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  1. Because that's the only logical reason for a woman you don't like sticking around longer than you expected? Fairly certain Moffat just thought the idea of Clara was amazing. And although she is quite unpopular here (I also didn't like her as a companion) there are many people who really did like her. I didn't mind this episode. I liked Bill but when we were first introduced to her and her back story about the chips I have to say I couldn't keep up with anything she was saying. She speaks so fast. All I heard was girl, something something, chips. I was hoping there was more to the 'star in the eye's story rather than just a mutation. Oh well. Also, do we have confirmation this is set in current time? There were some 80's vibes in the trailer and in the episode but I feel like that is wishful thinking and Bill is another current day British woman. I do like that she called him on the mind wipe. I'm not sure the others would have picked up on that after 1 adventure with the doctor.
  2. I got the impression that the stash wasn't his. I assumed it was the boyfriend's and that he's going to be pretty mad once he finds out. Hopefully Justin isn't around when that happens. Although what happens with the subpoena if he skips town? This was a hard episode to watch. With Hannah's dead eyes and Justin getting choked out to the beating Clay got. Probably the most graphic episode so far. I always wondered why Bryce wouldn't have a tape but I guess it was just that the others weren't telling him for whatever reason. Why do they feel the need to protect him from it all? Because he can bring them all down with him? I also didn't see why it was the end if Clay passed them on. The initial threat still stands. Bryce has the most to lose you'd think so I would expect him to pass them onto whoever is last. Did anyone else see Mr Porter circled on the sheet Hannah made? I wonder if he's our last tape and, if so, what he did.
  3. Yeah I get the feeling he's approaching them because he wants to know what they know as he's somehow involved. He's being too sketchy to just be concerned for them.
  4. I never considered that. I would say they lied to their parents about the same as me and my friends did. Maybe not about working on assignments with people though.. I assume the parents would have been fine if they just said "hey I'm going to x's house" but there were definitely things I didn't tell my parents I did. And the first time I got throwing up drunk I was 14 and it pretty much progressed from there. There were never any drugs at parties I went to and my friend group didn't do them the way these kids do but there were definitely kids that did.
  5. I wondered that too but my thoughts were that although what he did was terrible it wasn't something he did to Hannah. However it did effect her quite badly so who knows. Although I suppose, then, why make it about Justin... Hannah was just as bad as him really, she was right there in the room and did nothing.
  6. Poor Clay. Minnette really was great in the scene where he just breaks down and cries. I felt so sad for Clay having all that on his shoulders. There really was nothing more he could do in that moment, anyone would have left if told to get the fuck out. I wish she had just told him to stay. Does this mean the scene in the beginning where he apologises about the night before is after this night or after when he first saw her new hair? I'm a bit lost in the timeline. Have we even seen the day after the party other than Hannah going to Clay in tears about Jeff and him telling her to piss off. Could that really have been his next interaction with her? I can't believe he wouldn't at least ask what the hell happened the night before. Poor Jeff too. He was so lovely and just wanted nice things to happen to Clay. I also wonder if we'll ever find out the deal with Skye and Clay. Did their friendship break down over one misunderstanding?
  7. I was wondering this too? Wouldn't they have tested his blood to see if he was drunk? Did they really just assume he was because he had a case of beer?
  8. I also felt sad when I realised I hadn't noticed Jeff was missing through the present episodes. I also questioned who had died when they mentioned another student but his name never entered my mind. Poor nice Jeff. I wonder if Clay's parents didn't even know he had found Jeff at the scene? They do seem a bit clueless though. I was wondering where Jessica was going with showing Bryce the gun safe and getting him to hold it. I assume she's got some plan up her sleeve and will have to wait and see what it is.
  9. I still don't understand why she did nothing. Both her and Justin knew what was happening and both did nothing at the time or afterwards. How could they let him get away with that? How could they not tell her? I was hoping Clay would tell his Mum that the weed wasn't his and that she'd believe him and go back to the school and lawyer up on them. oh well.
  10. Me too.. but it seemed to be shrugged off. I was trying to think of whether it had been mentioned previously that 2 people were dead. I got the impression it was meant to be Alex but they had broken up before it
  11. I did feel a bit sorry for Zach. It seems like Hannah jumped to a lot of conclusions about a small amount of experience with people. So he did something stupid like steal the compliments... she knew he might be lonely like she was but didn't really consider he was scared of the things she'd written? I liked that we got to see that it was affecting him more than the others that he was more upset about Hannah than what it could mean for him. Still finding the show a bit slow but still keeping on.
  12. Poor Clay. Does anyone actually like him or are they all just using him? Now I don't know what to think about Sherrie. She was so lovely but is it just fake? Side note, she's beautiful! And another week of guys being not cool. "I thought you were easy" half the time I can't tell if Marcus is a nice guy or just a douche pretending to be nice like the rest of them. And what was the deal with the other guy coming back... I forget his name. I'm really enjoying Clay. He does always have a 'deer in the headlights' look about him though.
  13. I really thought Alex was done for when he went into the pool. And that would be the next flap of the butterfly wings. A lot of people have said they get a Veronica Mars vibe from this show which I'm not really seeing. Is Clay meant to be Veronica and Hannah is Lily? That being said, I get major Weevil vibes from Tony. Especially with the reveal at the end of this episode. He is the bad boy with a heart.
  14. After watching this I'm not really sure why Jessica is on the list. I assume we see more later but my impression of this one is that she doesn't really deserve to be. Sure, she hurt her by not telling her she was in a relationship with Alex but that just doesn't seem like a good enough reason for me. This is what I know him from too. I can't help noticing Jack-isms from him and thinking "wow, I see why they cast him as Jack's son back then!". I actually quite like him in this although he really needs to watch where he's going otherwise I imagine the show ends with him dead because he got hit by a car. The funny thing is, I've read this book, although it was years ago, and I barely remember any of it other than the overall premise.
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