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  1. I didn't like they way the broke up everyone's stories. Felt strange. This was not my favourite episode and really low key for a season finale. I did enjoy the last 5 minutes though. Finally, Max is only tolerable with Helen. I think Vijay was a big loss to this season. Iggy feels disjointed from the rest of the cast. I don't know if it was the music on this episode or my TV but the dialogue was really hard to hear. Sound mixing seemed off.
  2. Yep I worked at a company that had 1-10 and only 9 and 10 were postive, the rest were "detractors". So dumb, most people would think giving someone an 8 would be good. It is NOT. I always fill out surveys and give the highest score. This espisode gave me some bad flashbacks. I'm really loving Cheyenne the last few episodes, she's really starting to mature but she's still herself. I may be interested in her spinoff. Jonah needs to go, he hates his job and needs to move on, which if fine but he doesn't need to make the other people feel bad about what they do.
  3. I feel like the lawyer is going to be more of a catalyst to get Jonah to go to school and become a lawyer than a love interest. I like her though.
  4. Phil talked about this on Rob Has a Podcast. They want the contestants to feel like they are joining a bigger team, it ties in to the Unions. They are hoping that they will feel more of a connection to previous contestants. It was also funny because he was talking to 3 Survivor superfans and asking if anyone really remembers the tribe names from Survivor. He came back the 2nd episodes and said he got a really hard time for saying that, LOL, he was surprised anyone knew the tribe names. It was pretty funny.
  5. It was ok, agree with everyone that it was very Criminal Minds. I'll give it a few more episodes because pilots are often rough. I wish they had taken some artistic license and set it in current day. I think being set in 1993 is going to be a mistake for production. They changed around the actress, they could have gone an extra step and set it in the present. The actress is ok but that accent is out of control, I really hope they gradually phase out the accent. Love Michael Cudlitz though and I will keep watching for him.
  6. Seems like the dogs went through quite a bit of training prior to this and there were a lot of professionals around which was good to know. All these dogs seemed super chill, my dog doesn't even like car rides. Only watched the first episode but it seemed really cute and a great group of people and their pets.I'll definitely keep watching. Edit: I've watched more episodes and OMG Dixie is cute but never stops barking. LOL
  7. I really liked this. It wasn't quite as good at Hill House but I still really enjoyed it. I thought the cast was really good, evn the children were great. I can pretty much watch any haunted house story. The only thing I hated was the music/song at the end. Thought it was really out of place, didn't match the tone of the rest of the show.
  8. I really loved this series. It's not quite Queer Eye but I still loved it. I thought every couple had a great story and I really liked all the hosts.
  9. I love seafood and it was such a waste. It was all just piled on top of everything. It was so gross. I did like the voodoo theme though, I thought some of the costumes were cool. Where did that guy come from that was between Dorinda and Romona? That did make me laugh though, he looked like he wanted the floor to just open up and swallow him. It seemed like he was there with Dorinda but he's friends with Ramona, I couldn't figure out who anyone was, what a strange group of people.
  10. I really liked this season. They picked a really good group of people to give their Fab 5 treatment. I didn't think there were any episodes where they tried to push too far (Karamo). I love Bobby and as usually he does about 60% of the work and the other 4 devide up the the other 40%. I found the DJ Ryan episode a little off. I liked him but really felt like there was something else going on with him. Hope he stops tanning, he looks about 45, I couldn't believe it when he said he was only 37. It's aging him. Also really loved the young guy that used to be homeless. Bobby did a
  11. I finished this earlier. I can't decide if I liked it or not. I assume that the Meyer twist worked. I'm not going back to watch but did he have any Meyer memories that didn't involve The Wolf? or were all the other memories happen from the grandmothers perspective? When did the real Meyer die and when did Ruth get pregnant? I didn't really follow when he took over his identity? Also why did they take Joe? did they just take the first member of the group or did they specifically take Joe for some reason? Poor Joe. That last scene was crazy, maybe I should have expected it
  12. I honestly usually don't get too caught up on the winner as long as the episodes are good. The thought of Tony and Sarah taking over the show fills me with dread. I thought I would be looking forward to this season but the more I hear about it the more turned off I am. EofE, fire tokens, final four fire, another male winner. Survivor may have finally driven me away.
  13. Clare

    1917 (2019)

    Yes my theatre was packed too. I loved this movie. I don't always like war movies, I often find it hard to tell who is doing what etc. This was a fairly simple story but the directing totally sucked you in. I was constantly watching the edge of the screen wondering who was going pop onto the screen. The scene close to the end with the singing in the woods had me tearing up. All I could think about was those poor kids.
  14. So was that the last time we see Todd? Will he be already gone by the next episode. The way they faded out on him watching Paul made me think we won't be seeing him again. I wonder where they are going with Lori? Here story is a little all over the place. I'm curious about her watching the music but they also hinted that she may get into repping women or was that just she needs to get out. I love David Morse and that story just broke mt heart. Real life me wishes he had given her the option of meeting him somewhere but the way they filmed her listening to him through the door
  15. I thought the same thing. They have done such a good job getting just this great group of guys who all have chemistry with each other. It doesn't matter which two you have they all have such nice energy. They are all so non-judgemental which I think is the most important part of this show. Much more then their "speciality". They all invite people to open up. I always watch the seasons so fast. I already want more.
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