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  1. He probably saw them as weak, and not being able to pull off his plan. Joey seemed like a good kid, that wouldn't want to hurt anybody, so he wouldn't join the Injustice Society. And William seemed like a father who loved his son, and wouldn't have forced his son to join the Society, if his son didn't want to. William seemed like he would side with his son over the Injustice Society. When Joey showed him his trick, his reaction was to encourage him and give him the pointer of misdirection. There was nothing to show that he was embarrassed or disappointed that his son wasn't as good as he was, or anything but a good kid. William seemed to be all about his family life. He also didn't call Icicle after he found out somebody had the Cosmic Staff. His heart wasn't completely in the Injustice Society.
  2. Sara got abducted by aliens. I repeat, Sara got abducted by aliens. This is not a drill. OG Zari didn't even get one last doughnut before going back into the totem. Throw her some snacks. I did like Zardashian solving the Gideon issue, with the old Jack Carter method. Just unplug it. I'll miss Charlie. I am glad that Astra and Lita might be sticking around. Legends, I'm usually on board with whatever craziness you throw out, but never play that song again.
  3. Man, they really had to kill Joey just like that? His mom is without a doubt going to join up with Courtney's Justice Society. Her husband and son were taken from her, she has no loyalty to Injustice Society. Icicle's son, couldn't they have cast a younger looking actor? He looked 30. Luke Wilson was born to play Pat.
  4. Astra got closure. Constantine knew exactly what he was doing. He gave her exactly what she wanted, but knew that her mother wouldn't want Astra to sacrifice herself. He didn't betray her, he kept his promise, and she loves him for it. Charlie had to know that the Legends would throw up their middle fingers to the Fates. They've never been about destiny, they've been about changing it.
  5. Johns was never going to do anything less than make sure that Courtney was handled perfectly. This show is gonna be his baby, considering the reason he created Stargirl in the first place.
  6. That was good. If you like enjoyable shows with absolute perfect casting for the 2 leads. Can't be said enough, Wilson and Bassinger were freaking perfect. So damn likeable.
  7. If somebody spills it, I'm not cleaning it up. You guys can use your own cleaning supplies. Sorry, had to do it. But what the hell is going on?
  8. Definitely a better role for him than his role on Suits, where he played somebody we were supposed to like, but they wrote him like the dumbest lawyer imaginable.
  9. Jacob opened fire on Batwoman, and Alice killed Mouse. Yet, those were nothing compared to the biggest shock of the episode. This show just cast Batman, and kept it a secret. Who saw that coming?
  10. Makes sense to delay Supergirl. The main star is pregnant, don't exactly want to rush her back and say "You've gotta shoot this now." Push shooting back so she can give birth, and take a month or so to recover.
  11. I like that the Deltas are sticking together. Was hoping for a Where Are They Now montage. Nate screws up, but still finds a way to help his family. He's a damn Legend. I like Lita, and that she's been accepted by the Legends, and that she accepts them. She doesn't fit with the rich kids, but she does fit with the Legends. And Dion had no chance to beat Sara. He may be a God, but she partied with and was trained by Oliver Queen. Dion's got nothing on his partying.
  12. Loved the fight scene being like a comic book. That was awesome, And hey, they finally remembered that Barry was the Paragon of Love. That was one strange cliffhanger. But, it was the best they could do with the pandemic, and having to rush to shoot something.
  13. The show's also going against The Last Dance. That's been a ratings jackpot for ESPN. I love this show, but I'm not watching it live over The Last Dance.
  14. I don't think it's him not wanting to pay for the code. Something else is going on, someone's pulling the strings. We don't know who shut down the servers, who messed with Nathan's memories, and who hired the assassin. There's something beyond not wanting to pay for the code. Maybe Nathan coded something that's huge, but he doesn't even realize it. We saw in this episode that he can control anything with no problem. Perhaps he coded something even bigger in Beyond, and didn't even realize it.
  15. At least his exes seem like good people. They had no problem with each other, the fact that Nathan dated them all in a short time, didn't like Ingrid's treatment of Nathan, and were nice to Nora. Robbie Amell is really good with comedy. His response to Luke mentioning that he wore his dress blues, and "Uncle Larry, put your fucking hand down", were top notch. His delivery is fantastic.
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