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  1. Doesn't matter if it's the Beeboverse or the DCEU, Adrian Chase kicks ass. How could you not love him beating the shit out of those white supremacists, after telling the truth about rock and roll? James Gunn is great at making you laugh, but at the same time making you feel shit. Adrian's reaction to thinking he made things worse and you could tell Harcourt felt for him, and everything Peacemaker. Also, Gunn's use of music continues to be phenomenal. Dude's got a talent for using music that fits and enhances the scene and the show/movie.
  2. They bleeped out Gary saying God. LMAO. Oh my goodness, that was incredible. About a month ago I saw The King's Man, and now Legends is using stopping WW1 as a plot point. The Legends better run into a tailor, just for the hell of it. And Gideon's totally going there because it will get them on the radar of the RoboLegends, and they can find out more about the Robos. Was a fan of Gary and Gideon calling out the other Legends. They were right.
  3. Jediknight

    Eternals (2021)

    This should have been a Disney+ show. It was like they took a season of a show and compressed it to 2 and a half hours, while keeping all the characters, all the plotlines, and the pacing of a show. It would have worked better as a show. We could have been introduced to the characters, built up the plotlines, and the slow pacing would have made sense.
  4. Killing Flag and almost killing Ratcatcher while she was begging for her life, all to protect the fact the US experimented on innocent people in particular children, shook him. He got to the edge, and he's asking himself if he should really be that close.
  5. Robby just has anger to work through, thanks to his dad leaving, and his mom being a wreck. Till living with the LaRussos, he didn't have a stable home life, and things were looking up with his relationship with the LaRussos, and him and Johnny starting to patch things up. Then the school fight happened, and he broke Miguel's back. When he gets released from jail, he sees Daniel and Johnny arguing, instead of both being there to pick him up and on good terms. He's not a complete believer in Kreese's Cobra Kai, at his heart he's a good kid who does have anger to work through, thanks to
  6. There were hints in part 3 that Silver was more dangerous, and had more respect for Miyagi-Do than Kreese. Silver respected the value of defense more than Kreese. Kreese is brute force, Silver's more tactical and quicker. Remember he was the only one panicking when Daniel did the Kata against Mike Barnes. He had been running it down to Daniel all movie, and when he saw Daniel do it, it was what he feared. Nobody else is worried, they're confused, but Terry's freaking out because he knows it's all about Daniel being balanced. Silver's smarter than Kreese, and knows what can work against d
  7. Did debate all 4 years in high school, and yeah, the only debate rounds that would take place in an auditorium like that would be semis and finals, since you'd have the teams that haven't left wanting to check them out.
  8. It was heartwarming that Johnny upon seeing what happened to Eli was to ask who did it, and be willing to fight Kreese and Silver by himself. Eli may have pissed him off and done crap to him previously, but he was making amends, and Johnny saw him as one of his students/kids.
  9. Makes sense for Chozen to be the best fighter. He and KK2 Daniel were the peak of the young fighters. Terry said he would bring in somebody to help with Cobra Kai, so we gotta be getting Barnes. I'd love it if he tried to start something with Chozen, and Chozen just smacked him.
  10. Daniel and Chozen working together finally. Miyagi and Sato would be so happy. Eli winning the tournament and Demetri making the final four. The Binary Bros kicking ass was great. Kyler getting steamrolled was perfection. He was brought in by Kreese due to being a natural athlete, and we've seen him lose to Miguel and Eli, and hasn't beat them in a fight. Miguel bowing out I can buy. Johnny was forgetting about the battle against Kreese and Silver, and was focusing on proving he was better than Daniel. He felt he was in between their stupid karate rivalry, and wasn't fighting f
  11. I enjoyed it. Not as good as the first 2, but that's not a bad thing. Tonally, it's completely different than the other 2, and it makes sense. It's set during World War 1 and about the founding of Kingsmen as spies, couldn't have the same tone as the other 2 films. Rasputin was a hoot though, and of course Baron Zemo is manipulating powers to fight. Djimon Hounsou is the standout, not much of a shock. His character was great.
  12. Ridiculously awesome. They went to Maroon 5, bro! Some might say that I got way to excited when the LARPers suited up. And to them, I say that they didn't get excited enough. Sometimes you just want a show to be fun, and Hawkeye was fun as could be.
  13. That was spectacular (pun not intended). So great seeing Charlie Cox as Matt again. Really not much else to say about Cox returning. Loved what they did with Garfield and Tobey's entering the MCU. Garfield came through as Spidey, and Tobey came through as Peter. Garfield was the better Spidey while Tobey was the better Peter, the MCU played to those strengths. Gonna miss May, but yeah, Peter hasn't had that moment where there's a death he blames himself for, and loses it. He hadn't realized his full power, and what it would mean if he stopped pulling his punches. Garfie
  14. And she might see it as an invasion of Kate's privacy. She hates Clint, but not Kate. She likes Kate, and Kate saved a dog, so Yelena ain't gonna betray her "trust". Kingpin is here! Hopefully Matt pops up to help Clint, Kate, Grills, and Yelena (after she inevitably joins their side).
  15. Mia sticking around in this timeline, Iris telling her that she'd like Nora and Bart, and Nora and Bart showing up. Are they setting up a Justice League of the future spinoff with Mia, Nora, and Bart? They're gonna have all 3 in this timeline, Supergirl and Black Lightning are finished, and the current Beeboverse shows could be wrapping up, in particular The Flash.
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