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  1. I don't know what it is but I just don't like Ben and Ryn as a couple. I wasn't bothered by the thrupple but now that Maddie's on her own Ben and Ryn work my nerves. Their bond just feels really unhealthy. Also, I just have to laugh at how Xander spends half his time delivering bodies. A couple of eps he was delivering one body to the ranch and now he's carting Donna's corpse around. Ben growing gills was...interesting. So mermaid stem cells can transform humans into merpeople?
  2. Those were crab legs. She was chewing the shell. I cosign your appreciation of Xander. He's really grown on me. He's reminding me of Xander on Buffy in that he's always ready to step up and help Team Mermaid. But I'm wondering something: what happened to Maddie's dad as the sheriff? I remember there was some drama with her mom but I'm drawing a blank on why he's not around. I think they've mentioned Sheriff Dale a few times but given how Xander is in the police academy it seems weird that he's not around.
  3. The last of my "Why?" characters...Simon Brenner. There's a lot about the show in the last two seasons that needs to be chalked up to the WGA strike but I really don't understand the why of Brenner. He's basically a bootleg version of Romano: he's an obnoxious bigot from the moment we meet him. (Although if I'm honest, every character showed up from S10 on had an obnoxious introduction.) He crushes on Neela the same way Robert crushed on Corday. Then the show tries to rehabilitate him through tragedy. With Romano it's the helicopter, with Brenner it's childhood sex abuse.
  4. Same. I was really surprised by the Robb reveal which I enjoyed. That twist has really piqued my interest because now between Robb and Tia we've met two merpeople who have fully assimilated into human culture. Also agree with you about Ben. His descent into mad scientist territory is unpleasant.
  5. I read your comment and thought..."Who is Shannon?" Then I realized you answered my question. 🙂
  6. Add me to the people who thought Buck's reaction was overdone. I don't know who to blame. The writer? actor? director? All of the above? It was just too over-the-top for me, especially on top of all the war stuff. I wonder if the positive reaction to Hysterical Buck during the tsunami episodes made someone think we needed to see him again.
  7. Another "what was the point of...?" question: Sara Gilbert's Jane. From the moment she shows up she's just wallpaper. They even make a point of how nobody listens to her. She was on the show for three years (I looked it up) and the only story she got that was about her is the weird S&M relationship with Crenshaw which lasted one or two episodes and was obviously just done for comic effect. I don't get it.
  8. Yep. I noticed they dropped an extra ep. I was hoping they would release the whole season as a treat for those of us on lockdown.
  9. Same. I really didn't need the extended visit to Afghanistan and all it did was remind me of what a mess the story around Christopher's mom (whose name I still can't be bothered to remember) turned out. Plus this one just reminded me of all those kids in Thailand who got trapped in a cave and the Navy SEAL who drowned working on their rescue. I'm honestly not a fan of the "Begins" episodes. I don't hate them but I prefer to stay in the present.
  10. I think I just realized that one of the things that is really bothering me about the show now is that while was all about stealing at first, now it's all about killing. We started with Beth thinking she had killed Rio, to Rio killing Agent Turner to Rio wanting to kill Beth except for her "pregnancy" to Lucy's murder, to the girls trying to turn Lucy's boyfriend into a hitman to now outright hiring a hitman. I know it's always been a dark comedy but now it's too dark for me.
  11. We've already seen the issues Ben has with Robb but does Ryn have any idea that Maddie is stepping out? I feel like Robb isn't long for this world when Ryn finds out. Also, was that really Ryn's first smile? If so that was a nice bit of fan service.
  12. I found the whole heist concept very convoluted but most heists shows are by necessity. I like how everyone at the call center fought back in their own way whether it was running for the fire alarm, sending Athena to Chim's (that really was brilliant), faking the allergy attack, the way they all screamed "get him" and tackled the lead gunman, etc... Exactly. This show has turned into pop culture comfort food for me and I was grateful for the diversion.
  13. Watching "Impulse Control." Sam and Abby talking about their abortions was "ER" doing what it did best. At the same time it seems like the season was obsessed with pregnancy and babies. Kerry & Weaver, Carter & Kem, Lewis & Chuck, and that's before getting to the multiple patients who were pregnant or pregnancy-adjacent.
  14. I cosign all the appreciation for Richard tossing Katherine out. I'm never going to forgive her for buying Pac North and closing it. She removed a source of health care for thousands and put people out of work just to stick it to Richard. I've never had the hate for Katherine the way so many have - although I've found the character unlikeable for ages - but I'm never going to get past her closing a full hospital out of spite. Nothing will ever redeem her in my eyes. Teddy is just such a foul creature. Boning Koracik at work on the day of her wedding? Just ugh. At this point I would happily ship her back to Germany or off to Alex and Izzie's farm. I wrote her off after that flashback episode where we learned that she was cheating with her best friend's girlfriend. I'm glad Deluca solved the mystery but that doesn't overshadow his erratic behavior. When he knocked the surgical instruments to the floor, I would have fired him no matter what.
  15. On my current lockdown rewatch. I'm watching "Dear Abby" and listening to Bill Withers's "Use Me" playing while Abby works triage. (RIP, Bill Withers). How did ER manage to keep the rights to so much original music for streaming?
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