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S16.E05: Benedict Cumberbatch, Timothy Spall, Miranda Hart, Maroon 5

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Together on Graham's sofa: Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch, starring as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game; Timothy Spall, in new film Mr Turner; comedy favourite Miranda Hart; and musical guests Maroon 5, who perform Animals.


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It's on YouTube (all movie clips removed). It seems that Benedict is determined to remain publicly humble.  And he's game for pretty much anything.  I think BC took most of the time, although Graham did include Miranda and Timothy in the fun.


I've only seen Miranda on GN but she is always a delightful guest.  She does seem to have glammed up a bit from her previous appearance with Jack Whitehall and Adele.


Timothy Spall is a tremendously strange-looking man but he seems quite nice.  I would have liked to hear a lot more about his leukemia diagnosis.  Also, when he first said "profundity" I totally heard "profanity" and was waiting for a rather different punchline.


I do have to say that, however much one might dislike Russell Crowe for various reasons, I can't help but think he's making the right choice in refusing to ever have a waxwork made of him.  I sort of wish BC had done the same.  It's accuracy only makes it creepier.


Oh, and I'm totes loving BC's current hairdo.

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Somebody on another site refers to him as Benadryl Pumpkinpatch, and now that's all my mind can muster.

For me, since his real name is already so ridiculous, it's kind of just gilding the lily to bother to try and change it to something even more ridiculous.

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Good show because of good guests, though I have to admit that I couldn't always understand what they were saying, particularly Spall. Both his and Cumberbatch's movies look interesting and wonderful.


Love the photo-bombing. Oh, and how funny the way he was pronouncing 'penguins' in that documentary. 


Some wax figures look so weird, but BC's was very well done.


I love Miranda on Call The Midwife. She's probably my favorite character, though I love them all.

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So glad that Benedict brought up the appalling way the British government treated Alan Turing. It was only this past year that the Queen pardoned Turing. Also, there is no place in the UK that acknowledges that Turing was gay. The only place where this is noted in in my hometown Chicago on a plaque in our gayborhood. http://www.legacyprojectchicago.org/Streetscape_Plan.html



Oh and Miranda Hart is so talented and stunning. I'm loving her new look.

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Some wax figures look so weird, but BC's was very well done.

When Madame Tussaud's gets it right, they're really right. But when they get it wrong, it's really wrong. BC's was really right, though I totally understand why it creeped him out a bit.


I wish Miranda had mentioned the movie she's in. I had to go to IMDB: it's Paul Feig's movie Spy. A really good cast.


I had to laugh when she said she was often called "sir," because on Friday I was also called that while waiting to buy coffee beans. I'm six feet and was wearing a shapeless fleece top, so I couldn't thrust my breasts into the guy's face and say "These are real!" Hee. She can't be on TGNS enough for me.

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I thought both Miranda and BC looked especially well put-together on this program and you can certainly tell it was an English show by the way Maroon 5 was simply an afterthought.


It was bittersweet for me to hear that Hart is currently producing one (two?) more episodes of her program but that it will serve as the series finale.  I've seen every episode over and over and each one gives me something to cringe at, something to replay and something to send me into gales of laughter.  It's what I call delightful.

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Love the photo-bombing. Oh, and how funny the way he was pronouncing 'penguins' in that documentary.


And of course, the punchline that he was going to be in The Penguins of Madagascar just made it all the more hilarious.


I adore Miranda Hart - she is just about the perfect guest on this show.  Graham just can't go wrong with her on the couch.  And given  that JMW Turner is one of my very favorite artists, it was fascinating to hear Timothy Spall talk about the artistic process he'd had to develop for the film.

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And, there's a clip of Penguins of Madagascar where he does, indeed, mis-pronounce the word again.  Too funny though I imagine for someone who is so careful about details and his work, it really must be a horror for him - but, funny for us.  

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