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S01.E20: Home Invasion

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Deadshot returns to Starling City after taking down a U.S. Ambassador and six others overseas. By keeping tabs on A.R.G.U.S.’s manhunt for the assassin, Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity learn that a sting operation is underway to capture Deadshot – alive. Diggle is determined to see his brother’s killer dead, with or without Ollie’s help. Meanwhile, Laurel takes drastic steps to protect a young witness, exacerbating friction between Tommy and Oliver. Later, Roy Harper unconventionally pursues all leads to find his new hero, but runs afoul of Detective Lance. Back on the island, Oliver recalls how Shado helped him incrementally gain confidence with a bow and hit the target for the first time.



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I remember being torn about this episode. The writers made Oliver forget that he wasn't there just to protect Laurel, but the young boy who heard his parents being killed and almost died by this one man. Yeah, Oliver promised to be there to back up Dig, but Dig was wanting to straight-up murder Deadshot and got pissy because Oliver stayed to protect a young witness. I read it as Diggle taking his anger out on a more acceptable target (Laurel), but John never seemed to act like he understood that a child's life was on the line.

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Wasn't the kid safe at that point?  Oliver abandoned Diggle because the mastermind was leaving town and Laurel wouldn't be able to prosecute him if he did.


If you can't trust your brother-in-arms to have your back, what good are they?  Especially after all the times Diggle risked his life for Oliver.  This episode really showed that Laurel was Oliver's blind spot and how bad they were for each other. My heart broke for Tommy.

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It's interesting because it definitely was a loyalty issue. Oliver was supposed to  have his back, but didn't. But, I though the show was trying to point out that Diggle obsession with getting Deadshot might not be good for him.

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This is one of my favorite Arrow episodes hand down. The fight scene in the mansion was enough to make this episode awesome but I loved so much other stuff too. Oh, Oliver bros before hos dude.Gunn being all Jubal Early and fighting Oliver was incredible.This is when I didn't hate Laurel oh season 1. The Oliver/Tommy and Oliver/Diggle tension was great. Just a really solid episode. Diggle tried to play Lyla. Wow.

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Diggle leaving at the end of the episode just guts me. It feels like a breakup scene and it hurts like one. Meanwhile, the other breakup scene does nothing for me. But I had forgotten how much Oliver was pushing the envelope with Laurel at this point in the season, prior to her breakup with Tommy. Oliver--this episode is not a good look for you, on several fronts. Stop being a douche, damn.

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Team Diggle! Just thought I should make that clear, so there won't be any confusion when I say "Damn you, Oliver!"  I really just wanted to slap him by the end of this episode.  


"I had to re-prioritize"  Fine, whatever, but here's an idea how about letting Diggle know that.  I mean geez...call and tell him you're bailing or hell send a text... just do something other than not showing up.  And Diggle was right.  The kid was safe.  Oliver could have helped with Deadshot and still been there to protect everyone when the hit man came calling.  I did love the Felicity/Oliver exchange after Diggle confronted Oliver though.  "Have something to say, Felicity"  "Nothing you want to hear" turns her back and walks away.


As much as I was annoyed by Oliver's behavior this episode, that fight scene in the mansion was awesome.  Hitman walks through the doors, steps over the people he just killed  "I sense pain in this house" Hee!


Oliver/Diggle's break-up hurts.  Laurel/Tommy's break-up who cares, you deserve better anyway Tommy.

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Hey, with luck, I might actually finish this rewatch before season three begins. Anyway, late to the party here, this episode: Conflicting loyalties! Thea and Roy sharing French fries!  Massively emotional ending for nearly everyone involved except Moira!  The revelation that not only does Moira plot to destroy cities and business rivals and hide sunken ships, but she also HIDES COOKIES. 


And it's a Laurel episode. Kinda. But first!


1. Something is wrong with this training session. Very wrong. Yes. Diggle isn't wearing a shirt, but Oliver - gasp - is. SHOW. We canNOT have partial shirtlessness! Work on this next season!


2. I'm not sure what my favorite bit of that hair dye admission is - Felicity's immediate assumption that stoic Oliver is going to run around and tell everyone her deadly dye secret, Oliver checking out her roots, or Diggle's HELLO EVERYONE WE ARE TRACKING AN ASSASSIN HERE absolute focus.


3. I like Felicity and Diggle's united doubt on the wisdom of having lunch with Laurel just at this moment, island or no island. Particularly given Oliver's current argument with Tommy.


4. Oooh, another attempt to make island Oliver slightly yes useless. I approve.


5. Lyla's "You were using me. ME."

does take on a different aspect now that we know Diggle and Lyla were once married.


6. I kinda like that Gunn hesitates, just a second, before killing a kid. I mean, yes, he's a stone cold killer that is going to go after the kid anyway but even he has standards.


7.  See, show? You CAN have Oliver shirtless for important moments like the local news - wait, why is Oliver shirtless here and not when he's practicing with Diggle right in front of Felicity again? Priorities, show, priorities!


8. Way to stand up for the best interests of the kid there, social worker.  "Have it your way."  Are we meant to assume that Starling City Child Services is as incompetent as the DA's office?


9. "I spend most nights at your daughter's anyway...there was probably a better time to tell you that." "Probably not."  Huh. I was under the impression that Tommy had lost his apartment in earlier episodes after Malcolm cut him off and was basically living at Laurel's place, possibly in her "spare bedroom" when her father came around, but now that I think about it, he wasn't around much when her mother showed up so....did Oliver just give Tommy an advance on his club pay so Tommy could make rent?


10. Roy. Not one of the brightest guys on this show, are you, Roy? Moving on.


11. "Lawton or Rasmus. Your choice."  Felicity! You KNOW Oliver is terrible at major life decision making! Don't leave choices like this up to him!


12. Though, seriously, it's really mean of the bad guys to strike more or less at the same time on the same night. Don't they know that Oliver doesn't have teleportation powers?


12. Wow. I totally forgot that Oliver's Rasmus decision also got Lyla shot.  And almost got Diggle killed.


13. I like Deadshot's code of honor here.  "Not going to kill people unless I'm paid to do so!"  That's very sweet.


14. "Thanks to your new priorities four agents are dead."


15.  Technically, Diggle is correct here - the kid's not in danger from Rasmus. He's in danger from Gunn. Technically, Diggle is also wrong here, because as we are about to find out, the kid isn't safe - making this a particularly grey episode.  Then again, arguably Oliver could have shown up for the Deadshot excitement and then hurried back to save the kid. It's not just priorities, Oliver! It's scheduling!  Also you need a little Arrow plane to speed up these things.


16. So I gotta wonder, did Gunn like just go around inducing heart attacks in random people before this?


17. The Wonder Twins!


18. Diggle's handselected bodyguards don't seem to be doing very well, are they?


19.  On the other hand, that does allow us to have one of the best fight scenes ever on this show.  "What happened to you on that island?"  "You're about to find out!"  DEATH BY POKER.


20. "She is never ever going to know my secret."  

If only. 


21. Awww, Tommy, at least trying to be the good guy here.


22. Go, Wonder Twins, go!


23. "Oliver, we're not even in the same book." More Diggle, please, show.


And now, Laurel:


Although she's not actually in this episode very much, especially given her center importance to it (she only has about five minutes of screentime), this is a major Laurel episode. And - shocker - for someone who is about to tear apart Team Arrow, she's not even that bad in it. She is - wait for it - intelligent for two episodes in a row here! I know! It's another little Arrow miracle! She actually - gasps - asks for ID before she opens her apartment door, makes a careful and intelligent observation about the badge she sees through the eyepiece, and immediately moves to try to save the cute little kid. Ok, granted, this does lead to the fifth time her apartment is broken into this season alone and to her door getting completely shot up, and I have a few things about the wisdom of taking the kid back to her apartment without a huge police escort in the first place, and that does lead to the Hood breaking in a minute later, i.e., the sixth time her apartment is broken into this season alone. But, still. And for once, we have a moment with Laurel that I do like: when she tells Tommy that she doesn't feel guilty about the parents' deaths, but angry. Right on, Laurel: you did warn them (even if you failed to include the word "death"), they agreed to take the risks, and Rasmus and Gunn, not you, are responsible for their deaths, and it's fine to be angry about this.  In a show that frequently features people feeling guilty about things that are entirely the fault of other people, it's nice to see someone directing rage at the correct person.


But although this is an episode that tries to go out of its way to make Laurel look good here, so that viewers can/will think that Oliver is faced with a terrible choice between Laurel's needs and Diggle's needs, and make Laurel someone worthy of fighting for, the episode faces some major problems: 1, fighting for Laurel inevitably hurts Tommy (who here is being set up for his final heroic role - someone who can and will put Laurel's needs before his own), 2, Laurel still has to be put into a position where she needs to be rescued, forcing the show to make Laurel look incompetent, 3, as it turns out....


Well, Laurel still sucks.


Number of times Laurel fails as a human being this episode: 1. Failing to tell Tommy that she had plans to meet Oliver for lunch.  

Which in the long run will lead to Tommy's death, like THANKS LAUREL

. 2 Cancelling on Oliver for lunch because she is too busy with her job only to WALTZ OUT OF THAT JOB the very next day to take the kid over to her apartment, even though at least one of her cases is now, you know, a MURDER INVESTIGATION and kinda considerably more serious. 3, discussing this situation only with the social worker and the kid, which is all very nice but YOUR COWORKERS, LAUREL, 4. Taking the kid in instead of sending him to an undisclosed, anonymous location or, you know, arranging for major police protection/witness protection given that the kid's parents have just been killed, 5, Making Tommy's lovely story to that poor kid all about how Tommy constantly surprises her, like, a, this is not about you, Laurel, can we focus on the poor little heartbroken kid, and b, you've known this guy for years and you've been dating him for months and only NOW do you realize that he's good with sad little kids and still tears up when he thinks of his murdered mother?  Laurel! Tommy's murdered mother is even a plot point!, 6, letting Tommy be a human shield for the kid, 7, failing to load the shotgun properly (more on this), 8, getting her apartment broken into for the second time in a SINGLE EPISODE, making this six times in one season, 9, hugging Oliver like two doors down and within earshot of an already jealous Tommy. 10, finally figuring out that she's in love with Tommy but not bothering to tell him until after she says good bye to the kid. 


Regarding the shotgun bit: Katie Cassidy noted in interviews that the director of the scene didn't want her to look competent with the shotgun. On the one hand, yes, that does give the Hood the opportunity to come in and rescue her. On the other hand, it doesn't fit the line she's simultaneously reading, which is that her father taught her several things,including,by implication, how to use a shotgun. Also, competence with a shotgun is not THAT unusual in the U.S. - Laurel easily could have been taking classes and getting at least decent, if not exactly ready to go skeet shooting or something, and being competent with a shogun is not exactly equivalent to being equivalent to the trained assassin that Gunn obviously is. They easily could have had the Hood arrive to rescue everyone WITHOUT that bit of shotgun incompetence. It's particularly bad with Laurel since this was one of only three moments during the entire season where she had the chance to be an Action Girl.

 It's hardly the only reason why some viewers are having issues with her potentially taking over the Canary role, but it definitely doesn't help.


Number of times Laurel fails as an attorney this episode: 1. Talk about failing your clients, Laurel. Ok, that's a touch unfair, but REALLY.  


(And once again, Oliver, not Laurel, is responsible for getting Rasmus arrested. As I noted with earlier episodes, this is a problem with the entire setup of the show: Oliver can only be needed/heroic if Laurel is incompetent.)


Number of negative show/character comments on Laurel/Oliver: 1. It's subtle, but thoughts of Laurel are one reason island Oliver needs more time to learn the bow, 2, The not very subtle hint that island Oliver was not exactly as faithful to Laurel's photo as earlier episodes had suggested, 3, The even less subtle hint that, once again, when Oliver chooses Laurel, Lyla gets shot and four agents end up dead, along with the bad guy (who would have escaped to Shanghai had Oliver not put arrows into his car), 4, Oliver telling Tommy that Laurel can never know the truth, 5, Diggle's entire speech, 6, Oliver's choice to protect Laurel leads directly to the loss of his partner.


To be fair, a few people do comment positively on the Laurel/Oliver relationship: 1, Shado,  2, Moira, who says that she likes the way Oliver was when he was with Laurel (which personally makes me wonder just how awful Oliver was when he WASN'T with Laurel, but moving on), 3, Tommy, saying that Laurel would choose to be with Oliver if she knew the truth.


Shado, however, knows zilch about their relationship at this point (once she does know, her opinion radically changes); Moira's comment suggests that Oliver only really liked Laurel because he could be someone else - i.e., not a Queen, but someone ordinary - at her house, when the entire point of the show is that Oliver has to learn how to be Oliver Queen; and Tommy is jealous, angry, and not seeing straight.  Mostly, this is an episode emphasizing once again that Laurel was good for an Oliver Queen who wanted to escape reality years back - and not right for Oliver Queen now.

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From Diggle's point of view, the kid was safe and Oliver made the choice to help Laurel.  Whether Diggle was right or wrong wasn't the point. It was that Oliver made the choice that he did, not because he put the kid first, but because he put Laurel first.  Even if no kid had been involved, Oliver would've picked Laurel first.  (Remember, this was the S1 Oliver who said to Laurel in 1x22: "That you know me better than anyone, and that you are more important to me than anyone.")  So Diggle, who has been helping Oliver all season long by risking his life and breaking the law, asks Oliver for help for the first time - and Oliver lets him down, resulting in the deaths of four good people...


Oliver: “What happened?”
Diggle: “You didn't show, things didn't go well.”
Oliver: “Rasmus was skipping town, and I had to reprioritize.”
Diggle: “Thanks to your new priorities, four agents are dead, Oliver. You could have stopped this guy, ended this maniac once and for all.”
Oliver: “Lawton got away?”
Diggle: “You seriously think a man who goes by the name ‘Deadshot’ was going down without a fight? I needed you there, man.”
Oliver: “Taylor Moore was relying on me, Diggle.”
Diggle: “This was never about that kid.  He is safe under armed security at your house. This is about Laurel.”
Oliver: “Diggle, I made a choice.”
Diggle: “I know. You chose Laurel. Always her. Everybody else be damned.”

Oliver: “Something to say, Felicity?”
Felicity: “Nothing you want to hear.”

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In Oliver's defense Dig did have Argus backing him up.


So if you look at it from each man's perspective the other person's situation was being handled by sufficient means & people. Truth is in the eye of the beholder and in each case both men had a valid point & truth that their analysis was accurate. When in reality it probably falls somewhere in between.

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While Oliver's point was valid, when you have a team-you make decisions within the team. Confidence in and expectations of back up can be a real game changer concerning outcome and actions within a given mission. Oliver still doesn't know how to really work inside a team and as a true partner. 

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Thanks for getting the dialogue tv echo.


For Diggle, because he's always been a "you don't let a brother down", "leave no man behind" kind of guy, Oliver promising to help him and then bailing went against a code he believed in and ran his life by.  (It's interesting that Oliver broke the same code in s3.  Would it be three strikes and you're out for Diggle?)



Oliver: “Rasmus was skipping town, and I had to reprioritize.”

This is the other big problem.  Oliver decided to bail on Diggle not because the kid was in danger (no one knew Gunn would show up to kill him) but because Rasmus was leaving town and Oliver wanted to catch him so that Laurel could have the legal win.


Catching the man who killed Diggle's brother, or making Laurel look good in court?  You can see why Diggle was so upset.

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For Diggle, because he's always been a "you don't let a brother down", "leave no man behind" kind of guy, Oliver promising to help him and then bailing went against a code he believed in and ran his life by.  (It's interesting that Oliver broke the same code in s3.  Would it be three strikes and you're out for Diggle?)


Actually, Dig refused Felicity's call in the previous episode when Oliver needed his help with the guy high on Vertigo at the aquarium. And Oliver reemed him for it. Which in turn gives weight to Dig's expecting Oliver to be there for him. After all, Oliver expected that of Dig and got mad when he didn't have his back up. 

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• Felicity’s “I keep your secret” over dying her hair made me chuckle! 

• Tommy would make a cute father <3

• Yay for smart Laurel recognising that the badge number was fake. However, did they have to ruin what could have been a pretty cool badass moment with the incorrectly loaded shotgun?

• Poor Diggle :( . His actor played his reaction to Oliver’s betrayal just right. He managed to convey Diggle’s genuine hurt without going over the top. 

• The fight at the Queen Mansion was everything a fight should be! I loved it :D

• Poor Tommy and Laurel :( that break up scene killed me! 

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On 3/25/2018 at 10:45 AM, Wayward Son said:

• Poor Diggle :( . His actor played his reaction to Oliver’s betrayal just right. He managed to convey Diggle’s genuine hurt without going over the top. 

His name is David Ramsey FWIW

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14 minutes ago, catrox14 said:

His name is David Ramsey FWIW

Thanks :) . I’m still working on learning the cast names. I only really know Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy (because of her role on Supernatural). Hopefully I’ll the other names memorised soon enough :)

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120 (Home Invasion) – Oliver Queen’s voiceover intro:
Oliver (voiceover): "My name is Oliver Queen. For five years I was stranded on an island with only one goal... survive. Now I will fulfill my father's dying wish... to use a list of names he left me, to bring down those who are poisoning my city. To do this, I must become someone else. I must become something else."

120 (Home Invasion) – We learn that Felicity dyes her hair blonde:
Oliver: “Diggle, we'll stop him. I promised you I'd help take him down, and I keep my promises, but he's on another continent.”
Felicity: “Not anymore. I thought it would be helpful to track A.R. G.U.S.' manhunt for Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot, so I decrypted their communication logs. Which means, I just hacked a federal agency. Which kinda makes me a cyber-terrorist – which is bad because I really don't see myself fitting in well at Guantanamo Bay.”
Oliver: “Don't worry, Felicity. They don't send blondes there.”
Felicity: “I dye it, actually – (looks at him) I keep your secret.”
(Oliver leans over and inspects her hair.)

120 (Home Invasion) – Diggle and Felicity question Oliver having lunch dates with Laurel:
Oliver: “Good. I've got to have lunch with Laurel.”
Diggle: “So when did you become, uh, lunch dates with Laurel?”
Oliver: “Look, we're just – (sighs) we're friends.”
Felicity: “Friends are good.” 
Oliver: “But?” 
Felicity: “Couldn't you be friends with someone less complicated than your ex-girlfriend, who's your ex-best friend's current girlfriend?”
Oliver: “I wear a hood and I put arrows into criminals, so when it comes to complexity I grade on a curve.”
*  *  *
Diggle: “Where’re you going?”
Oliver: “Laurel’s.”
Diggle: “Another friendly meal?”

120 (Home Invasion) – Original Team Arrow plans to cross Floyd Lawton’s name off Diggle’s list: 
Oliver: “What's this?”
Felicity: “Lyla's mission profile on the trap they've set for Deadshot.” 
Diggle: “Lawton is set to meet his new employer and get his assignment tomorrow at 8 pm. Only, his new employer… will be an A.R.G.U.S. agent. Lyla will then swoop in with her team and arrest him.”
Oliver: “Do you want Lawton arrested?”
Diggle: “No.”
Oliver: “Then tomorrow night, we cross Floyd Lawton's name off your list.”

120 (Home Invasion) – Oliver has to make a choice between going after Deadshot (helping Diggle) or Rasmus (helping Laurel):
Felicity: “I'm uploading a satellite overview of the Plaza to your phone.”
Oliver: “Thanks, but I know the place –“
Felicity: “Dig was pretty specific about where you should perch - you know, what position gives you the best shot at Lawton. I think. He used a lot of military jargon. So you're sniping a sniper. Kind of ironic, don't you think? Me neither.” 
Oliver: “What's that?”
Felicity: “I had a remote access Trojan scouring the Internet for Edward Rasmus. His name just popped up on a flight manifest, 8:15 to Shanghai.”
Oliver: “He's running.”
Felicity: “That's good, right? If he's leaving town, he won't be after Laurel and the child anymore. But if you did want to stop him, looks like it's now or never. Deadshot or Rasmus. Your choice.”

120 (Home Invasion) – After Oliver chooses to help Laurel by going after Rasmus, Diggle is injured going after Deadshot:
(Oliver enters Arrowcave and finds Felicity patching up an injured Diggle.)
Oliver: “What happened?”
Diggle: “You didn't show, things didn't go well.” 
Oliver: “Rasmus was skipping town, and I had to reprioritize.” 
Diggle: “Thanks to your new priorities, four agents are dead, Oliver. You could have stopped this guy, ended this maniac once and for all.” 
Oliver: “Lawton got away?” 
Diggle: “You seriously think a man who goes by the name ‘Deadshot’ was going down without a fight? I needed you there, man.”
Oliver: “Taylor Moore was relying on me, Diggle.”
Diggle: “This was never about that kid.  He is safe under armed security at your house. This is about Laurel.”
Oliver: “Diggle, I made a choice.” 
Diggle: “I know. You chose Laurel. Always her. Everybody else be damned.” 
Oliver: “Something to say, Felicity?”
Felicity: “Nothing you want to hear.”

120 (Home Invasion) - In a flashback scene on Lian Yu, Oliver kisses Shado during an archery lesson:
Shado: "Try again. (Oliver misses) You're thinking too much."
Oliver: "No one ever accused me of that before."
(Shado takes the bow and shoots two arrows, lopping off two tree branches, and then hands the bow back to Oliver.)
Oliver: "Show-off."
Shado: "I see my target in the distance. I feel the variation in the wind. I hear the bowstring tighten. And I let go. Give into your senses. Don't think."
(Oliver kisses Shado but then stops.)
Shado: "You're right. This is definitely not the time or place."
Oliver: "No, no, it's just that there's a... someone, and it's a mile past complicated, but I can't."
Shado: "She know how much you love her?"
Oliver: "I suspect right now, she doesn't. But as soon as I'm home, she will."

120 (Home Invasion) – Diggle rebuffs Oliver’s attempt to make up:
Oliver: “I was hoping you'd be here. I want us to get back on the same page.” 
Diggle: “Oliver, we're not even in the same book, you and me, not anymore.” 
Oliver: “I just did what I thought I had to.”
Diggle: “Just like I'm doing what I have to. We're done.” 
Oliver: “Don't do this.”
Diggle: “The only thing you have to stop me from going out that door is an arrow.” 
Felicity: (To Diggle) “Hey. (To Oliver) Where's he going?”

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On 9/4/2014 at 5:40 AM, quarks said:

Although she's not actually in this episode very much, especially given her center importance to it (she only has about five minutes of screentime), this is a major Laurel episode.

I actually went back and rewatched this ep a couple of days ago on my S1 rewatch and you're right I remember Laurel being in it a lot more. Maybe because she and Lauriver hang heavily between Oliver and Diggle and Oliver and Tommy. 

Poor Tommy so convinced Laurel was going to dump him the second she found out Oliver was the Hood. Hell in this timeline she was planning on getting back together with Oliver without knowing he was the Hood only a week after you're funeral dude. I enjoyed his fury at Oliver in this ep though, some good acting from CD. 

Moira showing Mom skills with the newly orphaned kid that aren't about paying off store owners, police, judges, and baby mamas and kidnapping people. 

This had a really good, creepy one off villain (Hi Gunn) and a great fight scene in the Queen Mansion. "What happened to you on that Island?" "You're about to find out!" Poker! And Lance being suspicious that people so often seem to end up dead in Oliver's vicinity.

The Diggle and Lyla (and Oliver) situation has a lot more depth when you know they're currently divorced and not yet back together. I wonder if they already had the exes backstory worked out BTS?

Felicity and the super secret hair dye conversation, aww sweet S1 Felicity. Love Dig and Felicity shading Oliver's sudden need to have lunches with Laurel. We never saw this start to happen and in hind sight it's them skipping the plot forward by a few seasons because they need to get them in a place to have sex before the end of S1 instead of the originally planned S3ish and kill the ship.


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