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  1. Check out the name: Noble House Rattler Acacia Wood Outdoor Club Chairs, Awesome.
  2. This is my last post, as you are determined - for your own reasons - to believe negatively about Meghan. Victims of racism ARE victims - they do not have to play anything. And even if she had Googled the heck out of the Royals. Even if she had performed dissertation -level research on the Royal Family - NONE of that would have prepared her for what she faced. NONE of that would have prepared her for the racism that she AND HER CHILD faced. It's not about what she has done (her upbringing, education, etc. do not matter) she was being attacked for WHO SHE IS.
  3. This makes perfect sense. A woman who he considers inferior turning rejecting him? How DARE she? Yes, I can see a man with his ego being very bitter about it. And it is not unusual, sadly, for racist men to desire black women. #slavery
  4. Charles Spencer (Diana's brother ) was born into the peerage. Diana was hardly a stranger to the workings of royals. Meghan's story is totally different.
  5. Context for a racist comment like that actually doesn't matter - just as Archie's skin tone should not matter. Not sure if it was that complex. I think the issues began when Meghan got pregnant, and the mixed blood would began to show.
  6. Isn’t Ralph Angel a felon? In my state, a felony would prevent him from working in healthcare in any capacity.
  7. Justina moves well for a big girl. At first I thought last week’s dance was based on her spicy Latina flavor, but she shined in the slow dance too. What exactly happened with Skai? Was it the height difference?
  8. Thank you. I’m reading the forums in disbelief this season. While I don’t like a pile on, that won’t make me root for a liar. LVP vs Sutton. I must see this.
  9. I am soooo confused. I thought that Oliver was the illegitimate son. Who is John?
  10. Not to mention the too high slit on Stacy’s dress. I held my breath when she sat down I thought she was gonna flash us. Darcy, Alexis Carrington wants her dress back.
  11. Vick’s mom will never forgive Helen for “letting” Vic die without Helen calling her to come over. Joanie was thinking of her dad while having sex with her husband? Eww. Noah is... still Noah. I still don’t get how he pulls all of those women. I’m looking forward to this season. I didn’t miss Allison at all. I did miss Cole.
  12. She was going to give him 600 so that he could put the 350 with it and get a money order to pay her rent. Instead of giving her the 350 so she can get her own dang money order.
  13. The most ghetto group so far. Here for it!
  14. You can actually arrange to complete parole in another state. Lamar could have asked for arrangements prior to release. He would have to explain why. The request could be denied.
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