplishments. As DXD526 said, this leak is a bit odd. It really feels like there's a campaign from within to get people on board with him.

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I agree it's a tough risk to take, but at the same time, John Oliver did so well that his summer shows were greatly loved and he now has his own show, which is a hit, and so we know it's not like nobody can follow Jon Stewart and be successful. I think they should be very careful who they hire, and do a lot of testing-- not just pick someone by gut, but have them do some test shows or whatever it is you do when you are seriously considering a move at the helm of your most important property.


It's clear they didn't bother to do this when the replaced Colbert, and the show they got is a mess. Hopefully they learned from that, and I too would like to see who besides Noah is on the list, and whether they are considering any women. But I think Trevor Noah is not as much of an unknown as one would think just from his time on TDS.


I remember Steve Allen (who hosted The Tonight Show for a while before Johnny Carson) saying hosting a late night talk show was one of the easiest jobs in the history of jobs, and that the idea that someone could fail at it was a mind-boggling notion, but we've seen it can happen-- and TDS is more than just a nightly dose of celebrity fluff, so they do need someone with a strong voice who can appeal to the audience that specifically goes to the show for information and commentary as well as entertainment.


I really, really hope they are taking it seriously and not just hoping for the best.

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Things to note:


For those who don't know, Deadline and Variety are sister publications, owned by the same company and (I believe) working in the same building. But they hate each other, with a passion.


Variety got its exclusive at 6 pm Friday PT. Deadline followed with its story 90 minutes later.


Variety's story is more circumspect, while Deadline excplicitly declared him the leading candidate.


It's funny that the story would come out at the time when you'd usually dump bad news (Friday nights).


I also thought this might be a trial balloon.


But I thought that too with James Corden when another publication got an "exclusive" on his candidacy.


Whoever leaked it wanted to get people talking, but why on a Friday night? By Monday, it's an old story.

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I'm not sure I like the idea of Trevor taking over the TDS hosting duties from Jon. While there's no doubt he's funny and smart - the kind needed to host a fake news show - I think he's missing a key ingredient that would be beneficial to him. And that's emotion.


Maybe I'm not seeing something in him, but the few times I've watched Trevor as Senior International Correspondent, he's shown himself to be cool and dry in his delivery. Nothing wrong with that, but I just think the show needs someone to show a little passion one way or another when they're discussing news events that are OMG WTF? Like whenever it's Republicans or Fox News saying or doing something batshit insane that they try and get away with. Jon delivers that kind of emotion. So does Ollie. And Stephen channeled his passion through the right wing character he created. Aasif would be very good in that role. Trevor just looks like Jon playing the straight man to whatever kind of crazy one of the correspondents delivered.


I just think TDS needs someone their core audience can relate to whenever there's a need to scream "this is bullshit!" when dealing with events in the news. I don't know how Trevor can succeed without it.

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