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  1. Ltg.jon

    S01.E02: Birds of a Feather

    I think it depends on how soon the pandemics started — I have to believe that an extinction-level event would cause such massive social disruption that very few people's lives would be unchanged.
  2. Ltg.jon

    S01.E02: Birds of a Feather

    But that would mean Nadia/Baldwin are at least 39 years old.
  3. Ltg.jon

    S01.E03: The Lost Art of Diplomacy

    This show makes my brain race so much. If there's only one place to cross, how did Baldwin get to our world, in such a way that the security forces on our side weren't aware? They seem to keep a pretty tight rein on people who cross over, so even if she had a visa and came over, Quayle should have been aware that she escaped her escorts whose job was presumably to keep her from learning too much. And if there was a near extinction-level pandemic on the other side, why does their Berlin have so many more newer buildings in it? Also, Baldwin/Nadia are in their 20s, right? If so, that means them being on the subway platform at age 10 was at least a decade after the split between the two universes -- so why were there lives still identical to that point? I mean, on Baldwin's side, the pandemic had to have already started. (If the pandemic is what triggered massive research into bio-science, and that research resulted in our AIDS drugs, that research has to have been underway by 1995 at least.) I'm optimistic that the show will eventually explain enough of the history that this will all make sense, and terrified that it won't.
  4. Ltg.jon

    S01.E08: Space Race

    In addition to Katherine Harris, Frances Marion Northcutt (also known as Poppy) was an engineer working in Mission Control from Apollo 8 to Apollo 13. She wrote the code used for landings. She was in Florida for the launch of Apollo 13, but got dragged back to Mission Control after the accident, because nobody was more familiar with the software for emergency landings. (She later left engineering behind and became a lawyer.)
  5. Ltg.jon

    S03.E04: A Blade Of Grass

    Eva Green is so remarkable. I think that's really all I can say right now.
  6. Ltg.jon

    Almost Royal

    I feel like they've made Georgie much less secretly gay than in the previous season.
  7. Ltg.jon

    Almost Royal

    " Can I catch a disease from this? Because I've heard of gator AIDS." I continue to love this show -- particularly because it's not mean-spirited. To the extent they're mocking anyone, it's their own characters. The people they interact with are just shown as nothing but kind and patient.
  8. Ltg.jon

    S01.E01: Pilot Part 1

    The name drop of Per Degaton made me wish he was the main villain. It just seems odd to have a group of time travelers fighting a guy who's going through time in a purely linear way. Like, a lot of the times they meet Savage, it'll be the first time he's met them, from his point of view. Unless a future version of Savage steals a time machine and starts chasing them.
  9. Ltg.jon

    Season 3 Discussion

    Academy Award nominee June Squibb! The wealth of acting talent on this show is mind-boggling.
  10. Ltg.jon

    S01.E02: Stronger Together

    Guys, guys... Perd Hapley is a newscaster in National City. Does this mean Parks & Rec is part of the DC Television Universe? The implications are mind blowing.
  11. Ltg.jon

    Blunt Talk

    I just finished the 10th episode. The show definitely grew on me over time, even though I really don't understand the motivations of any of the characters. I do wish they had ended with Walter still missing, instead of wrapping it up. But that would have required supreme confidence that they were getting a second season.
  12. Ltg.jon

    S02.E05: Rise Of The Villains: Scarification

    I would assume that Barbara stopped paying the rent or the mortgage once she went to Arkham, so someone else has moved in.
  13. Ltg.jon

    S05.E10: Reborn

    Anyone who wants to write television or movie SF should be required to take a basic astronomy class so they understand what a fucking galaxy is. If Earth is really the only inhabitable planet around any of the 100 BILLION stars in the Milky Way, how could it possibly be strategically important, given that it's 2 million light years from the next closest galaxy? They wasted so much of this season on pointless filler - they could have found time for a fuller, more logical explanation. I'm also really curious where this beach is. Tom crashed near there on the way back from the Moon, but easily made his way back to the 2nd Mass in North Carolina. And when they were in Norfolk, he was able to quickly pop over to the same beach to have a chat with his alien wife. And then he carried Anne's corpse from downtown DC back to the same beach. Did they keep using that location just so they could establish the Dorians as sea-dwellers? I just can't believe how utterly weak and pointless this entire last season was.
  14. Ltg.jon

    S05.E09: Reunion

    I just can't believe they haven't gotten to the fireworks factory!
  15. Ltg.jon

    EHG Mini: Haunted Bar Rescue

    Now I have to wonder whether Tara and/or Matt have ever seen " Mary, Queen of Shops," which was a British show fixing failing mom & pop clothing stores. Being British, it only had around 8 episodes, but they were awesome.