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  1. Not to mention the too high slit on Stacy’s dress. I held my breath when she sat down I thought she was gonna flash us. Darcy, Alexis Carrington wants her dress back.
  2. Vick’s mom will never forgive Helen for “letting” Vic die without Helen calling her to come over. Joanie was thinking of her dad while having sex with her husband? Eww. Noah is... still Noah. I still don’t get how he pulls all of those women. I’m looking forward to this season. I didn’t miss Allison at all. I did miss Cole.
  3. She was going to give him 600 so that he could put the 350 with it and get a money order to pay her rent. Instead of giving her the 350 so she can get her own dang money order.
  4. The most ghetto group so far. Here for it!
  5. You can actually arrange to complete parole in another state. Lamar could have asked for arrangements prior to release. He would have to explain why. The request could be denied.
  6. We don’t know for sure how Deanna feels about anything, so arguing is pointless.
  7. I think Andrea wants to control Lamar. I didn’t see someone worried about his safety, I saw someone who wanted it her way or no way. There is crime in Utah, I am sure. And Lamar will find trouble wherever he is, if he wants. She should not have moved in the first place. She should have made Lamar come to her when he got out.
  8. I never thought that I would end up on Lamar’s side. Andrea looks dumb and desperate. She was playing with Lamar’s freedom. His travel pass is not open ended he has to be back by a certain date. And her taunt “Go ahead and get pulled over.”, says it all. She is going to hold his status over him for life. Lamar needs to leave. I am surprised that Brittany got 60% custody. That lawyer must be awesome.
  9. LOL posing in front of the nail polish? Does he think that’s hot?
  10. Yes, remember when he took Brittany’s plate away while she was eating? He is controlling to the nth degree. Brittany begged him, with fear in her voice/eyes, to leave things be. But no one tells Marcelinho what to do! I wish he had lost that “fight”. Would have taken him down a peg or two.
  11. Lydia was vile during that phone call. She validated very complaint that the Family Chantal had. Those two are nasty wenches. The only thing to come out of that ghetto counseling session was the last sentence: Either Chantal and Pedro put each other first, or the marriage is doomed. Of course, no one listened. Damn, Winter. That yellow dress did you no favors. I wonder how she felt growing up next to Chantal.
  12. I don’t think that well adjusted people apply for this show. I don’t know which couple you are referring to. I wouldn’t call Deonna well adjusted as she has some major hangups about relationships. As I said before, we are only a few episodes in. I am sure that there is enough drama to go around.
  13. And we have not seen the entire season yet. We have no idea what Amber will do - but she is not off to a great start.
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