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  1. I love it when a well-crafted, intricate plan in BB completely implodes. For that reason, I'm kind of hoping that Whitney wins Veto on Wed., takes Brent down, and X is left with only his (many!) alliance members to choose from to nominate. Also, I fully plan to avoid the live feeds this week, as we're getting enough rain in Atlanta so I don't need to watch Britini's waterworks for another week!
  2. The history of Big Brother is littered with players who came into the house and started playing HARD from Day 1, creating multiple, overlapping alliances, ratting out said-alliances, trying to bully the "weaker" players, deciding who's a pawn and who's a true player, and going on massive power-trips, only to fall into fits of paranoia and confusion. The house inevitably turns on these "power players" and usually votes them out by Week 2 or 3. They burn brightly and then burn out. Frenchie is definitely one of "those guys". haha I'd love to see a version of Big Brother where a bunch of
  3. Frenchie is only 34??? Yikes! What's he growing on that farm of his? Plutonium?
  4. Master-strategist and "student-of-the-game" Frenchie sure was confident in his decisions early on, wasn't he? Did he really guarantee safety for 14 players? Did he really promise the women that "no woman will see the block this week" and then nominate Allyssa? Did he get caught red-handed by 5 houseguests while eavesdropping at a doorway? Hmmm. Maybe he has Big Brother confused with The Amazing Race (or The Bachelor!) LOL (I can get behind his plan of meatheads and showmances go first, but I think, in a practical sense, that would be very tough to do.)
  5. My only problem with the first episode is how rushed it was. They immediately ran outside and had their competitions, one after another. I like when everyone enters the house, picks out their beds, and sit around the sofas, introducing themselves. That gives us a chance to see who rubs people the wrong way as it happens! Let the dislike begin BEFORE the competitions start! haha
  6. I'm never a big fan of undercover stories in TV shows. It brings a level of suspense that goes beyond entertainment and into "uncomfortableness" for me. Plus, Officer Chen is such a kind hearted character; I don't think she'd be very good at this line of police work. I'd rather see her return to the fold and handle regular police cases each week. Nolan as a T.O. makes a lot of sense, both for him and for the title of the show. This way, we'll always have at least one rookie in "The Rookie" (much like how the title role of the resident changes constantly on "The Resident"). Nolan
  7. Yes, this episode wasn't as "funny" as you'd expect a sitcom to be, but I was riveted anyway. Watching the drama play out (the billiard balls was a really nice touch!) and kind of knowing where the plot was going had me on the edge of my seat. It was more involving than most dramas that I've seen on TV recently. I like all the characters on the show (glad to see the Reverend back this week!) so I feel bad for each of them. YS has been renewed for 3 more seasons, and I think the producers have probably roughly planned out the next 75 or so episodes. I think we'll get some really funny
  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode with all the alternate reality "what if's". They were all great. I wish they'd done one where Georgie was the genius, since grown-up Georgie will be played by the guy who travelled throughout the multi-verse for 4 seasons on "Sliders"! It was great to finally have Dr. Sturgis back with the rest of the cast. I've started to warm up to Team Meemaw/Dale, but now I think I'm back on Team Meemaw/Dr. Sturgis. Who would have guessed that the best romantic triangle on TV would involve all senior citizens?
  9. I was sorry (and surprised) that the EMT died on the operating table but, to be honest, it was kind of overdue. The doctors at Chastain Memorial do some of the most complicated surgeries ever devised, and without any preparation at all, week after week, and practically every patient survives and flourishes. They should definitely have a much higher death rate than they do. Having said that, you had a guy with a giant metal rod sticking out of his head, a girl who had all of her insides removed, scraped clean of tumors, and re-installed, and a woman who lost her leg in a tornado. Of tho
  10. I like Al's beliefs in children respecting their elders and helping around the house (things I was not good at as a lad!) but he did seem to go a little overboard with it, given that he's living in someone else's house. Also, I'm with Hazel; I would have NEVER eaten that spinach thing! haha What's the best way for Al to help this family "be better"? I don't know, but I like the fact that this show is demonstrating this difference in cultures and looking for "the best way" (or at least the middle ground) for raising a family with respect, duty, and love.
  11. The whole idea of a "Girl's Night Out" was to cheer up Brenda. Instead, Mary ended up being the center of attention (again). I know Mary tries, but she's obviously where Sheldon gets his selfishness. He definitely takes after his Momma. This was the first time I liked Billy. He's always been that dumb kid who's played for laughs. This episode, I really felt bad for him, and now I'm worried about what's going to happen to him. I like how the guys included him in the poker game; I'd like to see more of that. I think George could be a big help to him, too, if he kind of takes him unde
  12. Dr. Cain is such a good mustache-twirling villain and I really, REALLY want karma to bite him hard! It would be so satisfying to see him get what he so richly deserves. Please don't turn him into Dr. Bell 2.0! I kind of enjoyed Dr. Cain's partner-in-evil, the Asian CEO who was recently written off the show. I thought he had much more potential for being turned from "the enemy" to simply an antagonist, a guy who's not really bad, just a lot more bottom-line oriented than the rest of the characters on the show. I'm surprised that Mina is actually leaving the show on her own accord!
  13. Oscar seems a lot like the bad guy from the first episode of the new Hawaii-Five-O, played by Will Yun Lee. He started as a machinegun-wielding crazy drug dealer, got "softened" by having a family backstory, and ended up becoming a valuable asset to the team. I liked that character growth. Oscar has the same potential. I think when you stumble onto the right actor for a role, it gives the writers a lot more room to work their magic.
  14. I liked it. The show had some decent jokes (kind of a modern take on "Perfect Strangers") but also touched on some interesting real-life issues with vets returning home from war. I'll definitely watch it again, and I'm glad they moved the MUCH less watchable "B Positive" to make room for this show.
  15. I'm glad we're done with the Mirrorverse story, and we get to see Central City starting to rebuild. I also liked Abra Kadabra's return; he's a pretty good villain. It did seem weird that he "died a hero" just 2 minutes after he almost murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people but, hey, the Paragon of Love, and all that! I do like that Barry is back to seeing the good in people as his default setting rather than the cynical, dour hero he's been in recent seasons. Why does Barry continually run up to the villain of the week, stop, and start bragging about how easy they were to ca
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