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  1. Ugh. This episode was a tough watch. I didn't really need a Sliding Doors version of the Insurrection. I almost shut it off when they started putting everyone in zip-tie restraints. I'll finish out this season but even if it gets picked up by someone else I think I'm out. I don't need all this nihilism in my pop culture. I was genuinely surprised they killed off Regina. I saw her being a problem for a long time to come. It was satisfying because she really was just a monster of a character. I have no idea what's going on with 355.
  2. I'm rewatching this episode and I need to talk about the different pronunciation of "data" from every character. Some say "day-ta" like the Star Trek character then those same people say "daa-ta." Hardison would be the first to call this out. I'm guessing all these scenes were shot days/weeks/months apart which only makes me love it more that we have these new episodes.
  3. It's got to be the latter because every other couple gets this kind of exposure. Look at last season with Amelia/Linc and Teddy/Owen.
  4. Luna is a very early preemie. Remember, she's the liver baby. According to this, Luna was born at 26 weeks but let's be honest, Grey's space-time continuum means nothing matters.
  5. It hit home for me. At the beginning of lockdown I joked that it was the olympics I've been training my whole life for. The few times I went into the office, I had similar reactions to yours except I spent most of the time dry-heaving in the ladies room. Ironically enough we've been ordered back to work full-time on Nov. 1 and my anxiety is exploding. (Thank God for medical cannabis.) This episode and that scene was something I needed. It was interesting to get all of Amelia's perspective in one big exposition dump. It made perfect sense. She was barely hanging on yet Linc was loving it.
  6. I'm actually going to miss Liam a bit. He had more basic sense than 95 percent of the main characters.
  7. I thought I'd missed that about Breanna. If this was new information, then I liked the reveal. Sophie saying "With Nate it was quick..." makes me wonder if he died from an illness like the cancer that took his son.
  8. Looking at the posts here it occurs to me that the biggest problem with the character of Claudette is that we have absolutely no idea who she is or what is motivating her. She's a complete mystery and not in a good way. We know nothing about her. When did she work at the call center? Why did she leave? Where has she been all this time? What happened at her last job? And all of that is before we get to whatever bullshit issues she has with May. Every time she shows up on screen it's like "Harpo who dis woman?"
  9. This whole episode felt off. Like I'd missed scenes somewhere else. I'm not here for Buck's emotional drama. It's all so co-dependent. That big announcement at the dinner table was beyond pointless. "Ravi's here to replace me" I'm sorry...whut? I like how Bobby said everyone was acting like they forgot the firehouse has a captain. Everything about Buck in this episode worked my nerves. Harry's headed someplace bad. It's bad enough Jeffrey is in his head but if he's going down the internet rabbit hole I'm wondering if we're looking at a "social media radicalization" story. No matter w
  10. The scene between Alex and Maggie in the latter's hotel room was amazing. Aniston and Harden (Gay Harden?) were excellent even though it was obvious that their scene was shot with COVID protocols. I loved when Alex threatened to sue Maggie and Maggie said "you can sue me if it's not true." I wonder about the result of Yanko's beatdown of the racist who yelled slurs at Stella.
  11. That reminds me...I'm beyond done with Helm and her infatuation with Meredith. It's not cute or charming. In fact, after all this time I find it creepy. I'm ready for her to go. She reminds me of Tina Majorino's Heather Brooks. I didn't care about her either except for how her death almost took out Webber too.
  12. I keep forgetting that Amelia was married to Owen. Those two didn't make an ounce of sense as a couple. As someone said earlier, Amelia and Linc are basically Cristina and Owen 2.0. They had their run but they can't be together unless one of them becomes a completely different person.
  13. I really felt for those of you going through it. I'm in Ohio so, like Seattle, we don't usually get that kind of extreme heat. I'm kind of afraid that we're looking at something like that in the next couple of years. As for the hats, I'll be honest, I have a Jayne hat from Firefly that was knitted for me by a friend I love. Fun Hat Day would give me a chance to let my geek flag fly.
  14. I wholeheartedly agree about the reluctance to have more children. I say that as a childfree woman myself. But have we seen Amelia and Linc talk about it? If they did, I missed it which is entirely possible. Shows I watched during COVID are all kind of a blur.
  15. I had no idea. Thank you for the (very kind) correction. I agree with the opinion that Linc is craving the stability he missed in childhood. I don't think Linc is wrong. He and Amelia just want different things. What I do have a problem with is that there's no mention of the fact that Linc wanting to have lots of kids was kind of the impetus for Amelia realizing they didn't want the same thing. It also might help remind viewers that Amelia already had a baby that was born without a brain and died shortly after birth. That happened on Private Practice so part of the audience migh
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