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  1. I'm doing a re-watch and there's a scene where Parker is telling Eliot all the tough situations he's gotten out of: You chipped your way out of an ice cave. (The Long Way Down Job) You broke out of a gorilla enclosure. You made dinner for the mob. (The Wedding Job) I know the first and third one but I can't find anything from a past episode she would be referring to for the second. Of course, maybe this is a reference to something that happened between last season and this one. If so I like it. I remember the discussions during the Original Series about references to jobs we didn
  2. I watched the finale yesterday and was completely confused. So I'm getting stoned and watching it again. Maybe it will make sense then. Regardless, I'm glad this show is over.
  3. There's not a single character on this show that I like. Beth is just...Beth. Annie reverted to being her dysfunctional asshole self by bringing he roommate/boyfriend's toilet to the restaurant where his new girlfriend works. That was cheap, sleazy, and entitled as hell. She was the worst kind of woman scorned cliche. I hope that Stan can protect Ruby.
  4. "When in doubt, always trust the person stuck inside the van." So true. I'm enjoying the show a lot but I miss the hell out of Hardison. Breanna is a good addition with plenty of potential but I feel like Hardison's absence is bad for the characters of both Breanna and Parker. I think the dynamic among the three of them within the larger team would be wonderful.
  5. I think that was just reflex. Avoiding cops is just second nature at this point.
  6. If Good Girls ends with everyone realizing that Beth is a toxic presence in their lives and working to have her removed, then I think that would be the best possible outcome.
  7. I feel like we've lost a couple of kids on this show. Didn't Stan and Ruby also have a son at the beginning? And I know Beth and Dean say they have four kids I feel like we only see three. Anyway, my primary feeling about cancellation was one of relief.
  8. A lot to unpack in this episode: Delilah: I've said all along that I didn't miss her but I kind of felt for her here. When she talked about being surrounded by the memory of Jon and the fact that he killed himself, I can't argue with that. Regardless of the affair with Eddie and Charley's birth, she got to spend a few months someplace where she didn't have memories of Jon and I can't hold that against her. Rome/Regina: I thought their stories were well done. The worker who lost his wife got to me. Regina losing Someday reminded me of Beth losing her dance studio on This Is Us. COVID
  9. The funny thing for me about the time jumps is that between Meredith's six months in the hospital after being attacked, her lost year after Derek died, and April's year in the war (were those the same year?) I've never really known what year it's supposed to be in the GreysVerse but then COVID forced the show to reset to the present. I think it might be an interesting project to figure out the show's timeline but I'm not the person to do it. To quote Star Trek's Miles O'Brien "I hate temporal mechanics."
  10. I grew up in Ohio, I'm in my 50s and I still refer to my elders - the few I have left - with Ms and Mr. before their names. When the closest thing to a grandmother I had passed in 2018 at the age of 102, I still called her Ms.
  11. I can't stand Helm. I don't even really hate her I just get annoyed every time she shows up and reminds me that she exists. Her, Nico, Glasses, Mother and Daughter Ortiz...none of them mean anything to me. They don't have real stories. But I think that's more about writing the show during COVID than anything.
  12. I actually found this one of the best of the season. The case was engaging. It was a decent mystery at the beginning. We got to learn a little more about Garland. The SVU team was competent. Olivia was less overbearing than usual and I really felt for the victim and I was glad he got justice. Also, no mention of Stabler. Thumbs up.
  13. Not to mention the nervous breakdown she had a couple of years ago. She was institutionalized. That alone would be a red flag. Add in everything else and nobody is going to let her adopt a special needs baby.
  14. I've assumed that's because the show is still in the first stage of the pandemic. If Regina was hurt two weeks ago then the show is taking place in late June 2020. That's when beauty standards really went to hell. Personally I was walking around my house, locked down in yoga pants and a ripped Hamilton t-shirt and a rag on my head that made me look like Harriet Tubman. Sophie going to Layla's parents seemed so wrong. That was the kind of meeting that needed an intermediary. I'm glad to see Kari Matchett playing the mom. She's good at this kind of role. My dislike of Theo gets more vi
  15. I'll be interested to see what the fallout is for Kevin from a canceled wedding given how his engagement was on the cover of a tabloid. We know he's got that terrible movie coming out which would mean he'd be doing a lot of media and this is the type of thing that would be all over the internet. It would also make Madison's life hell because....who turns down the Manny? Kevin's fans would basically turn her into Kristen Stewart after Robert Pattinson.
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