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  1. Just started watching, and the thing I immediately noticed is that good ol' Mark has his face blurred out in pictures. (You can't miss the fivehead.) Interesting.
  2. Frank Parlato is now awaiting trial for fraud. Nice.
  3. After reading that article, it's more than obvious that the friendly filmmakers soft-pedalled a lot of stuff. Did they even mention that his wife left him?
  4. A few more thoughts: Why did this seem like an attempt to downplay Allison Mack's role? That whole montage in the flowers with tears rolling down was ridiculous. Not only that, but you can see in her earlier videos with Keith how vibrant and healthy she looked. The dockside meeting was very telling. Nippy gets it. (Just not about his name, I guess . . .) I like how the one woman misspelled Vanguard on her whiteboard as "Vangod".
  5. So he came up with the name "Vanguard" from the video game? Or was that a slight jab? Either way, that game sucked. I laughed out loud at the old commercial, though. Why they showed him playing Galaga, I have no idea . . . Frank looked real uncomfortable on camera.
  6. Lorne kept Armisen around for years and he was hardly ever funny, so I wouldn't hold my breath.
  7. Wow. Kate was simply awful. Van Halen custom guitar aside, Jack White is irritating at best. I would have preferred to hear the studio band.
  8. Except they really have changed their name and branding to WW to focus more on health and wellness instead of just weight. It was a hamfisted attempt to make light of it.
  9. This episode was a little better. Until the last scene. Jeez.
  10. "Aspergers? Yeahh, I don't have it. I'm just a dick." Liking Slattery so far.
  11. Did you not see Dani and her Smokey the Bear hat? Maybe Enzo can get one of those for his dome.
  12. Can we get a "yeah" counter for Cody as well? Meathead doesn't begin to describe this Cro-Mag. Aww, Dani's tears look delicious. She is the perfect illustration of self-unawareness.
  13. I like the approach - HBO Max did the same thing with Raised By Wolves (even though the ending was WTF). I tried really hard last year to ration the episodes but ended up binging it anyway; I agree that this will allow for better and timely discussion. If they do the book justice, this will be a landmark season.
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