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  1. Tachi Rocinante

    Into The Badlands

    I don't mind the Bajie fight scenes because most of the "regular" fight scenes are unbelievable and defy physics anyway. (But still beautifully done.) Was that supposed to be Quinn? Or someone that looks like him?
  2. Tachi Rocinante

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    Magnum is right about the general stupidity of the famous quote. Simple math, folks.
  3. Tachi Rocinante


    Finished all 9 that Paramount would air. Not bad. The active shooter episode was only 35 minutes, so they chopped it pretty good. Liked the "Hellscape" bits. So much for Veronica being a borderline sociopath. Trying to find episode 10 without the fear of using some questionable sites.
  4. Tachi Rocinante


    Love the movie and appreciate the musical. I'm halfway through the 10 on my DVR, and I'm glad I stuck with it. I don't understand the faux outrage over the subject matter - it pulls no punches, just the like the movie did in the 80's Maybe it tries a bit too hard, but I can appreciate the effort. Lots of nice subtle twists (Heather C surviving, Betty Finn being a villain, Veronica being a borderline sociopath). The occasional ham-handed references to the movie (in visuals and dialogue) seem a bit forced though. I'll post again after I'm finished.
  5. So I guess Pizzolato spent time watching all 3 episodes of Paradise Lost and reading up on the West Memphis Three for ideas.
  6. Tachi Rocinante

    S02.E16: oMens

    He was decent on Third Watch.
  7. Tachi Rocinante

    Whiskey Cavalier

    Had it's moments. TV Chris Rock is all grown up. Could be good but the Moonlighting trope will probably ruin it. Also, Scott Foley is not a convincing action hero. However, I will still check out the next few episodes in the hopes of being wrong.
  8. Tachi Rocinante

    S01.E15: Hard Landing

    Except the West Wing was populated with some of the most unbelievable political characters on any Washington drama. It was Mayberry DC.
  9. Tachi Rocinante

    S44.E13: Don Cheadle / Gary Clark Jr.

    Loved "Sean" the cake. Disappointed in Gary Clark Jr. He's got decent chops, but has no stage presence whatsoever.
  10. Tachi Rocinante

    S06.E05: A Tale of Two Bandits

    Who keeps hiring Rob Riggle? He's the Danny McBride of TV. The man simply cannot act.
  11. As much as I respect Malcom and despise Kingston, that was bush league and beneath him. If Kingston had framed a comment "in NBA terms" Malcolm would have called him a racist.
  12. Tachi Rocinante

    S06.E04: Four Movements

    A perfect example of why you never make a one-note background character the focus of an entire episode. Especially one that's a narcissistic, self-unaware twatwaffle.
  13. Tachi Rocinante

    S06.E03: The Tattler

    Gina's leaving? Thank Christ. A true friend tells the truth. Horrible rationalization, even if she meant well. Chelsea Peretti is not funny and her character is a drag on the show.
  14. Tachi Rocinante

    Project Blue Book

    It's keeping my interest, except for the wife subplot. These are all based on real Blue Book cases - I'm waiting for Betty and Barney Hill to show up. From what I can remember, the real Hynek grew more and more frustrated with some of the Air Force brass, because as long as they had at least a semi-plausible explanation, that became the official opinion. I get the comparisons to the X-Files *cough* hello, Steven Williams *cough*. Last episode was good except for the crop circle bullshit. Ever since I saw a documentary on how easily and quickly people can make even the most intricate designs, I am convinced they are all fake.
  15. Tachi Rocinante

    The Curse Of Oak Island

    The stuff on the new rock looked like simple toolmarks to me.