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  1. "The docu from Oscar winners Andrea Nix Fine and Sean Fine gives a no-holds-barred, inside account of the U.S. Women’s national team’s ongoing fight for equal pay as told by Megan Rapinoe, Jessica McDonald, Becky Sauerbrunn, Kelley O’Hara, and Sam Mewis among others." Hmm. Someone needs to look up what "no-holds-barred" means. It usually doesn't mean only one side of the story. If this doesn't go into the finer details of the contracts and explain how, in some areas, their CBA is better than the men's team and how they kinda screwed themselves, it's a pointless exercise and just propaganda
  2. I don't think Booger Ball is quite dead yet.
  3. Of course, no happy ending in the finale. That was some Game Of Thrones-level downer bullshit right there. Olan Rogers can suck it.
  4. I'm confused about Clarice's Dad. Did he have a second job? In her memory, his gun belt changed to a meter-reading tool.
  5. Manchin is a DINO who would fellate Byrd's corpse on national television if he could.
  6. Kasich wasn't that bad, He just kept referring to his past efforts/successes, which didn't really add much to the discussion. Matthews appeared to be choosing his words more carefully than usual.
  7. The boat Captain saying "I'm not blind" was one of the best-delivered lines all season. Michaela is becoming real unlikeable. I guess Olive spent two episodes at the hair salon.
  8. I only read couple of pages and stopped due to a lot of "feeling really angry/betrayed" posts. I've said it before - Logan was a douchebag of the highest order and his redemption arc was blatant fanservice bullshit. He didn't deserve to get all blown up though. They would have been better off as exes who get along. So it was Penn all along. What happened to his girlfriend? And did he actually kill the kid in the tent? Did Dick not get any of his Dad's money? Unless he blew it all less than One Year Later. Hello, Madam President. She has a great voice for therapy.
  9. 7 episodes and 3 fairly explicit sex scenes = lazy writing. Since Leo hasn't seen The Big Lebowski, he didn't understand the White Russian reference in the movie. Her comment came across as a ham-handed invite to someone without that knowledge. (That being said, The Big Lebowski is one of the most overrated pieces of crap I've ever had to sit through.) Big Dick admonishing Clyde's dumb idea for a business is the smartest thing he has said all season, even if he did break his promise. I hope the bomber doesn't turn out to be Penn's girlfriend because she's the sister of the fr
  10. Another depressing episode. I really can't tell what they are going for this season, and next week is the Season Finale. Little Cato didn't appear to be too angry with the truth, but Ash has lost it. Again.
  11. Logan was definitely playing with Leo, but I also think he's the only one Logan is truly jealous of I think there are two bombers/killers Francis Capra is always good, but they are keeping Weevil too much in the grey. Pick a lane, or provide better exposition. I enjoy Clifton Collins' subtleness. He was great in Westworld. RE: Veronica and Keith - there was an episode in the original series where Veronica totally betrays his trust and they have a huge blowout, and the impression given is that their relationship would never be the same again. By the next episode, it was
  12. They had sex again. Great. If they do it in Episode 3, I'm out. Seriously. Love JK Simmons. It would've been cooler if they named his character Dillinger. I like Patton Oswalt, but his character is starting to grate. Way too much Dick. Are they struggling with B-plots that much? The main mystery is still interesting
  13. Finally got the DVDs and I'm unspoiled. Here we go: Could give two shits about the new version of the song - the original wasn't that great to begin with and the hokey James Bond-ish visuals are cheesy at best More bullshit Logan fanservice. They showed them banging. Are you shippers happy now? Jeebus. Veronica is devolving. Wow. Sensing some deep-seated regret/anger issues. Poor Keith. The story is interesting - I like the character of the hotel owner's daughter.
  14. It was commonplace for dentists and oral surgeons to write 14-20 day oxy scripts for teenagers who had their wisdom teeth pulled: Ouch
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