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S25.E08: HOH #3, Nominations #3

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I can’t help myself… I really like Matt. I felt sorry for him losing Reilly, and I truly didn’t care about her while she was in the house. But he liked her, and she helped him with his game, and… yea, poor guy. 

Hoping that the plan comes to fruition and we see Hisam on the block this week. Had he played his HoH a bit more humbly, this could have been an easy week for him. 

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Delusions on Display

Izzy hilariously proclaiming that she is running the game along with Cirie. Honey, you're nothing more than a coat-tail rider and would have no agency at all but for guessing the secret.

Felicia...can it with the chest-thumping, don't count me out, bravado. This was one of those crapshoot HOH....you just got lucky, and it has nothing to do with your prowess in the game.

The ultimate delusion is the Professors trying to delude us into thinking that they will actually vote out one of their number. Flash forward to the future, and we should hear someone....probably Cirie since she's this season's spokesman saying something to the effect. "It makes more sense to my game to keep Hisan around as a big target keeping the bullseye off my back."

Speaking of Cirie, her reason for not keeping Riley holds ZERO water. Trying to say it was because Cameron would gun for Hisam was ridiculous...are we to believe that Riley wouldn't be gunning for him as well if she stayed? What's the real reason, Cirie?

Mechelle speaks for the first time since the premiere and then promptly disappears for the rest of the episode. Man, I just want to see her or Red as HOH because we know nothing about them and what they would do.

Thank you, FF button, for allowing me to skip the snot pouring segment. I refuse to participate in this sophomoric foolishness.

Finally, Julie's head popping up in the middle of Blue/Jared's flirting segment was all kinds of weird, uncountable and intrusive.

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Izzy is running what? She's just along for ride. 

Felicia I get was excited but it's not like that was physical.  It was like miniput with an obstacle, children can win. The showboating was silly. Yay you won crap shoot mini golf. 

Felicia opening her mouth everytime she's slimed is stupid. Close your mouth. That segment was too long we didn't need to see so many. 

These fools want to take out their own alliance member so early. Because that always works well. They gonna do the other side of the house work for them. 




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1 hour ago, mojoween said:

Anyone know what copyrighted thing Blue’s blurry left arm tattoo is?

I have no idea, but my question is, why was it only blurred some of the time? 

4 hours ago, Thalia said:


I would have preferred Snatch Game.

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Please spare me the crying over Reilly being voted out when you voted for her. I've been watching BB since the beginning and don't understand why everyone goes along with the HOH or even the majority. 

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9 hours ago, Artsda said:

Felicia I get was excited but it's not like that was physical.  It was like miniput with an obstacle, children can win. The showboating was silly. Yay you won crap shoot mini golf. 

I'm personally excited since she's the second oldest houseguest, and oldest woman, to win an HOH. Even though it's a crapshoot, she still won and I think that's pretty neat. We don't often see the older houseguests win BECAUSE the comps are usually so physical. At least it wasn't just handed to her (looking at you, Labour Day with your broke-ass foot in 19). 

Plus, imagining Felicia's speech if she follows through with backdooring Hisam in her sugary sweet voice is gonna be even more fun and heartwrenching for Hisam than anyone else doing it. 

Oh look, there are other houseguests who finally get a DR. Maybe we'll see the- oh, never mind, they're gone again. See you in another six episodes!

Ah, yes, I see you, show. Because you lost the Matt/Reilly could-have-been showmance, you now are propping up a new one in its place in Jared/Blue! Because what this show needs is clearly more showmance segments.

I'd feel bad for Hisam for potentially being backdoored but then they show segments like his talk with Felicia, where he interrupted her after asking her a question and I'd be annoyed too.

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I really enjoy this show so much more when there's a real hiss-able villain that all the HouseHamsters can join forces against!  Thanks for being in the BB house, Hisam.  I hope to see your exit on Thursday! haha

Will Hisam actually get backdoored this week?  or, as noted above, will Felicia back out and decide to keep her "alliance-member" in?  Finally, something to look forward to this season!

I question whether Blue and Jared actually have a showmance.  I think Cirie would spot it and at least mention it (and as we all know, if Cerie mentions ANYTHING, the BB producers dutifully broadcast it to us!).

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I don't want Hisam to go so early! I need a contestant that I love to hate! I hope he wins veto so I can watch the house scramble while keeping him in their sites for next week. Otherwise, it's going to be more of Blue and Cirie's boy making googley eyes at each other from twin beds. I just need more game play to make this silly season watchable. If Hisam goes, I'm afraid it will become so boring with Cirie quietly running the game. 

I can't believe I can't wait for this show every year and when it finally gets here it's usually so disappointing. Not always, but usually. 

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What's with that giant roller in Blue's hair every time she's in the DR? Is that some kind of style choice or is she always trying to curl her bangs?

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1 hour ago, iMonrey said:

What's with that giant roller in Blue's hair every time she's in the DR? Is that some kind of style choice or is she always trying to curl her bangs?

If Blue’s wearing that big-ass roller in the House (which she does) AND in her DR sessions (which she does), then for what/when is she trying to prep her look?  Does it take an entire week’s worth of effort, just to train her bangs to behave on Thursday night?

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