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  1. Although it is the doctors' jobs to deliver the news to the patients, it is usually the nurses who translate everything into laymen's terms for them.
  2. I'm also betting that McGee moves into Gibbs' house. DiNozzo's apartment must be getting pretty crowded by now. We also have to worry again about who gets custody of the goldfish.
  3. I'm still unclear how/why McGee went with him. Was it just so Gibbs could have the Final Farewell Scene (FFS) with someone from the team?
  4. Why? How long to you have to wear a cotton hoodie for it to suck all the moisture out of your hair?
  5. Her puppy will move in with her, and she'll become even more codependent than she already is.
  6. What screening tests are done at birth depends on what state you live in. I don't know why the same testing isn't mandatory throughout the US. Some types of muscular dystrophy are included in the newborn screening in some states, such as genetic spinal muscular atrophy. However, that still leaves a lot of types that aren't tested for initially. Some types of MD are apparent very early on: the baby doesn't start holding his head up when he should, his muscle tone is very "floppy," he doesn't grab and hold your fingers, etc. In other types of MD, the milestones are all reached on
  7. They haven't told us yet. However, the actor in real life has muscular dystrophy, so that may be where they go with it. It would most likely take a recessive gene from each parent to cause MD, which fits the scenario that the child would have the same illness when he had the same two parents.
  8. I thought it would be a lot less confusing if they devoted a full episode to each scenario and rotated them every three weeks.
  9. I'm still confused about the part where they would all lose their votes if they all chose risk. Would they lose a vote at the first tribal council only, or would they lose the vote at the first tribal council they went to? For example, if they had all lost their votes would it have not effected the blue team anyway because they were exempt from the first TC, or would he have lost his vote whenever he did end up at TC for the first time even if it was weeks down the road?
  10. I didn't think people who had been to culinary school were allowed to compete. The criteria for applying disappeared from their website, so I don't know that for sure.
  11. She had a few wins, but she also was in the bottom a couple of times. Autumn had one win but was never in the bottom. I think Autumn was the more consistent of the two.
  12. She got the most criticism on all her dishes except the appetizer. How did she win???
  13. Yeah, but when the youngest mother becomes a 15-year-old, I think they will have second thoughts about making such a big deal out of it.
  14. The salmon ladder is another obstacle that I think is ready to go to the retirement junk yard.
  15. Daniel Gill, and since they won't acknowledge that Drew Dreschel ever existed, it has gone into the annals as Daniel made it to Stage 4 but couldn't complete it, and, therefore, no one won.
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