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  1. That twunt is a master of deflection and blatantly ignoring direct questions. I also got the feeling that her husband and daughter were off-limits. Katie Couric was surprisingly good.
  2. Continuing to watch on broadcast, and I actually liked this one. Good to see Michele Yeoh again. I knew something was off with Lorca, but I just figured they were going to go the PTSD route. Was that supposed to be a star that was powering the Emperor's ship?? Weird design regardless.
  3. Kellyanne Conway? Really? No matter what angle Bill takes, she's still going to be a smug twat because Trump did win 4 years ago. I see some fast-forwarding in my near future.
  4. This was simply below average all the way around. As others have said, Marco isn't very compelling. Surviving in a vacuum for a brief period is possible, especially since she exhaled. Exposure to cosmic radiation, however, is another issue entirely.
  5. It was enough; for me it was too much Daddy Issues. Most everyone knew Earl was a prick. The letter his ex-girlfriend read was one of the coldest things I have ever heard. They sure aren't pulling any punches.
  6. I'll keep watching for now, but Holly Hunter's denture noises, Bobby's cliched character, and shoehorning in Rachel Dratch may get old real quick.
  7. Maybe. I think the point was that just enough of the original core programming survived and it will start over, but it will take awhile.
  8. Underwhelming and a bit depressing, but I expected it for the end of the second act in a three-act play. Just like The Empire Strikes Back.
  9. Sorry, disagree. He's another for the "Hall of Good". In 19 seasons - Only 2,349 hits and a lifetime .276 hitter Only 5 All-Star appearances and 3 Gold Gloves He'll probably get in under the veteran's committee or whatever, just like Harold Baines. They'll use the words "intangibles" and "good teammate". Back to Die Hard in Paradise, I enjoyed the episode and liked the slightly different take on the concept.
  10. This was pretty much the episode I've been waiting for. For such a hardcore Belter, Marco sure doesn't have the haircut or the tattoos for it. He's more Inner than he wants to admit. Bobbi and Alex can go chase Freddie Lounds and Special Agent Peter Burke for the rest of the season, thank you. Not even a quick reaction shot from Drummer? Pretty sure it doesn't matter who's playing Chrisjen's husband now "The Speech" being shown on Fred's floating comm screen was a punch in the gut.
  11. The show is still keeping my interest, but they are running out of familiar tropes.
  12. Ben is a spineless dick. I thought they put NEXT in a Faraday cage, but I guess not.
  13. This will cover Eps 2 and 3 - I am loving this season so far. The brief nudity was tastefully done, but still unnecessary. I like Drummer's crew. Was Alex always such a dick? Bobbi still has a stick up her ass Tim DeKay - great casting Bull is a nice foil for Fred, although I pictured him bigger. The Three Amigos have a nice rapport so far. Nice to hear a mention of Dawes, but I don't think Jared Harris is coming back. Maybe a video call? 🤔
  14. Was hoping the the rocks would hit earlier than the end of Episode 3, because the rest of the story(ies) may be rushed. We'll see. Loving Season 5 so far.
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