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  1. The mother told the realtor they needed housing for three adults and three children due to having the au pair.
  2. Did they realize that it is also possible to make popcorn without a microwave?
  3. Houston has just decided that any CV patient with a poor prognosis will be sent home to die instead of receiving any hospital treatment. Ex-preemies who had respiratory problems at birth (under developed lungs, collapsed lungs, reactive airway disease, etc) could easily fall into the poor prognosis category. I really hope Addumb has thought this through.
  4. Giant earrings are one of my big fashion misses. They look like the ear tags that are put on cattle to brand them. It just looks silly to have something huge dangling from your earlobes. Leave them for the cows.
  5. As I've said before, involving everyone in the crisis, even if it is a manufactured one, is a whole lot more important than finding a solution for it. Being an only child, she must have spent her entire life always being the center of attention. She really has no idea what it is like to be a sibling and try to share the attention.
  6. I think I'm going to start calling him Ad-dumb.
  7. I think that boating scene is actually the Gulf of Mexico, not a lake. If so, it makes the lack of life jackets even scarier.
  8. She said pool cover, not fence. I'd bet they are too lazy to put a cover on the pool every time it isn't in use. I'm a boater and an avid proponent that life jackets for all passengers are more important than seat belts/car seats and bike helmets. A head injury on dry land totally sucks. However, a head injury in a boating accident will most likely be fatal without a life jacket. When you're knocked out, even just for a second, the only thing that is going to bring you back to the surface where you have a possibility of being rescued is a properly fitting life jacket.
  9. Confirming my concerns about Adam being a complete idiot.
  10. From the views we've seen, it doesn't look like it. TX doesn't have the fencing laws that other states have. Thus, FL and TX have the highest rates of childhood drownings in the country.
  11. How else was she going to get TLC to pay for and videograph her wedding for her?
  12. I'm holding out hope that no one is really idiotic enough to wait until the Wednesday before to shop for Thanksgiving dinner supplies.
  13. They was still an awful lot of baby talking. I have to keep reminding myself they aren't toddlers anymore.
  14. Again, that doesn't say much for this "school" they've been sending their kids to since they could walk. If they aren't getting free tuition in exchange for publicity, they should be asking for a refund.
  15. 1) Courtney just isn't that bright, and 2) if she can find a way to bring more drama into the situation, she will.
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