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  1. Thought for sure Emily was lying and was just going to take off.
  2. So nobody watched the latest episode? You didn't miss anything.
  3. Finished Season One. Liked it. Townsend Coleman, the voice of the Tick in the cartoon, is the voice of Midnight the dog.
  4. "I just farted." That was funny, in context.
  5. He's always been the weird doctor in the Pacific Rim movies for me.
  6. I haven't seen Fosse/Verdon, but nothing Michelle Williams has ever done has made me go "wow", even in her four Oscar-nominated roles.
  7. What a cheap-ass crossover. Were Caan and O'Laughlin too busy?
  8. Been a fan since the original comics, and loved the animated series. The first live action version with Warburton was abysmal. Too childish. So far, this is a bit better. I was worried they were going the "imaginary" route.
  9. Not bad, cliches and all. I liked Bex's character. No way in hell would anyone let a cop foster a kid whose father he killed. Not happening. I'll give it a few more.
  10. Bye, Roger. Bummer. I know Pullman is a militant agnostic, but the whole Dust business makes him sound like a closet Scientologist.
  11. I thought the voice of Iorek was Hugo Weaving.
  12. And they were all painted with the stolen Mars stealth paint . . .
  13. It was a cheap cop out not to show the real Elliot. I did like Beat Cop Dom noticing his ID and saying "this looks nothing like you" or whatever.
  14. Finished, and I'm pretty happy, mostly because the show is back and apparently doing well regarding viewership. FWIW, Cibola Burn is one of the weakest novels and they did what they could with the source material.
  15. I would love Jay Hernandez to show up as Havelock in a deleted scene wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Tigers ballcap.
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