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S1.E16: Trevor’s Pants

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2 hours ago, Irlandesa said:

I don't know why they chose to not make Trevor a politician. I have a lot of theories but I don't think it's related to pissing off any particular politician since Trevor is a fictional character.

 I only watched a few episodes of the British version, so I didn’t realize Trevor was a politician in the original.

Making Trevor a politician in the US version would likely have generated a lot of social media arguments as poor Trevor became a proxy for viewers’ own political hero or despot.

But Trevor could also have become the best version of himself as a politician on this show——just as he became the best version of a bro dude——which might have been a comforting role model.

Still, Trevor as a politician in the US version could easily have become a distraction and hard to write. I like our version of Trevor, who is lovable underneath his bravado, and part of the ensemble in every sense of that word. And making Trevor a stockbroker retains the essence of a British politician (I think?) in that Trevor’s chosen profession was one that is tied to a lot of power.

Maybe we will yet discover that Trevor really wanted to be a poet or something else entirely?

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I much prefer Trevor to his UK equivalent and I'm glad the US version avoided making him a politician. I think that 90s Wall Street dude-bro is so very American. Sure, they likely existed everywhere, but with movies like Wall Street it feels more American than anything else. 

Politician is a bit more of a minefield so I'm glad they skipped that. We have plenty of political storyline potential with Sass and Isaac. Trevor can give us more of the "greed is good" counterpoint to Flower's hippy mindset. 

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I just rewatched this episode and am wondering if the only thing keeping someone(s) from creating and greenlighting a romantic comedy about a hippie and a Viking is the potential costs associated with copyright permissions.

On 4/1/2022 at 1:43 PM, shapeshifter said:
  • [THOR] Thor scared. Can it ever really work out between a hippie and a Viking?
  • [PETE] Oh, now, that's a romantic comedy I would watch. ( chuckles ) Can you type in "hippie and Viking," see if anything comes up?
  • [SAM] Oh, yeah, sure.

It could take place in the late 60s/early 70s with the hippie being a "living" and the Viking being a ghost.

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