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  1. This. Also, some of these people have been wet and dried multiple times, done physical activities, and are sleeping in the same clothes. They have to absolutely REEK by now. Especially the teens. I liked the quick finger-pointing scene that was kinda reminiscent of The Thing. They squashed it pretty quickly though.
  2. Yeah, the cartel brainiacs won't believe it was a bunch of dumbass kids and he'll get taken out. One can hope, anyway.
  3. Yeah, I think this one was shown out of order, especially after it was revealed his Dad is a gaping asshole.
  4. And crop-top band shirts! How is Donno any type of enforcer? A slow fat dude with a tiny knife? What bargain-basement cartel is this? He must be somebody's "special" cousin or something . . .
  5. One of the worst episodes in a very long time. I FF'd multiple times, and I've never done that with this show.
  6. Surprised they didn't keep one small bone for a bit of cash. Don't museums require that you donate stuff? Usually the only ones who pay are private entities. This show is growing on me. They need to explain the basement folk better, though.
  7. That's not very fair - to his credit, he's been talking about this specifically (and in more general terms) a lot longer than Malcolm and Hillary have. And I've only heard Malcom talk about it after he was a guest on the show.
  8. If I had to guess, I would say that the show is not going to go past a certain book or plot point. No way they wrap up multiple books in six episodes.
  9. Free on the livestream! Sat, Oct 9, 2021 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Main Stage 1D Hall Join the main leads: Wes Chatham and Steven Strait of the hit Amazon show; The Expanse as they reflect on the series and answer fan questions! To watch this panel live as it happens, tune into our free livestreams: nycc21.com/live
  10. Darn. Only the Main Stage, Empire Stage, and Room 405 are part of the free livestream.
  11. Some of it is, sure. Being in Syracuse/New York and the son of a 9/11 victim probably helped. Music history is riddled with performers who only had to spend a few years "paying their dues" before being discovered and finding success. Timing is everything. Oh, and Jenny? See you next Tuesday. X3.
  12. I was half-hoping Noah would show up in the morning and ask, "Are you my new Daddy?" and have Stabler sprint for the door. 😆
  13. Spot on regarding Morrison. The rest of the guys were the talented ones.
  14. To me, the emotional goodbye was hampered a bit by the fact that Din had to be goaded into going after Grogu, and he didn't urgently request/demand help at the end of Episode 14. (Paraphrasing follows) Din: The Child's gone. Boba: Until he is returned to you, we still owe you. [Nodding of heads] Din: Oh yeah, OK.
  15. Wow. So much schlock to unpack here. The sinkhole-opening CGI was OK, but apparently they blew their whole budget on that. Some of the closeups were 70s-TV bad. Also, shouldn't there be a lot of visible underground pipes and cabling and whatnot? Natalie Zea is not compelling as a lead. She never has been. Never seen him in anything else, but Eoin Macken (Dad) is not good. Jon Seda is an ex-SEAL and a doctor. That's convenient. Teen angst! A trunkful of heroin! Asshole cop! Shady government types! Name-checking Lost was funny. Hopefully these showrunner
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