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  1. I'm in the minority, but I thought it made a good mini-series with a conclusion at the end. Trying to draw it out to a full season of 22-24 episodes or bring it back for a second season, it would have become tedious.
  2. Because legal assistant jobs are so hard to find????? That was ridiculous. It's not as though she quit a high level job at NASA and would have to wait in line and compete with tens of thousands of highly qualified people to get rehired! Even leaving the military to go on the show then trying to reenlist when it didn't work out would have been a more believable dilemma.
  3. I used to volunteer in a soup kitchen with a lot of people who were in culinary school. What they told me is that you submit one application for all the cooking shows, and casting directors decide which show would suit you the most. You don't apply to be on a specific show.
  4. The first recipe I checked for Gobi Manchurian is made with soy sauce. What was he whining about? https://www.indianhealthyrecipes.com/gobi-manchurian-recipe/
  5. He seemed to think that we didn't know that he was actually saying, "The producers said we can't pick you, but since the first think you did when you saw me was profusely kiss my ass, I feel the need to give you a reward. Just let the producers try and stop me!"
  6. What is she doing for work? At the real estate thing, she has sold all of two houses, and one of them is the house that Addumb & Co are currently living in. She didn't even handle the sale of the mold house or her own house that was destroyed in the flood.
  7. I'm wondering if Splashway will calculate the income they got from the advertisements they did for them and come to the conclusion that the revenue didn't cover the costs of letting them in for free.
  8. I asked at HK and was flatly total "we're entirely paperless." They didn't even have one of the LED screens that lets you look over the menu. They had no problem with the fact that they were losing a customer just because I didn't have a cell phone with me.
  9. If the name of the store was included, then they didn't pay anything for them. It was gratis in exchange for advertising, AGAIN.
  10. eel21788

    S01.E07: Race

    I'm on my third Medtronic pacemaker in 18 years. They work fine. They just keep running out of battery and need to be replaced. The only problem I've had is a broken atrial lead that had to be replaced a year after the last pacemaker replacement. It was a bummer to have to have surgery two years in a row, but there was no way of predicting that the lead would fail when they were doing the last pacemaker replacement.
  11. Maybe she needs to hire Jason Bull. (OOPs, wrong network!)
  12. I was at the HK restaurant in Las Vegas last week. You couldn't eat there if you didn't have a cell phone to view the menu with. I hope they have brought back regular menus now that LV is back to no restrictions. If not, they will lose a lot more of old fogey customers such as me.
  13. A Child's Cry for Help (1994)
  14. Exactly why no one would want to spend any time with them unless the vacation was included.
  15. I've pretty much been given the impression that none of these people are willing to put up with them now unless it was time for the free vacation.
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