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  1. I definitely thought the person was Odette too. Pretend to befriend and help Ziva only to keep close tabs on what she was doing. That Sarah/Sahar twist I did not see coming. Sure, I thought there was more to her than meets the eye. Didn't think she would wind up being that terrorist mastermind, however. Poor Ziva's fighting skills seem to have been diminished. Earlier some out of shape dude got the best of her. Then Terrorist Mom defeated her fairly easily in this episode. And you just knew when she gave that "Bond Villain" speech that she would eventually die. Either by Ziva or G
  2. Baggage Battles. And I think it was on the Travel Channel mostly. I kinda liked that one too. Lots of quirky characters on that show.
  3. I had forgotten it was on Wednesday's now. So I was flipping channels and tuned in about 20 minutes in. These idiots have ostriches now!? And for what purpose(s) exactly? (maybe it's best I don't know). Then we cut to a scene where Bird-brain Was running up the hill (unarmed with anything but her annoying voice) yelling at the bear cubs, "Go away...stay away from here!" Seriously!? And I think we know what happened to Matt. Noah ate him. I mean, he sure hasn't missed many meals lately. That was all I could take. I can't even hate watch this monstrosity any longer.
  4. Well, it's been awhile since I've seen the show. I didn't know Bam was back. And nope, didn't see Matt in the promo. Probably for the best -- he probably should focus in on his recovery and not worry about being on this fakeity-fake-fake show. Didn't say where they were at. No doubt they will be "have to get everything built fast because winter is coming soon!!" 😉
  5. Well...guess what? Looks like they're gonna be BAAAAAAAAACK. Was watching Disco today and saw a promo for a "New Season" of Alaskan Bush People. In the promo, it looked like Bam was back. At least for an episode or two. Looked like before he couldn't stand to be on the show any longer, but perhaps he misses the paychecks. I think they said the new episodes would start on December 4th. (so set those VCR's!) 😉
  6. My view of Curtis Stone is he is sometimes just exhausting to watch. At least it was for me the other day when he was selling his products. I mean, he went from one product to the next to the next and to the next almost enough to give me whiplash. I swear, he mentioned every item of his in the HSN inventory by the time he was done. 😉 That being said, he is good at what he does. He seems personable and very knowledgeable with what he's talking about. And his meat/steak products sound mighty tempting. Especially when he cooks them up live on the air. Don't know anything about
  7. As many others have already said, "I did not see that coming." Oh sure, from time to time I have heard rumors he wanted to leave the show. But I never thought they'd simply kill him off. Was hoping it was all Pride's nightmares/hallucinations acting up again. Especially with that surreal diner scene. I halfway expected the "Angel of Death" character to pop up out of nowhere as a waitress or something. Aside at being saddened at a fine character being killed off, the plot was a bit convoluted to me. I mean, why would he want LaSalle dead? Yes, I get it -- he would continue to try
  8. I belong to a couple of The Secret groups on FB, and they have been talking about this for quite awhile. The consensus there is that Josh's crew did report a find. But as to whether or not it truly is one of those boxes is still being debated. Definitely look forward to seeing it. It was one of my favorite EU episode when the first one aired in January (I think). I also hope it is a full episode. And not just a replay of another one with about 15 minutes tacked on at the end. We shall see..
  9. I thought it was one of the better episodes they had for awhile. Though IRL, I can't imagine an agent being on the case that had such a close family connection to the case. Two things that kinda had me LOLing. One early in the episode when the kid was talking to Hannah. Hannah tells him, "Why no, we need a warrant to collect that data from those phones!" The week before, Patton not only pinged phones, but listened on multiple people's conversations that I am pretty sure were warrantless. Then when LaSalle says, "We need to capture him alive!"... you know that 9 times out of 10 th
  10. But...but...you might have missed one of those Bobby-Dazzlers they found! 😉
  11. Yeah, I am hoping Lena's anger towards Kara is essentially a swerve for us viewers. That while she's still pizzed off at Kara, she won't go completely dark and EEEEEEEEEVILLLLLLL. At least I hope that's not the case. Speaking of Lena, (shallow comment) she looked mighty fine during this episode. (end shallow comment). I liked the suit better in this episode that I saw in the publicity still's. But yeah, I think she needs it to transformer quicker into it. Probably the scene was just done for us viewers and they'll forget about the slowness of the change in upcoming episodes.
  12. At least Josh did find an ancient artifact this time...it was Alice Cooper! (I keed, I keed) It was a cool moment though and you could tell Josh was giddy as a little kid upon meeting him. I had hoped that since they were doing a revisit of this episode, he would actually find one of those boxes this time. Guess not. I do think D&D were on the right track though. The box could very well be in that park. I do think some are overthinking it though with the shadows. I mean, did the shadows theory work with the Chicago and Cleveland finds? I don't think that was a fac
  13. I didn't think it was possible, but Ziva became even *more* insufferable in this episode. Halfway through it, was hoping Ziva would shoot ME, so I wouldn't have endure this episode any longer. I could kinda-sorta make an excuse for her whining about Gibbs not trying to find her in last week's episode. They were both went through a tough ordeal that almost got both of them killed. So maybe that's what she felt in the heat of the moment. But in this episode, she kept going on and on about being "abandoned" somehow by Gibbs. Get over yourself! She was declared dead in a foreign country.
  14. Oh, I really hope Angel of Blonde Death doesn't re-appear again. It's bad enough seeing Pride have these bad dreams/hallucinations. And I know they wrote this plot to get Pride back in the field and leading the team once again. I get that part. I mean, his character was extremely awkward in that administrative position that he previously worked. But really, considering all that he's been through (and still suffers from), shouldn't he be working a desk job for awhile? At least until he seeks out therapy and/or finally resolves his lack of sleeping and his nightmare issues. I just
  15. I had wondered if others had felt annoyed by a lot of what happened in this episode. Glad I wasn't the only one. I am a Ziva neutralist. I liked her sometimes, and I didn't like her at times. Towards the end of her stay though, her character did get a bit annoying to me (kinda like Abby as well). She seemed to get more and more self-absorbed. And this, "You abandoned me!" stuff was pretty rich. She chose to leave. She chose to stay off the grid (and apparently not even tell Tony). She chose to leave little hints for Bishop and not any of the team she worked with before. Ugh.
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