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  1. Gregg247


    I think the way Spare works is this: When you need some cash, you contact Spare via cell phone app and tell them you want, say, $100. Spare tells you which location is nearest to you (participating retailers, like the local liquor store, convenience store, coffee shop, etc.). You go to that location, the person at the register confirms with Spare that you are approved for $100, and they give you the $100 from the register. Spare then later reimburses the store the $100 plus their share of the fee (1/3 of total, or $1). Spare is the clearing house between customer and retailer (who also hopes to get some of that $100 back from purchases you make in their store "as long as you're there"). I liked the ice cream sandwich company and the owners, and I think Barbara is the perfect partner for them. I did notice, though, that the sisters went into the tank estimating their company to be worth $4 million ($400,000 for 10% of the company). Barbara offered them $200,000 cash plus a $200,000 line of credit for 20%, (valuation of $800,000). That's a big difference! Barbara's valuation was exactly what Kevin estimated it was, too, just prior to his going out. It seems like Lori's been reluctant to invest recently. Her reason's often sound dubious, too ("It's a little early for me", "I'm not passionate about the product","I can't figure out how to sell this on QVC", etc.). Maybe she's too busy counting her money! I don't remember how much of Bantam's Bagels she owned, but selling the company for $34 million certainly feathered her nest pretty well!
  2. Gregg247

    S10.E05: We're Back & Divorced

    I've never been a Doug fan on this show, but I really liked his room this time. The purple and blue worked well for the basement area, and the entire room looking MUCH nicer than most basement "hang-out" areas. Very nice! It looked like the white area under the chair rail didn't go all the way around the room. Was there a reason for that? Also, you could tell in some of the shots that the basement walls were already in rough shape (looked like old concrete wall that had had their fair share of water damage over the years). The darker color on the walls probably helped mask this a bit. Hildi's room was, well, vintage Hildi. Less said, the better! lol
  3. Gregg247

    S06.E08: The Living Room: A 100% True Story

    When I was a kid in the 70s, I had some friends whose Mom had a living room that was Off-Limits to us all. She had all this old-looking, probably expensive, furniture in there as well as lots of bric-brac and knick-knacks (i.e.-seemingly useless stuff), and she kept the room in pristine condition at all times. I remember we would go over there and just lay on the floor in the hallway, looking in to this fancy room and wanting to run in there SO BADLY, just because we weren't supposed to! LOL FWIW, I think Erica is a very good singer (but her band storyline is getting old).
  4. I think before naming new hosts, we need to figure out the future of the show itself. In the early days, they seemed to legitimately be trying to find a "star" for TFN, someone who could host a successful show(s) for them. S2 gave them Guy Fieri. I thoroughly enjoyed having Bob and Susie as "the network", making decisions based on each chef's personality and perceived ability to translate a winning persona on-air. They did a lot of on-air tests, the "Dials of Doom" with focus groups, and meet-and-greets with the public as challenges. Also, you know, cooking challenges! In recent years, they seem to have given up on the "star" portion of the show. The "winner" gets no show of their own; they just start showing up on other reality shows as a judge. They probably make more money from this show as a typical "reality show" than they do as a contest to find the best, most telegenic chef. If they went back to the original version of the show, I'd appreciate a couple of network executives from TFN who judge the contestants on their merits, as future stars that can financially benefit the network. If they stick with the most recent incarnations of this show, then just pick any random TFN hosts and give it to them. It won't matter who it is because it won't matter who wins or loses; its all just a farce.
  5. Gregg247

    S06:E11 Handi Products

    ^^^^^LOL Yes, "stop the slip" is great advice for surgeons! I enjoyed this episode. the company had some interesting and useful products, they're a natural fit with Camping World, the company was profitable, and the people involved seemed nice. I hope it works out for them. TBH, I thought the professional marketing company's version of new packaging was only marginally better than what they eventually came up with. I was surprised they didn't keep the strip of diagonal yellow and black stripes on all the packaging; it tells customers right away that this product solves "emergency-type issues". That one dude really didn't want to have to travel more than 1 mile from his house to the office, did he? LOL I don't know how he managed to convince the boss to keep that second factory open just to accomodate him -- well, he WAS is sales, after all!
  6. Gregg247

    S23.E12: After the Final Rose

    Watching Cassie demonstrate sign language made me think of those videos where a scientist teaches a gorilla to "speak" using ASL. So I thought, "Oh, that's how Cassie learned this."
  7. Gregg247

    S06:E10 Smithlfly Designs

    I don't think the owner (who was very open to Marcus' help and advice) was going behind Marcus' back about the name change thing. After he and his assistant (I forget her name) showed Marcus the list of different names for the different categories (SmithCamp, SmithHike,SmithFly, etc. - very cool idea IMO) I think they were still working out the name of the overall company itself. They were merely asking the people they were pitching to if SmithFly would work as the overall company name, despite the use of the all the category names. That was my take, anyway. I don't do a lot of outdoor activities, but the products this guy came up with were really cool and I can see a big future for Smith***. Unlike the fashion industry, this business is a perfect fit for Marcus, due to his ownership of Camping World and Gander Outdoor. I'll bet this becomes one of Marcus' biggest wins.
  8. Gregg247

    S23.E12: After the Final Rose

    YAY! Hanna B! Hanna B! Hanna B! She's been my favorite since Night 1 this season, so I was really hoping she'd be the new Bachelorette. I normally don't watch The Bachelorette, but I definitely will this season. I didn't get a stalker-ish vibe from Colton at all; I thought he really fell for Cassie and was willing to make a fool of himself to win her over. Where was her Dad? I was hoping he would be the person to answer the door when Colton knocked. Did they send him back to CA alone? I'll bet that the producers pleaded with Cassie to stay on a couple of days and try to work things out. How much money do you think changed hands? "Cassie, all you have to do is DATE this guy for a while. That's not so bad, right? I mean, you do like the big lug. Just date him; that's all. We PROMISE!" Even so, Cassie was still so hesitant about everything that I wish someone would have asked her point-blank why she was even on this show in the first place. Also, why did she lie about her hesitancy when the other women in the house called her out on it multiple times? She's a big fake. I hope she doesn't appear on this show again. The round-table discussion with Chris' "friends" was a big waste of time. I'm guessing that the women there are all going to BIP. I found all 3 of them fairly coarse during the segment. Risque jokes are funny; these women were pretty blunt, and NOT funny.
  9. Gregg247

    S23.E11: Week 10: The Final Rose

    Poor Colton had to spend the night in the Fantasy Suite with a large group of ABC's lawyers, who helpfully reminded him that his "journey to find love" was bought and paid for, and he WOULD be completing the show, and he WOULD be participating in all "Bachelor"-related events and appearances. He may still be a virgin, but those attorneys reamed his butt so hard he probably couldn't sit down for a week!
  10. Gregg247

    S06:09 Feat Socks NYC

    These two guys were so arrogant that you could see their fall coming a mile away. They certainly have a natural talent for sales. Unfortunately, they believe that that natural talent is all they need, rather than it serving as a starting point for learning their trade and beginning a successful career. The one guy even said that he never bothered studying in school because it all came easy to him. Well, in the real world, that's just not enough. When at the beach trying to sell those sunglasses, he was actually doing well and getting some interest from passersby. However, his complete lack of knowledge of the product scuttled his chances. He did not learn his lesson that day, as he was ultimately undone by the same mistake while at Community. Speaking of Community, it sure seemed like everyone there was miserable (and this was before those jerks joined the staff). Did anyone there ever smile? Since Julie was "The Partner", why wasn't she in charge of Community, rather than have everyone "equally in charge/no one in charge"? There seems to be a big disparity in the sales of the 5 products that make up Community. The shoes and socks businesses were pretty successful, but the glasses and phone case companies are doing poorly. It seems like one of those people should "champion" one of these brands and really push them. Those jerks should have focused of this rather than on telling everyone else why they weren't as successful as they "should be". I think in 5 years (and after a lot of kicks to the groin by Life) these 2 guys will be ready to become successful in business.
  11. Gregg247

    S02.E16: Adverse Events

    I love the changes they're doing with Dr. Bell's character this season! Last year, he was a mustache-twirling cardboard villain. This season, he's an egotistical beaurocrat who, in the end, recognizes that he needs to do the right thing. That makes him a really interesting character to watch. Maybe he'll side with the "good guys" right away, maybe he won't. Nice. My other favorite character is Conrad's father, for the same reasons. I think he's a nicer guy than Dr. Bell (more humble, less flashy) but more ruthless in business. Again, will he side with the "good guys" or not? The Quovardis CEO is so evil and slimy that I can't wait for him to be taken down. The actor who plays him was also Sherlock's loathsome heroin pal, and I hated him there, too. This guy is a pretty good actor. I look forward to seeing him play some doofus dad on a sitcom; I'll bet he'd be good at that, too.
  12. Gregg247

    S23.E09: Week 9

    Cassie went to all the trouble of wearing a dress made out of chainmail for her "break up" session, yet her dress was so low-cut, it wasn't able to protect her heart! <snark!> I found that (long) break up to be very real, at least for Colton. He wasn't acting or playing a part; he really was devastated. He went through all the stages we go through when we get blind-sided like that. He tried to talk her out of it; he tried to reason with her; he used the nuclear option ("I love you"); finally, he started begging and pleading. Nobody ever plans to beg and plead for our girlfriend to stay with us; it just happens. Its amazing how quickly and easily it happens, too! Suddenly, these crazy words start pouring out of our mouths. We make promises we could never keep. Its incredible to listen to yourself just start babbling out things that have never even occurred to you before that very moment. It really sucks! LOL At that moment, Colton couldn't parse what Cassie was actually saying to him. The whole "I don't know" and "I'm so confused" nonsense is like handing a life preserver to a drowning man. He was desperate for something to cling to, even though, what she really meant was, "I'm just not that into you and want to leave." Poor guy--and on national television, too. Jumping the fence was awesome, He just wanted out of there and away from everyone for some true alone time; no cameras, microphones, or "helpful" producers in his ear, making plans and trying to coach him through. I have no idea how they're going to fill 6 (!) more hours of this show over tonight and next week, but I'm sure it won't be as dramatic as last night.
  13. Gregg247


    I've been watching Shark Tank since S1, and I must say that this was probably the worst episode they've ever done. The baked dog treats was ridiculous. As Lori said, it was a gimmick product that people would buy (once) as a gift for someone, and that was about it. I couldn't believe they got a deal. The Shower Toga lady had not one, not two, but THREE sob stories at the ready for when the sharks started to bail on her. She was a cancer survivor. Her family's home building business in Atlanta failed. Her job raising horses dried up. Plus, did she say that all four family members lived in the fifth wheel on the back of their truck, traveling around the country to participate in mud runs? That must be some tight quarters, especially with 2 adult children (thank goodness they can use the Shower Toga every night!) Goat yoga? I would have been Out before the introductions were finished. The curly hair thing may be an actual product, I thought it was funny how Robert, who knew nothing about the problem or the "solution" was the eventual investor. I really felt like I wasted an hour of my time tonight, and I've never felt that way about Shark Tank before.
  14. Gregg247

    S06:E07 Snowdays NYC

    This was a good episode to show how a person can have a great idea for a store, yet still fail in the execution. Marcus gave some really good advice this time. Having Mr. Green Tea take over the manufacturing of the shaved cream will make a massive difference to the bottom line, as well as to the owner's time and effort (he was traveling an hour and a half each way several times a week in order to make the shaved creme himself!). Leaning in to the Asian-inspired flavors will also help to increase business due to the branding identity as "that Asian dessert place". I know bringing in all those other Asian candies and sweets made a lot of sense, but, to be honest, the cartoon-y packaging of all that stuff is a real turn-off for me. It makes everything look as appetizing as cotton candy. Yuck! That stuff may be the best tasting sweets in the world, but it looked too kiddie for me. (Hey, I wonder if Sweet Pete's could start an Asian candy line?!?) When the employee was "quitting", it looked like both guys were about to crack up laughing. I don't know if it was because they were just really emotional and nervous (quitting your job on camera will do that to you) or if that conversation had happened earlier (when cameras weren't rolling) and they were asked to recreate the scene for the crew and for Marcus, who "just happened" to drop by right then. Either way, it seemed fake.
  15. Gregg247

    S23.E07: Week 7: Denver, Colorado

    I felt like Kirpa was pushing for that last group date rose hard, and thought the best way to get it would be to throw Cassie under the bus. Unfortunately for her, even if what she was saying was 100% true, it still didn't make Colton interested in her in the slightest. I was wondering why "Never Been Kissed" was still even on this show. There's no way she would take Colton home to meet her parents after a single kiss. I mean, there was absolutely NO chemistry there at all. When she self-evicted, you could tell that neither of them cared one way or the other. She was a weird egg. Caelyn sure has a filthy mouth when things aren't going her way! Talk about the façade dropping on that one! Hannah B(east) was my favorite, by far, this season. Sure, she may not have been there for the right reasons, but I really enjoyed her tenure on the show. If she were 20 years older...… 🙂