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  1. gpgurl50

    Does Making It Work?

    I liked Trial & Error Season 1 more than the current season thus far. I think the quirk started at an 11 this season. Last season was a straight up send up of The Staircase. This season they're doing the Jinx.
  2. So, this was the Red Nose Day Special. There was a team of Kelly Clarkson, Sean Hayes, Sarah Silverman and Cedric the Entertainer. The other team was Jack Black, Chelsea Handler, Isla Fisher and Sasheer Zamata. They played Clue-Boom, Lil Picassos, Smash the Buzzer, Odd-o-Tune, Lend Me A Hand and Celebrity. Kelly's team won even though they maybe had the weaker team. Kelly was hyper competitive even though she was one of the weaker players on her team. Chelsea Handler didn't really do much. They also didn't really follow the rules since the whole point was just to win as much money as possible for charity. I did enjoy Sarah Silverman's line when asked why she decided to help with Red Nose Day. "My publicist thought it would be a good move."
  3. gpgurl50

    S02.E07 Go Pirates!: Surprise, It's A Girls' Night!

    I really love the character of Gia. What sucks is that, movie included, she is one of the most tragic characters in "Veronica Mars." I think it's weird that in the episode where Meg was introduced, her family grounded her after finding letters with "sexy" stuff in it and Veronica was allowed to come visit her and everything. They also had another daughter they were abusing in the house and were having people over? Interesting.
  4. Great podcast. I agree, the main plot was a little too intricate though it did have its moments. I will say I do get why Jake and Celeste didn't mention Lianne. At this point in the timeline (however blurry), Keith and Lianne were still married. Keith had a friendly-ish relationship with the Kanes due to their kids and I think the Kanes thought they could use that to their advantage in the situation. If Jake or Celeste had mentioned that Jake and Lianne had been having an affair while she was with Keith and that Veronica might not be his, he could become biased against them and go after them harder; Or even more likely, he could remove himself from the case and get more officials involved who may not have loyalty to the Kane family. I think they wanted as little people as possible involved in their shady dealings given one of their employees bugged an underaged girl among other things. We also knew since the beginning of the series that Keith lost his job for accusing the Kanes of murder. Now, we are starting to have an idea of why he suspected they were involved. He knew they were lying, just not about what. Lianne sucks but I do think her characterization is all over the place. I do think the Veronica she got in this episode was not the one she wanted. The last time she saw Veronica was before she became a detective who can't let things go.
  5. gpgurl50

    Staying Hooked On Narcos

    Hilarious game time. I also love that canon submission. From that title, I immediately knew the episode it was. Lastly, escorting a spider off the premises is great. Love that phrasing.
  6. gpgurl50

    S05.E05: The More You Ne-Yo

    I also agree that Ne-Yo and Vanessa were not the players to select for the final round. I would have gone for anyone else on Ne-Yo's team. I will give Vanessa a pass thanks to pregnancy brain and her functioning as the best player the rest of the night. Weirdly, Jane Lynch was promoting the show this week and was like Ne-Yo is on it! As for the conveyer belt, Jane said they had 16 points like immediately after they finished. I think it was an edit. It feels like it would take too long to explain to the audience which boxes fit into which category, who got it right and how many. And yes again about the terrible players. I felt bad for those civilians. They both seemed to have knowledge but they weren't being helped out by their teams.
  7. gpgurl50

    S01.E01: Ralphie

    I feel like you can tell right away whether or not a Duplass property is right for you. I feel like this is not for me.
  8. I feel like we keep saying and "we never saw him again" in regards to Ray and we keep getting proven wrong.
  9. gpgurl50

    S05.E04: Game Night Is The New Black

    A part of me thought I misheard that Wendy Williams comment. I'm glad to have it confirmed. I have no idea who Matt Iseman is but he was surprisingly good at the games. I liked in the drawing game how he would start over if someone was not getting what he was drawing.
  10. gpgurl50

    S04.E03: Forged in Fire

    I think it was a mix of Kelsey drinking because she was stuck with Liza and also to irritate Liza as much as Liza was irritating her. Still, her reaction was very strong and I agree that her suddenly getting over it was convenient too. I'm glad Caitlin was actually being pleasant.
  11. I think there is a soap opera trope where if a character is written as too awful, they suddenly have a mental illness to walk their behavior back. I mean, if it's not one already, it should be. I feel like I've seen it a lot of times where instead of going through a whole redemption story, this appears as a quick fix. I do think mental illness should be explored and talked about in entertainment but sometimes I think it is used poorly. Also, yes Val is not behaving well but it feels really contrived how they always start these fights between Kelly and Val. Like Kelly and Brenda were in love with the same guy. That seems like something teenage girls would fight over. Then there's stuff like Kelly was once mad at Val because Val skipped a couple of classes or that Val smoked pot in her bedroom. That has nothing to do with Kelly. Also, Kelly normally wouldn't have even heard about this abortion at all, yet she delights in busting Val to everyone. Again, I don't excuse Val's behavior but it's just this pattern of Kelly getting all upset about stuff that has nothing to do with her.
  12. gpgurl50

    S05.E03: Super Duper Store Night

    I would have chosen Lauren for the finale round as well. She seemed to have a lot of knowledge. I was thinking the easiest way to do the Get In My Pants game show at home is just using cheap wastebaskets and small balls like a nerf ball that you toss. Of course, then you lose the pants aspect. I would suggest buying the largest pants you could buy at a thrift store but people come in all different sizes so that's not a great plan. The voice did stay on Superstore but the show is good. I think it gets better as it goes. It's very much an ensemble show.
  13. Kenny must be really stupid too demand his mistress have an abortion in the same conversation where he says he wants to keep seeing her. Who would take that deal and for Kenny of all people?
  14. gpgurl50

    S05.E02: Playing Hardwick To Get

    I loved that too. My enjoyment of the show has increased since I stopped watching everything but the actual games. I skip all the talking before and after and just wait to hear about it on the podcast. Thanks for suffering on our behalf, Joe and Tara! I will say I would have chosen Hardwick for the final round because interviewing celebrities is his whole deal but the last game of the night is not time to do your bits. The other team could've caught up there. I also thought it was an interesting aside when River's team all got sent out of a game and they said to each other, "we have zero chance of winning" and then Xzibit yelled out something like "you got this, River." They did show Mini-Cooper as the answer at the bottom of the screen though Jane didn't announce it out loud.
  15. gpgurl50

    S07.E06: Housewarming

    Now that we know Brandon is a soap opera fan, my opinion of him would really rise if he missed the plot one week to go watch All My Children or something.