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  1. brgjoe

    Alaskan Bush People

    I see a new season is being promo'ed by Discovery. Think they said it begins sometime in March. Yay(?)
  2. brgjoe

    NCIS: New Orleans

    Wow. Just wow. Just when you think Les and his cronies couldn't be more sleezy, this sort of stuff comes out. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but it still amazes me just how slimy Les is. I knew it sounded weird the way she was let go. Something about her character had been "compromised". Well, duh. She was just reading the lines she was given. Certainly wasn't her fault. It just didn't add up. I felt there had to be more to this story. But I didn't think it would be *this* bad. If true, I hope Zoe sues and wins a considerable sum of $$ from CBS. And for the record, I found her very attractive and a good actress as well. Which the latter should be the most important trait.
  3. brgjoe

    Bull in the Media

    I do like the show. But mostly for the supporting cast who I think they are quite good. So I would hate for them if the show would be cancelled just because of Michael Weatherly's a-hole behavior. But you might be right -- could be the folks at CBS are hoping to ride this thing out in the meantime. Not a good luck considering what happened earlier at the company with Les Moonves.
  4. brgjoe

    Bull in the Media

    I've admired MW's talents since his Dark Angel days in the early 2000's. I have liked his roles in both NCIS and now Bull. You always hope that someone you like is also a good person on and off the set. Well...sure doesn't appear to be the case in Weatherly's case. I hate it when someone you have admired in the past turns out to be a creep. I admire Dusku's courage in not taking this crap and coming out publicly with this. I didn't know much about her before she was on Bull. Other than I liked the character she played. But I am glad she went public with it. Nobody should take that crap in any workplace (or anyplace else for that matter). And shame on Michael Weatherly for acting like an entitled frat boy. (with apologies to most frat boys)
  5. brgjoe

    S05. E10. Tick Tock

    Finally got around to watching this one. Ugh. First of all, I wish they would get rid of that "Angel of Death" or whatever she is supposed to be. If I wanted to see this sort of paranormal stuff, I'd tune into some of the various ghost shows permeating cable TV at the present time. Please let this episode be her last appearance. <fingers crossed> And yeah, I'm tired of seeing Pride get his butt kicked all the time. Just as the last couple of seasons I am tired of seeing Pride not following proper procedure and constantly being investigated all the time too. Can't we just have a regular NCIS show where they try to solve regular-type cases most of the time? I am also confused about the ending. Who the heck was in charge of all that mayhem? Was it Evil Russian Assassin Lady? Or Angel of Death Lady? Or was this all just a dream? (I hope, I hope, I HOPE!) Easily one of my least favorite episodes of this show.
  6. brgjoe


    Yeah, always enjoy seeing Mark and Digger. They seem to always be having a blast doing this show. And you're right about Tim and his journey to Alaska. It was fun watching, but it was totally contrived and scripted.
  7. brgjoe

    S12.E10: The VCR Illumination

    This was one of my favorite ones of the season. Very well done for the most part. And I like they are getting back on the theory, rather than giving up because someone gave up on it in the 1970's. And I thought the football footage would come into play later. Except I thought Sheldon would be watching the game and make some discovery in relation to his theory by watching it. Like how maybe the players were lining up in specified formations. Or how the ball spirals through the air when thrown across the field. But I like the way it turned out. Though I highly doubt if they would have had cameras in the locker rooms back then -- even now it seems a bit creepy. ;) The Howard stuff was hit or miss, but I enjoyed the last scene with that one as well.
  8. brgjoe

    S03. E09. Separation

    I liked this one too. And it was kinda nice how both cases tied into one another at the end. Still, don't know why Bull didn't tell Dani what he was going to do. And in the courtroom, when the lawyer (and later the judge) was trying to get her to say Gabriel knew he was doing something illegal, I was yelling at my screen, "Just say this man gave every red cent he had to a lawyer who he assumed WOULD get everything taken care of so he could seek asylum in the US!" Wonder if we'll ever hear about Gabriel again now that he's in Germany.
  9. brgjoe

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    Trevor's grandmother is an international treasure. She was awesome! And it was very nice seeing where Trevor grew up. I enjoyed about every minute of that episode tonight.
  10. brgjoe

    Alaska: The Last Frontier

    Yeah, I thought that Atz Sr. floating barge idea was one of the dumber things I've seen on that show. Atz Lee; Hey dad, I am going to build a cabin out in the middle of nowhere...just because! Atz Sr: Hold my beer... I mean, that's the sort of stunt you would see those nimrods from Alaskan Bush People doing. They must be running out of ideas now.
  11. brgjoe

    Alaskan Bush People

    Grandbabies! Grandbabies galore! It has begun. (sigh)
  12. brgjoe

    S16. E07. A Thousand Words

    Yeah, have to agree with the majority here. This episode was a jumbled mess. I initially did like the out of the box thinking on the door itself being the target, not the credit union/bank itself. And I did laugh when Gibbs was taking pictures of that painting with his flip phone. But other than that, I didn't really like most of that episode. Goat yoga? Is that even a thing? That should have been worth a head-slap to Torres in itself. And I bet you most anything that Bishop's (Bish's?) painting skills will totally be forgotten about for the rest of the season. And that ending was weird too. As someone else mentioned, I wondered if they had an entirely different writing staff for this episode. Was it a vacation day or something for the regular writers? It almost seemed like each character was saying the other character's lines for much of the show. Or just random lines for that matter.
  13. brgjoe

    S04.E05: Parasite Lost

    Ugh. I wish this arc would be over soon. This show sledgehammers it's political views into most every episode. Now it's pretty much like a jackhammer -- over and over and over again. Enough already. We get it! Anyway, most everything has been covered already that I wanted to talk about. I will just mention a couple of other issues. Can't J'onn turn himself invisible? You'd think it would make it a lot easier to sneak around undetected. And why would the aliens decide NOW would be a good time to come out? You just had the world discover that our President was an alien. And you have anti-alien fevor at (most likely) at an all time high. And now you have some dude walking around turning aliens into lifeless husks. Gee, what a great time to come out of the closet. ;) One other thing that wasn't explained (or at least I missed it -- always very possible). How the heck did that mother get the amulet from Mr. Healer Alien in the first place? Was that ever explained at all? Just wish this Agent Liberty stuff would be over and done with soon.
  14. brgjoe

    S03. E07. A Girl Without Feelings.

    Same. I was surprised they didn't show any jury selecting process taking place at all. It seemed more like a Matlock episode than what we've seen from Bull episodes tot his point. And once again, I figured the friend was the perp. Especially in his initial testimony where it really didn't help Bull's cause much. Seems like anyone who messes up their testimony on the stand is the one who is actually guilty this season. Underwhelming episode which had the potential to be much more than that.
  15. brgjoe

    Alaskan Bush People

    It could be that Bear's lack of scenes is because he injured his eye while apparently climbing an (EXTREME!) tree. But I don't know if that happened before or after they filmed those scenes for this "season". I always thought Bam was the most normal of the bunch. I think he is getting tired of doing this show though. He really looked irritated much of the time. But then again, if I were stuck around a lot of those numbskulls, I probably would be too. Hope Matt does get the help he needs. But getting away from Billy and his cult would probably work wonders for his mental health.