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Play It Again, Dick: web series spinoff

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I just watched the first episode. 7-10 minutes is not enough! I love Ryan Hansen so much, and his dynamic with Kristen Bell is hysterical. I hope they find the time to continue producing these things during their down time. 

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Seriously, this was awesome. What a way to brighten my morning.

I loved the parts about acknowledging Dick's darker side in the original series and the reference to bringing in a whole new audience: non- nerds!

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Hmm, it isn't working for me.. anyone know if it's region locked?


From a recent backer email:


For our international backers, unfortunately, the CW Seed is not available outside the US. Please know that we are doing everything we can to make the series accessible to all of you as well, and we hope to have an update on that front soon.


Anyway, this was fun! Looking forward to more. :)



ETA: From a backer email today:

AND… we’re very happy to announce that the show is also streaming in Canada on CTV Extend:


For the rest of our international backers - we are working very hard on options that will enable you to enjoy the series as well. We will update you on that front as soon as we can.

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Thanks for the reminder.  I've had a crazy busy last week and a half and forgot!!!  Going to watch it now....


ETA:  Holy Crap is Jason Dohring cut!! 

Ok, shallowness done.  I love Ryan and Jason's friendship and their chemistry on the screen.  I loved how Jason kept saying to redo the shots and then Ryan's reaction.  I also loved Chris Lowell's reaction to be asked to play Piz again.  And he was pantless!! 


Anyway, I love this little webseries and I love how this cast is SOOOOO supportive of each other and how they keep actively finding things to do together.  A lot of casts will say "this is the best cast I've worked with, we all get along" blah-blah-blah and it's normally just bullshit.  I truly feel the camaraderie and respect with everyone involved with Veronica Mars and it makes me so very happy!!

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I was getting a tad bored with the series, but the most recent episode was hilarious. I was angry with Jason Dohring dropping out at first, but Robert Buckley's stilted, robotic delivery of exposition made up for it. And the random cut to Wallace. Ha! I hope the rest of the episodes are like this.

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Ok, today's episode was the best so far. Cassidy being all "I told you, Dick. I jumped." was hilarious. I was really looking forward to that cameo, and now I realize it's been a while since I saw Kyle Gallner in anything. He has aged. Madison's actress was at her absolute best. She works better as comedy instead of high school alpha bitch. The best part of all was Keith eating the death sandwich, choking, and then taking another bite.

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"by the way, find me England on a map of Westeros" and "i wasn't performing oral sex in that decade" are two of the greatest lines ever uttered. also, Robert Buckley is rapidly becoming the greatest part of this show. i don't understand why he AND Ryan aren't more famous. 

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