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  1. Since we have been talking about Jesus in this thread, here is some info that might answer the question of where he is....https://www.facebook.com/580570918976478/videos/178798757192536 Foster family text chat with him after dinner.
  2. Does anyone know what the time frame of this episode is suppose to be? I'm wondering if Jesus is still out of the country with his girlfriend? Also does anything think Brandon might end up getting stuck in Amsterdam b/c of Covid in the future? I enjoyed this flashback to Jonnor, he was so cute when he was younger. Does anyone know any podcast that talk about this show? Afterbuzz seems to have stopped after last season.
  3. Why the heck would a bouncy house even be open at all during Covid? Ewwwwww.
  4. We know there is a tournament of Champions this season b/c Ken mentioned the returning winner from last season did not qualify for that one, so that is 2 weeks of shows.
  5. I enjoyed the segment of his weather twin on the roof talking to him. On Facebook there is a bonus "zoom out" clip of him throwing snowballs at the camera guy and camera.
  6. I believe this was the winter right before I moved to Georgia. I remember last year in the Atlanta area in late January we received about an inch of snow and I was so excited to shovel my car out. By any chance was this in New England? I was in MA, and we had so much snow on the field of the school I worked at that the giant pile did not go away until like late April.
  7. It sounds like it could possibly be Vertigo, but just a thought. I might have the name wrong, but I know there is something that causes ringing in the ear and selective hearing loss.
  8. I watched the replay episode last night and it was an episode from last February with a Survivor category which I got 4/5 right. However, Alex looked really really bad. One thing he said that gutted me was, "I hope there will be a long break soon"
  9. The first book title that popped into my head was Holes, but that was from way later and was a chapter book, so did not have holes, but then I said the Very Hungry Caterpillar. I learned something new about it being first printed in Japan. I was surprised the Champion did not get it considering her career, but maybe having known a lot more titles might have made it harder to choose one. Bastet, it is about a caterpillar who eats too much (1 apple, 2 pears, 3 plums, 4 strawberries, 5 oranges, cake, cheese, pickle, cupcake etc) that gets a stomachache, goes into its cocoon, and tur
  10. My final Jepardy pre questions answers were Koko, Ivan, and the 2 monkeys that went into space.
  11. I was just coming on here to let you know it is on at 3:30 Am ish tonight. I thought Rent too, I also said Sound of Music and Greece......I had no idea. I would have been in BIG trouble is I got the Aly Raisman question wrong, she is from my state.
  12. Have you heard about if NBC down here will be showing it later or anything? Where would we even look?
  13. On Saturday morning I watched the fire episode. I had seen part 2 of it a bunch of times, but it had been a while since I saw the first part, I did not remember the parts with the dead bodies.
  14. A few days ago I watched the end of the wild dog one, which was pretty scary. Also random question, in the episode they leave to go to Wanoka (I know I spelled this wrong), in the church, there is a man sitting near the back who looked like the actor who lived in the boarding house in the last season?
  15. I just saw that the finale is in New Orleans. Makes me wonder if the football team gets there, if them playing in New Orleans once every year would help them at all with geography/navigation?
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