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  1. This rings true to me because that's how college and my 20s were. Bad sex especially. TMI.
  2. I really loved the Canon submission this week! Kudos to Hallie for making me want to rewatch The West Wing when I'm still behind on all the new tv because I can only handle like, two shows.
  3. I was going to say basically this. It was a HUGE deal when the independent pharmacy where I worked got a fancy computerized cash register in about 1996 that would verify checks electronically as well as run credit cards. Up to then we had been doing MANUAL credit card impressions and calling into Visa, MC, etc. after closing each night to use touchtone to run the card. So many declined charges!
  4. Morgan (Thomas White) was born in Scotland and moved to the U.S. when he was like 15. Plenty of time to lose an accent.
  5. I always think of the Talking Heads suits when I see David in a giant jacket.
  6. I was happy to see TTaKS covered, but was nervous about how it would be recieved. A lot of UNHhhh fans have been savage about it, but I think the format will grow on people. I love it especially because Katya is the one who touches Trixie most of the time, and will even say, "don't touch me" after SHE touches T and then will touch her again. Hilarious.
  7. I also can't with Liane. Her character sucks and I've never cared for the actress (sorry to whatever her name is). I've been reliving (but not rewatching) the first season along with the podcast, and it's been really fun! Can't wait for season two, but am just remembering that V and Duncan try dating again. BARF.
  8. I know multiple people IRL who have antler light fixtures that rival stupid Joey's mom's. #wyoming
  9. Okay, I legit snorted at the "flying squirrel" gif, and that is going to be my new name for Brandon. Squirrel for short. Also, remember how small TVs used to be? All those people watching the wee snack shack TV reminded me of crowding around a 25" CRT with a couple dozen people in my boyfriend's dorm lounge to watch X-Files. No wonder they got away with such "special" effects.
  10. I'm in the same boat on vacation--no Logo, so no special last night. I don't see it on demand via my direct tv now or my parents' cable.
  11. I don't think she is. Jinx is super talented, and I love her singing voice.
  12. It was pretty good, though I think Hardwick overly favored Alaska's answers and Katya should have won. Sound familiar? I kid--I am fine with the results of AS2. Insert snake emoji here. There's also a weird Facebook Live recording of the queens eating dinner before the show. https://youtu.be/JqLtnut_vf8
  13. Totally agree that Shea's runway was weird in the boobs, and I was underwhelmed by her look and her rapping. As always, her dancing and performance were strong overall, though. I'm biased, but while I think the top 4 are all amazing and did great, Sasha was strongest.
  14. Like John, I have not rewatched this series since it aired, so I'm looking forward to rediscovering it!
  15. Seriously. Those jeans do nothing good for Garth's figure and make her legs look about two feet long.
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