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  1. There is an eerie parallel here to his skeevy character on The Strain, if true.
  2. For those of you that have the whole season recording, be sure to make sure the second hour is scheduled. I had to do it manually.
  3. What would be cool is if Wilford had a contingency and is secretly in his own smaller train following them. Unless all of his scenes are flashbacks, which would be kinda lame.
  4. She has a bit to go to outdo Amy Madigan's performance of the same character type in the just-finished season of Penny Dreadful. Also, I am loving Shea Whigham in this.
  5. Smoking does that. For the finale, not one surprise at all. A bit of a letdown, actually.
  6. Nice how Melanie's "W" was an "M" briefly again.
  7. Young Freddy looked like a young Ward to me.
  8. Wow. This show is actually keeping the quality going. Another strong episode.
  9. A decent first episode. I like that they are showing the 'barrier' for Christmasland.
  10. I still think the majority of drawers are reserved for the First Class asshats.
  11. It held my interest, but a few similarities to City Of Angels took me out of it. Also, trying to guess if someone is based on a real person or not could get tiresome.
  12. Gee, the ep title didn't give anything away, did it?
  13. At least Ashleigh Cummings will be a bit more believable for her character's age now. The focus on Millie could be interesting.
  14. OK, so I finally binged Season 3 over the course of a week or so. Since this is about something from David Lynch, my thoughts may scatter occasionally. (I read the vaulted discussions so I may be parroting other people. My apologies in advance.) 1. 4-5 hours of actual plot over the course of 18 hours does not a masterpiece make. Waaayy too much filler with extended shots of scenery, pregnant pauses, and nighttime driving. 2. Some scenes were absolutely brilliant, but they were few and far between. Too much filler with the occasional "goofy shit for the sake of goofy shit". 3. Of the roadhouse shows, only the NIN performance was tolerable. Eddie Vedder was awful. Someone should be sued for the "Lynch Remix" of American Woman. "Hey, we slowed it down! Aren't we clever??" 4. MacLachlan as dougiejones was good acting, but it became Forrest Gump on Valium after awhile. Miguel Ferrer and Laura Dern were excellent, and Robert Forster was perfect. 5. Fuck you, bubblegum-head tree. 6. Was hoping for cameos from Kiefer and/or Isaak. 7. The Mitchum Brothers deserve a spinoff, with Mullins as their goofy pal. 8. Too many now-dead cast members {sniffle} Lynch has always been polarizing. Personally, while I can appreciate the efforts he makes, I find myself not really liking most of his finished products as a whole. Pretentiousness disguised as artistic vision can be an insult to the audience.
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