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  1. Agfa

    S06.E01: Fair Game

    My first thought on seeing the boys club that met up at the end (with Dar and I'm guessing a bunch of big guns from CIA, FBI, NSA,...), is that they are going to make sure that an attack occurs on US soil, probably carried by muslims, in order to change the president elect mind/twist her hand to keep funding these agencies to prevent domestic terrorism and fight daech. And since Saul will probably be against something like that (too soft), he's been kept out of the meeting.
  2. Agfa


    Same here! I really like Dylan and Abigail together, and don't see Evie and Dylan lasting at all.
  3. Agfa

    X Company

    Such a sad episode... I guess the traitor is not always the one we think. I really like this serie, glad it's been renewed!
  4. Agfa

    Social And Race Issues In Black-Ish

    My mom and her siblings are biracial (african dad, french mom), and were born in the 50's-60's. They all have 2 first names, one occidental, one african. Their official first name is the occidental one, but all except my mom prefer to be called by their african first name.
  5. Agfa

    Play It Again, Dick: web series spinoff

    If you're in Canada, you can watch it on CTV (http://www.ctv.ca/PlayItAgainDick.aspx).
  6. Agfa

    S02.E01: Undercover

    God I love this show! I thought it was a perfect balance between the undercover and life at the preccinct. Great way to come back. Holt had me in stitches, Terry was amazing, I love every time Rosa and Amy are together, and the friendship between Jake and Boyle is still great. Welcome back show, I've missed you so much!
  7. Agfa


    I'm going to miss this show so much. Still hoping that it's going to get picked up by anyone... This last episode was amazing, with a perfect mix of comedy and emotions. I started crying when Sgt Cody gave his speech when he thought the ball was cancelled. Damnit show!
  8. Agfa

    Galavant Anticipation

    This looks absolutely amazing! I cannot wait for the pilot! (and very sad the 5 min preview is geolocked)
  9. Agfa

    S01.E03: High Plains Hardware

    I'm still on board. I like Donna more and more and would love for her to be more involved with the computer. I guess I can see her helping Gordon at home more and more, and then getting pissed off when he gets all the credit. Cameron needs to start getting integrated in the story better, because scenes of her alone being distressed and then going to Joe for sex are getting pretty boring. Speaking of sex with Joe, color me surprised that none of his 2 sex scenes were shown on screen. And that he fucked that guy. I don't know if he's a sociopath or truly bisexual, but I like it. And I may be alone in this, but I love when their geek babbling, even if I don't understand any of it (and/or if it doesn't make sense). I need to feel that these people actually know what they're doing and are good at it. I'll be there next week.
  10. Agfa

    S01.E02: FUD

    Well, I like the show for now. I haven't seen Mad Men or Breaking Bad, so I can enjoy and appreciate Lee Pace's character for what he is (smarmy, show off, a liar... someone I like not to like, for now). What's been missing for me is a direct, real interaction between Gordon and Cameron. And I hope they won't just use Gordon's wife for drama and jealousy. But I do find it entertaining, and even though it's not my domain, I can more or less follow. If I recall properly, Cameron did explain what a BIOS was to the secretary, that was enough info for me.