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  1. The world is saved by a lesbian and a bisexual woman getting married. Boy, that's gonna piss off some people, and it's awesome. Mick and Kayla's babies are adorable little squid cannibals. And how great was it that Gary gave Ava away? RIP Waverider, you will be missed. The Legends will get vengeance for your death, on the Waverider that blew you up.
  2. They're not so much not dedicated to her dreams, as they don't seem to give a shit about her. Foster mom threatened to cut off the calls she gets from her parents, that's some bullshit right there. They may be criminals, but she loves them, don't sever that. And telling her to get out of the truck because of a nail appointment. She's got football tryouts, a nail appointment isn't more important than being their to support her. Woo hoo! Maybe they'll get an arc where they go good. Maybe help their daughter to go good and join the JSA. You did have some hints of that in this episo
  3. Please let Artemis see right through Cindy. Let her join the young JSA. Perhaps Pat and Barb could let her stay with them, since her foster family seems to only care about the money. On one hand Crusher and Paula are members of the ISA, on the other hand they are good parents, and I liked them with Pat and Barb. Gonna suck that they won't reappear.
  4. Did the Winchesters just break the world? If they did I guess they're now Winchesters. Still have a way to go to equal Loki and Sylvie. Lisseth Chavez did more than kill it in this episode. Great work. And poor Astra, she's lost her mother, John, and maybe Spooner. At least will get to see Snart and Axel. Don't like killing him.
  5. "Until we find you, in this plane, or the next." All the feelings at that line.
  6. There's only one problem with Richard Kind as a Sackler, he's way too likeable to be a Sackler. Even as cheapskate Paul in Spin City, he was incredibly likeable.
  7. Aliens take Earth, make it a bowling ball, and to make sure Earth survives and goes back to normal, the Legends have to win a game against said aliens? On a scale of 1 - 10 on the Legends strangeness scale, that's maybe a 6. This show is freaking bonkers.
  8. Just stay away from season 2.
  9. Sometimes a studio interferes and you wish they would have just let the director do what they wanted. Sometimes a director gets to do what they wanted, and you wish the studio would have interfered. But sometimes, the studio doesn't interfere, the director has complete creative freedom, and you get a fun as hell movie with a lot of heart. Happy to report that this movie is that last sentence. It was obvious this movie was 1000% a James Gunn movie, and it more than worked. He did what he did with Guardians, he took B and C list characters like Bloodsport, Ratcatcher, Peacemaker, Milton
  10. There's no doubt they've done it to lesser known male stars. But you can bet they kissed The Rock's ass and gave him everything he wanted when Jungle Cruise was announced to go to Disney+. They ain't fucking over the biggest male star in Hollywood.
  11. Disney's right, she is being selfish by wanting her contract reworked to account for same day streaming release, like her counterparts at Warner got. That's just pure selfishness to expect fair compensation, especially in the time of a massive pandemic. Now go visit a Disney theme park during a massive pandemic. Also pay more for Disney+, and pay $30 for these releases, during a massive pandemic. In case you couldn't decipher the sarcasm, I'm 100% on ScarJo's side.
  12. There's no doubt that Cisco would have high fived him. That honestly felt like a series finale. Flash has had 2 good series finales as season finales. This one, and season 5's before the Crisis tease. So, I've got faith when it's the end they'll be able to deliver a series finale more like Agents of SHIELD than like Supernatural. Once Godspeed was brought in, this season got a whole lot better.
  13. Lois: "We're entrusting these weapons to you, Barry. Only use them in an emergency." 10 minutes later Barry: "I don't know how to tell you this, but we lost the weapons." Lois: "You lost the weapons?!" Clark: "They lost the weapons already? At least the Legends haven't lost the weapons." on the Waverider Nate: "Yeah! Behrad it's your turn. You want to aim for the middle target." Behrad: "Gideon, have the targets move and make them bigger, I want to see how big of an explosion it can cause." Sara: "Gideon, don't do that. And Behrad, you ain't beating my record."
  14. After what Sylvie just did, I don't think we can give Barry or the Legends any more shit for their antics with the timeline.
  15. I don't think that Dreykov was supposed to be a big threat. He's a coward and weakling, his only power comes from the Widows. Without his mind control, he's useless, he's a pathetic worm. But thanks to his mind control and scientific mind, he got power. The Widows under his control were the threat, he was nothing.
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