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  1. LJonEarth

    TDS 3.0: Season Two Talk

    It's probably why I enjoy and identify with her, but Issa Rae really is so awkward. I almost didn't make it through that interview. I've not seen the show identified as a "black" show. I know it was being rebroadcast on BET for a while, but that kind of made me think it wasn't doing well (or better) with black audiences.
  2. LJonEarth

    Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

    Ah, that's what I missed. I got that principal grandson thing, I just missed this line. Thanks.
  3. LJonEarth

    Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

    I really enjoyed the movie. I loved the scariest moment for me happened when the hero and villain were in civilian clothes. My only question is about the timeline. I saw a really confusing thing about how confused this makes the MCU timeline, but I just want to know why schools are still using Captain America PSAs after Civil War. Maybe the public doesn't know Steve's status as a criminal. Maybe it's that thing where school materials lag. What am I missing?
  4. LJonEarth

    Late Show In The Media

    Paul was on the Le Batard Show on ESPN a few days ago. If you want to look it up. He wasn't the best fit as a guest for that show (something stated by the hosts), but he was charming as always.
  5. LJonEarth

    Season 1 General Discussion

    You know. After reading your comments, I watched another episode. I realized the credit music is cheesy clichéd soap opera music. I'm still a bit bored at the end of season 1, but I get it. Thanks, guys. Except for 10,000 episodes of Doctor Who, I think this is the first old show that I've gone back to watch versus rewatching things I experienced as a child. Even I Love Lucy and Little House were new to me because of the way TV programming was in the 80s and 90s. I just need to readjust how I'm watching it. I may need to do an all day binge for Season 2 instead of slow-playing it like I tried with Season 1.
  6. LJonEarth

    Season 1 General Discussion

    I was a kid the first time this one on. I somehow watched everything but this. I'm struggling for the reasons that Matt K said. My question is did everyone get that it was campy and over the top when it originally aired? Some of the acting is so very awful, but I'm not sure how much of that is intentional.
  7. LJonEarth

    S01.E05: Batshit

    I'm half annoyed that he's alive and half okay with it because it fits the over the top show. And because I like looking at him. They could have kept him as a ghost, but I don't know how long they could have kept that interesting.
  8. LJonEarth

    Season Five Discussion

    I happened to listen to something about prison riots this weekend. It made me understand where the writers were getting a lot of the material from this season. I still didn't like much of this. But I appreciate it a bit more.
  9. LJonEarth

    S14.E02: Los Angeles Auditions #2

    This seems like a strange tactic for all involved if the result is "failure." If I understand what you're saying correctly. Vanessa so far is useless. I noticed this episode that when she does offer critique it's just a parrot of what Mary or Nigel just said. I mind the backstory if the time is going to be this limited. This isn't days and days of Olympic coverage, it's a little over 40 minutes. And most of us have come here for the chance to see people dance.
  10. LJonEarth

    TDS 3.0: Season Two Talk

    I'm surprised they haven't made the connection between this trial and the other trial of the black officer. He was acquitted because he was trained to kill instead of incapacitate.
  11. LJonEarth

    TDS 3.0: Season Two Talk

    This has been DJ Khaled's shtick for a long while. Should the show have used it on this episode? I don't know. But it wasn't made up for this episode. I chose to look at it like complete satire of the "rah rah, if we could just talk it out and love each other...." stuff that usually ends up being pushed by people in the middle after things like these shootings happen. I wish that we could find out what they were really going for, because it didn't quite work.
  12. LJonEarth

    TDS 3.0: Season Two Talk

    It's just like how Politico handles its social media. The same article posted every hour on the hour. The show made me cry tonight. That's all I'll say.
  13. LJonEarth

    I’m Dying Up Here

    This is the episode I would have used as the pilot. I thought it did the best job of setting the stakes of trying to make it as a comic, showing the ups and down and giving us an in to root for these characters.
  14. LJonEarth

    S14.E01: Los Angeles Auditions #1

    I was expecting something brilliant and was completely underwhelmed. I wonder if he's one of those contestants with an amazing background in dance that the producers and judges know about but we don't. If the episodes are going to be so short, I really wish they'd cut the fluff and give us the most (good) dance possible.
  15. LJonEarth

    Season Five Discussion

    I thought the balance of wackiness and serious material wasn't right. This might just be the meth heads issue that everyone else is mentioning. At the midpoint, I was really considering dropping the show for a while at least.