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  1. When he was whacking demodogs with the nailbat, I realized that he's the party's barbarian.
  2. Bernard is going to need help trying to keep Dolores from destroying everything. I hope he recreates Elsie from his memories to assist him.
  3. I am reminded that Sela Ward's character on Sisters was named Teddy. Coincidence? Probably.
  4. How does cotton magic manifest as sheep? Is that a translation error?
  5. I wonder if MiB brought his own cowboy outfit with him and had it lined with the future equivalent of Kevlar.
  6. Pet Shop went all Suburbia and ran with the dogs.
  7. I liked the opening sequence where Dolores was doing for Arnold what William did for his father-in-law. And it kind of seems like to prevent Arnold from breaking down like all the versions of Delos did, Ford's solution was to turn him into Bernard.
  8. Since the treasure (which is totally not a gold monkey) historically belongs to Lana's people and she's helping Cyril steal it, unless Archer gets to it first, but then he risks his mother claiming it as hers since he'd have found it while working for her, maybe the idol is a metaphor for AJ, and comatose Archer is worrying that with him out of the picture Lana will get back with Cyril and he'll help raise her "treasure," or maybe his mother might try for custody.
  9. "Essence of Ford" already seems to be hopping around the hosts, so I don't think he's the second mind marble. I wonder what would happen if you put the Jim Delos psyche into a horse or a tiger or a bison.
  10. I was disappointed that D'Arby didn't have Wishing Well powers.
  11. That ending was dark.
  12. Since we're in Archer's dream, I wonder if the giant lizards are a manifestation of his fear of alligators.
  13. That's because the other "Naviti girl" is Sebastian.
  14. The Flock of Seagulls siblings hate Noelle because she "killed our mother" - she's their family's Tyrion!
  15. Park 6 is obviously Cincinnati World
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