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  1. I don't know. Maybe be forced to actually take care of your own children? I know that is a novelty (and considered a huge sacrifice) for them. They've practically admitted that Blake was raised by her preschool teacher. Figuring out parenting isn't easy, especially this late in the game. Quarantine may be the nail in the coffin for their marriage. Hopefully, that will end the show and give their kids some sort of chance at a normal life.
  2. I think few of her products are actually winners. She is very good at thinking she can convince people to buy things they don't really need and uses her few successes such as Squatty Potty and Scrub Daddy to justify that she knows what people need. When was the last time you heard anything about the exercise swivel board thing that she said was going to be needed by every overweight housewife?
  3. It actually scared the crap out of me. It violates all the rules the American Pediatric Association has established for safe sleeping guidelines. As soon as one baby dies from SIDS while wearing their jacket, they are going to get their asses sued big time. Kevin invested in a similar product years ago that looked a lot safer than theirs. I'm surprised he didn't bring up his deal for "this little straight jacket for babies" as he called it. We've never heard any follow-up about that deal, so maybe it was something that never came to fruition.
  4. You're a little overly optimistic. A hypoplastic left heart requires a series of three procedures over the first three years of life: a Norwood procedure, followed by a Glenn procedure, followed by a Fontan procedure. Even if all three surgeries are successful, there is still a 35% chance the child will eventually need a heart transplant.
  5. The baby didn't die from a PDA. He had a hypoplastic left heart. The symptoms weren't apparent until his PDA closed a few days after birth. That is what is supposed to happen. All babies have a PDA at birth which is supposed to close in the first few days of life; however, sometimes it can take a year or two to close off. If it doesn't close itself off properly, it can lead to needing a surgical repair later in life.
  6. Americans start training much later than almost all other cultures and also make it into a much bigger deal than it needs to be. I also highly doubt that other cultures feel the need to spend a lot of money on special equipment to get the task done. After all, once upon a time it was accomplished with nothing more than a chamber pot and an outhouse. Children haven't gotten stupider since then, but their parents sure have. There are parents who will buy five different types of potty chairs thinking they have to experiment to find out which one each kid likes the best. Then they wonder why the kid is confused because they aren't doing something consistent from the start. Then there are the people who actually move on to hiring consultants. Somehow, they think if your aren't spending a lot of money on it, you're not doing it right when it is really the exact opposite. If you're too stupid to be able to potty train your kids without nothing more than a little advise from your pediatrician, then you probably shouldn't have had children to begin with. It is a natural process and shouldn't take anywhere near the time and financial investments Americans make to accomplish it. Their product will probably become a huge seller just because people are too stupid to realize they don't need to spend money on it. They already had Robert convinced he had to go out and buy two immediately for his kids.
  7. You didn't miss anything. 3/4 of this episode was my pet peeve of Snark Tank: parents who have a stupid idea yet think they have revolutionized child-rearing. This season has had more of that than ever before. I think I'm ready for the season to end.
  8. The original product was a home baby scale that sent information to the doctor's office through wifi for $300. I said then there wouldn't be a big enough market for it, and it appears as though I was right. Too bad the sharks never listen to me and keep investing in crap that people don't need just to convince them to spend their money stupidly.
  9. I'd also like to see them go back to challenges that actually had to do with survival such as signaling a rescue plane or building a stretcher or a raft to rescue someone or themselves.
  10. Her first season she bragged about how much more observant she was than most people. She said she is the only one who would notice if the car ahead of her in traffic had an expired registration. That is something I notice all the time and I never thought of it as any kind of superior skill, so I viewed her as extremely arrogant. She hasn't done anything to change my mind about that. She is extremely arrogant.
  11. Are they no longer having reward challenges, so this was their only opportunity to eat?
  12. Why didn't she tell him to use it for her even if she felt safe just so they could burn the idol and get back to really playing the game?
  13. I thought he was asking for a plasma TV for the whole cell block, not just for himself.
  14. How is that going to explain why she is no longer at the hospital every time they bring a patient to the ER?
  15. I think it was Spencer's first season, I was pretty convinced that someone from production was walking down a path 10 feet in front of him "accidently" dropping idols.
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