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  1. One day, she will be in a big time franchise, and actually get to smile at the beginning. One day she'll be told, "Your character will smile at the beginning as you do on your Instagram." Baby Yoda looked so sad when he was walking down that ramp. He didn't know where Mando was, poor guy.
  2. "God ain't even God." Yep, they've been laying the groundwork for the reveal that Chuck isn't actually God. He's been an impostor for a long time. And Team Winchester thinks they can beat God, with everything we know, that if God dies, the world ends. Planting the seeds for the reveal of Chuck being a liar the entire time. Dean should have know better than to trust Lindsey McDonald. You can't trust a lawyer from Wolfram & Hart, except for possibly Lilah. Cas is ready to go to war. I know Supernatural doesn't do epic fights, and that Dean and Lindsey aren't trained, but they could have shot the fight better. Yes, they were hiding the stunt doubles, but they didn't need 842 cuts. I'm not expecting anything like Arrow's big fight in this past episode, or Kate tearing through Crows in this most recent Batwoman. But, could have cut down on the number of cuts.
  3. Popping in to say that I love that Yao Fei was there, and got to fight alongside Team Arrow. Also that he mentioned that Shado's spirit lives on in Oliver. Oliver doesn't become Green Arrow, without Yao Fei and Shado. So Team Arrow is never formed without Yao Fei and Shado. That's part of their legacies, they were the foundation of Team Arrow. So to see Yao Fei get to fight alongside the team, was great. Too bad that Shado wasn't there, had she been there, that means Team Arrow would have fought alongside Yao Fei, Shado, and Slade. Three foundations of Team Arrow.
  4. That was a really fast 40 minutes. Good job not going the romance plotline with Cara and Mando. It's just 2 badasses becoming fire forged friends. No love triangle (that widow wanted all of Mando), not even a hint of it. She can't return soon enough. Baby Yoda continues to be the most adorable thing in Star Wars. Put Anna Kendrick and Baby Yoda in a show, and watch people die from the adorableness. But, those assfaces tried to kill Baby Yoda. There's gonna be a lot of pain coming their way. Good job by Bryce Dallas Howard in the director's chair. We got a Loth-Cat! This is not a drill, Loth-Cats have made an appearance in live action Star Wars.
  5. If the NFFA arrests Ben, then that would blow the lid off about the Purge. He would be the ultimate example that the Purge is making people worse on every day. They don't want that known, so they'll let him do his own shit for awhile. And Marcus's son was also connected with the Professor friend of Esme's, that the NFFA killed. He knows about the work she was doing, and that the Purge is making people worse. He's marked because of what he knows.
  6. No doubt, he's felt the guilt since he killed her. He knows there's no coming back for her, since that was her permanent death. They couldn't buck destiny in that case. All of it weighs on Sam. Rowena had become part of the family. She warded/hexed her apartment against everybody except herself, Sam, and Dean that we know of. To be the one that kills her, just adds more weight to the grief that he'd feel for the death of a family member. She hadn't turned evil, she wasn't trying to kill the Winchesters, it wasn't done in self defense. His praise of Rowena in this episode felt believable. He also wants to make sure that he does her proud, and her death won't be for nothing.
  7. We finally got to see Mandalorians come together for a battle in live action. And that was a combination of Mandalorians protecting their own, and "screw the Empire." Speaking of Mandalorians, we better be getting more of the Great Purge of Mandalore. Baby Yoda finally got the ball.
  8. I really enjoyed this episode. Eileen's back, and there's the small chance that they're setting up a happy ending for Sam. Just go against all expectations, and have the show end with the brothers happy. Nice to see that Rowena warded and protected her apartment from everybody except her family. Sam got in with no problem, he was immune. Dean later on was in her apartment with no problem. She trusted Sam and Dean, and I'd imagine it extended to Cas as well. Speaking of Cas, Misha killed it tonight.
  9. I don't know if I could call him Jake Kane. The other Jake Kane loved his kids no matter what. He never would have tried to stand in the way of his daughter's happiness. So far, this Jake Kane doesn't have that same quality. Kate, forget about Sophie. She's betrayed you twice. You've got 2 perfectly awesome women who are completely into you. Be honest with Reagan, and she'll jump in your arms. And Alfred's daughter is just waiting for you to ask. Mary's getting closer to the truth, which is awesome.
  10. Yep, it was because she was supposed to seduce Dean. But she guessed it went out the window at the reveal of her being Lilith. I think she gave up too easily, she still should have given it a shot. What's the harm in trying? It's the end of days, she's pretty, Dean may have went for it.
  11. Please be Hope controlling Lena.
  12. The sales from a Baby Yoda plush may pay for a season, itself.
  13. The blade that Cain used to kill Abel.
  14. I'm not calling it that.
  15. I like New Lilith, she was fantastic. And now we know, the show won't end with one of the brothers killing the other. It's the ending that Chuck wants, so it's not the ending we're gonna get.
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