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  1. That was a great episode; incredibly well-written and acted by everyone. It was really sad, and I don't know how a new viewer who just stumbled onto this show tonight would react, but I was very moved by the emotion of it all. The actor who plays Conrad (I still call him "Cary" from his "The Good Wife" days) hit it out of the park. He was riveting. We've had quite a turnover in actors on this show over the last few months. First Mina, then Dr. Cain, and now Nic. This is one of the best shows on TV; I hope they can keep their momentum with all the new characters they're introducing.
  2. Gregg247

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Character: "I don't know. Maybe we're trapped in an episode of 'Lost' or something." Me: "You should be so lucky!" I enjoy sci-fi shows with weird premises and oddball scenarios, so I was really looking forward to "La Brea". The first few minutes were really exciting! Unfortunately, about halfway through, it dawned on me that the writers had created only one single character in this show, and that character was being played by all the actors. Every single person in this show is written exactly the same: independent, brash, take-charge, over-educated, opinionated, convinced t
  3. I never understand why police shows always have to do these big super-criminal stories. I much prefer just seeing the cast solve regular crimes and meeting interesting people. This show in particular is so good at doing light-hearted episodes, too, which have been some of the best ones they've done. Let's get back to showing the daily routine of LAPD officers. Anyone else find it ironic that Nolan was announced to now be a full-time cop, after having that 3 month addition to his rookie status due to going rogue, just as he, his boss, and all of his co-workers were about to go rogue? G
  4. "Well, I don't really know how to make even one thing. But the lady I hired does, so give me $1 million dollars for that! Oh, just $50,000? Okay, close enough! SOLD!"
  5. The Cookout alliance really changed the game. Instead of having 1 deserving contestant and 2 floaters in the final 3, we have..... 1 deserving contestant and 2 floaters in the final 3. LOL I guess some things in the Big Brother house are totally consistent! We now have 3 contestants who are claiming to be the founder of the Cookout (plus, Kyland probably thinks he was the instigator of the entire plan as well). Unfortunately for X and DereF, Tiffany has already told the jury that SHE'S the master strategist. We'll see how the jury reacts if/when X and DereF make that claim in their su
  6. When Devon was looking for his blind patient at the end, I thought he was going to walk into a room and stumble onto a bunch of unconscious people (patients and staff). Where did all the other people who work on that floor go? The entire hospital is always packed with people, but in this one area where you go to get casts, there's no one around. If Kit thinks she's saved the hospital a lot of money from that ransomware thing, wait until the blind patient sues them for $10 million for practically killing him!
  7. I enjoyed the show. So far, the version of Joe I like the least is the nurse; he's so wimpy and beat down by life that I can see why his wife is getting fed up with him. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out she's been looking elsewhere for a replacement already. This is the only version (so far) where his admitted indecisiveness seems to be a problem for him. The cop version seems like a guy who'd be cool to hang out with. (I guess this means the lead is a really good actor!) haha
  8. If X, DereF, and Azah are the Final 3, and X wins part 1, I can promise you that Part 2 between DereF and Azah will take a LOOOONNNNGGGG time to complete. (Unless it's an endurance challenge, in which case it'll be over before Julie can turn to the audience and say, "When we come back, we'll - oh, they're done! Derek, what happened?")
  9. I think DereX deserves AFP simply because he was stuck in the jury house alone with Britini for an entire week, and then with Britini and SB for a week after that. That man is either deaf or has the self-control of a Legend!
  10. I liked this episode. The family were very nice but they seemed paralyzed by the terrible financial situation they'd gotten themselves into. It really was a tough problem to work out. Marcus' plan was probably the best way to extricate the family from this without going bankrupt. If the business had an enterprise value of $8-$10 million, then they were probably able to swap that $2.8 million debt into 28%-30% equity if they were lucky (35%-40% if they weren't so lucky). Marcus got 25%, so the family probably retained 35%-49% equity for themselves. Plus, they now have the working capi
  11. I found James to be utterly exhausting. His fake smile and giggles as he once again tells Marcus that he just wasn't able to complete the task at hand got on my nerves. How can this guy think he's ready to go national with his one product that he doesn't even know how to make (or has any interest in making himself)? I've worked with guys like this in the past; big talkers with giant dreams who never seem to go anywhere because every single opportunity they get is torpedoed by their lack of follow-through. Marcus has walked away from better businesses than this.
  12. I love it when a well-crafted, intricate plan in BB completely implodes. For that reason, I'm kind of hoping that Whitney wins Veto on Wed., takes Brent down, and X is left with only his (many!) alliance members to choose from to nominate. Also, I fully plan to avoid the live feeds this week, as we're getting enough rain in Atlanta so I don't need to watch Britini's waterworks for another week!
  13. The history of Big Brother is littered with players who came into the house and started playing HARD from Day 1, creating multiple, overlapping alliances, ratting out said-alliances, trying to bully the "weaker" players, deciding who's a pawn and who's a true player, and going on massive power-trips, only to fall into fits of paranoia and confusion. The house inevitably turns on these "power players" and usually votes them out by Week 2 or 3. They burn brightly and then burn out. Frenchie is definitely one of "those guys". haha I'd love to see a version of Big Brother where a bunch of
  14. Frenchie is only 34??? Yikes! What's he growing on that farm of his? Plutonium?
  15. Master-strategist and "student-of-the-game" Frenchie sure was confident in his decisions early on, wasn't he? Did he really guarantee safety for 14 players? Did he really promise the women that "no woman will see the block this week" and then nominate Allyssa? Did he get caught red-handed by 5 houseguests while eavesdropping at a doorway? Hmmm. Maybe he has Big Brother confused with The Amazing Race (or The Bachelor!) LOL (I can get behind his plan of meatheads and showmances go first, but I think, in a practical sense, that would be very tough to do.)
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