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  1. Upon rewatch, something hit me, the title of the episode isn't just referring to Justin, it's also referring to Pat. Justin does the knighting gesture with Excalibur to Pat, Justin tells Pat he built a fine suit of armor, he's there for the new JSA and Justin, and he "rescues" the damsel in distress when Courtney is completely devastated by Sam asking for the locket.
  2. Can we get rid of Nathaniel, and have Young Garrett as the main villain? He was just so much fun, the actor was clearly loving every minute of it and hamming it up as much as possible.
  3. No shock that Court's birth father is a piece of shit. Good news for Court is that she's got Pat, the best father. And she knows it. That hug and burying her head in Pat's shirt while crying, she accepted Pat as her true father right there. And smart move by Pat that while walking away after slugging Courtney's piece of shit birth father, looking back. He wasn't gonna get jumped from behind.
  4. Enoch is not a robot, he's 100% a human and SHIELD agent. And he wasn't alone. Gonna miss the guy. We're without a doubt getting Daisy and Sousa. I'm all for it. And we got confirmation that Daisy does have a sister.
  5. Dude, they just did that. I can't believe it. I thought the Staff would break through and let them pull Henry to safety. For something happy, that fight between 3 of the new JSA and Ito and his minions was fantastic. Yolanda shredding minions, Henry tossing them around with his mind, and Courtney using her gymnastic background was great. That was some best of Arrow and Batwoman fight sequence there.
  6. Wait, Daisy has a sister? Daisy has a sister? You can't just drop something like that on us, and then ignore it. Never thought we'd get an origin story for Yo-Yo's necklace. I don't think we can give Barry any crap for what he does to the timeline, ever again. Same with the Legends. The SHIELD team isn't a chainsaw, they're about 591 nuclear warheads. I do wonder if this section will lead to them liberating Afterlife from Asshole Malick, stopping Whitehall, and putting down a path where Jiaying doesn't go militant, thanks to regular humans helping her, and she and her Inhumans fight alongside humanity. An alternate universe where that happens.
  7. Yeah, Deke's shown to get a lot better at being an agent since he wound up in present day. He did have the tech company, and fooled multiple people. Deke's attitude also helps him, he's gotten naturally likeable, so people are more likely to begin trusting him. The guy charmed Snowflake, and she was trying to kill him. And as shown in this episode, he really is a good leader. He got pissed at Mack for insulting the Deke Squad, he didn't care that Mack insulted him, but had a problem with Mack insulting his team. And at the end when the Chang Gang was down and thought they sucked, he gave them a pep talk, and reassured them that they were important.
  8. Deke is a great friend. Fitz would be proud of how good of a friend Deke is to Mack. Like Mack looked after Fitz in season 2, Deke looked after Mack and his brother as kids. You can't break the bonds of Turbo's family and Mack. This episode began with the gutpunch of Mack dealing with killing what he believed were his parents, but was heartwarming to say the least. Poor Cricket is never gonna drink Coke again. Mack, you went through hell. You know that Deke has your back, you gotta surround yourself with the people you love. Put a ring on Yo-Yo's finger.
  9. Turns out Pat does have a superpower, all the women want him. Beth could join Team Flash as the newest member of a team full of the dumbest smart people.
  10. Courtney is still way too cocky for her own good. Listen to Pat, Courtney. Even Tony Stark when it came to a battle or who the better leader of the Avengers was, always deferred to Steve. The staff may give you more power, but that doesn't mean you know everything. The show has done great casting for everybody, except for one character. All the teens, look like teens, except for one character. Cameron looks like if he were hanging around a high school, the cops would be called in 15 seconds. That's been the only misstep, dude does not look like a teenager, hell, dude doesn't even look like he'd still be in Med School. There are certain people born to play certain superheroes. Chris Evans was born to be Cap, Gal Gadot was born to be Diana, Robert Downey Jr as Tony, and Luke Wilson was destined to be Pat.
  11. Stay behind, start a family, and have a son who becomes a cop and is there for a very important New York battle.
  12. And David Robinson was on the list. They were gonna kill The Admiral. The credits were great. Coulson, Daisy, May, and Sousa all dressed up at the beginning, just gonna say it, this is one photogenic cast. Are they hinting at possibly Daisy and Sousa? I guess if in this timeline, Sousa doesn't wind up with Peggy, it's not a shock that he'd go for Daisy. She is his type, she can kick ass, she's smart, has a sharp tongue, and yeah is beautiful.
  13. Can't be said enough, Luke Wilson was born to play Pat. Heck, it seems like everybody on this show as born to play their roles. I like that this show is doing what the most recent Spidey movies have done. They're allowing the heroes to screw up. They're kids, they're bound to mess up, they won't get it 100% right. The moment the new JSA walks into headquarters, and Hootie flies right to Beth is gonna be awesome.
  14. Well, he did tell her that there were dragons in the water. That would get strange looks from anybody. He's definitely somebody who's looking over Blue Valley and the new JSA, he'll reveal himself at their darkest moment. I think Stargirl let Beth keep the glasses, because she knows that the artifacts choose their owner. The Cosmic Staff chose her, Hourman's glass chose Ricky, and the glasses chose Beth. The artifacts know that the world desperately needs a new Justice Society.
  15. That ending, holy crap. Those last few minutes with Fiddler playing, the hijacking of the semi, Pat beginning to put it all together, and Pat finding the JSA artifacts. That was just perfect. And guys, the Lantern came on for Pat. It came on when he opened the bag! Are they gonna make Pat a Green Lantern? That would be a hell of a shock. Courtney and Yolanda shouldn't worry about Rick wanting revenge. He had his powers for awhile, and didn't hurt anybody. You'd figure he may have went after his uncle, but nope, just wrecked his truck. He has a moral compass, when the chips are down, he won't kill unless he absolutely has to. Yep, Wizard is still the second best father that's raised somebody on this show.
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