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  1. They saw Alex, and thought it wise to turn around and not risk the possibility of upsetting her.
  2. I'm ready for the Legends to show up in the finale and offer Brainy and Nia spots on the team. They're already Legends, they just don't know it. Boy, did Nia squash any thought about that dress being subpar. Nicole was gorgeous. The most attractive cast on television. Sorry for the shallow. Poor Kenny, got his heart broken on prom night. He took it in stride, though and still loves Kara. All props to the young actors and actresses for their performances. Young Kara and Young Alex are perfect casting.
  3. It was made before that, but I do think it was a bit of a reason that Nia sang Dolly Parton. Despite the damage it could have done to her career, Dolly's been a big supporter of the LGBTQ+ community for decades. And look at Brainy during that scene, that's the look and reaction of a man who didn't think he could love her anymore, and then found out that he could fall even more in love with her. Don't know if I want a prequel, since it has a definite stopping point. That said, I wouldn't say no to it, and after the end of the Veronica Mars universe, it would be nice for young Kar
  4. If they did, they might have just screwed up the timeline. We have a possible Legend on the forum!
  5. That was really fun. Brainy and Nia, you two screwed up the timeline, the Legends should be offering you a job shortly. We already knew that young Kara and young Alex were good, but young Cat was great. She had Cat's mannerisms down to perfection. But yeah, young Cat was kind of an idiot thinking that Alex was old enough to be a professor.
  6. Black Mask sounded a lot like Jacob.
  7. Yeah, there's a difference between killing in a battle, a life or death situation, where Steve is also protecting people. If anybody Steve was fighting had no weapon, and was on the ground, no way in hell would Steve kill them. Walker chased after the Flag Smashers with the full intention of killing any he came across. Even after Bucky "died" in First Avenger, Steve didn't kill Zola. Steve and the commandos captured him. Torres is still around, Sam was on the phone with him in the last episode.
  8. There is blood on the shield! The shield was used to kill somebody. The government's gonna be blowing up Sam's phone, with "Look, we made some mistakes. We know you broke out Zemo, we don't give a shit. Can you please take the shield away from Walker? We had no idea he would murder somebody with the shield. We'll do whatever you want. Just please take up the mantle of Captain America."
  9. But he wouldn't be the next Mahomes. He would be Mahomes before Mahomes was Mahomes, and the Chiefs got bailed out in the Super Bowl against the Niners, where apparently a rule is that the Chiefs especially the O-Line can do whatever they want, including holding Nick Bosa the entire game. And how targeting doesn't exist if it's a Chiefs player doing it to a Browns player going in for a touchdown. Sorry, got off on a tangent. The could have had him say we was supposed to be the first Mahomes.
  10. So let me get this straight, this Deon cat was class of 1998, and was gonna be the next Patrick Mahomes? The same Patrick Mahomes that entered the NFL in 2017? Do your homework, Flash writers.
  11. A rich white man got away with all his crimes? That's the most realistic thing this show has done.
  12. I've been doing a rewatch of the Buffyverse, and I really enjoy "Beer Bad". Hell, I'm pretty sure I've watched it more times than "The Body", "Once More With Feeling", and "Conversations With Dead People" combined. There's just so much in that episode that I find entertaining. Xander's horrible fake ID, Cave Slayer, Xander as the bartender, the great season 4 comedy team of Giles and Xander, and that it's so quotable. It's not a tightly writ episode by any stretch of the imagination; but there's just so much that's entertaining in there.
  13. They were pretty lame and not threatening till Dead Things. It's amazing how much they predicted the rise of Incels. A group of friends who are nerds and haven't had the best of luck with the opposite sex, hanging out, playing games and reading comics seems innocent enough. And 99% of the time it is innocent, and it's just a tight knit group of friends. But then you get that Warren in the group, who is able to take control and lead them astray, to where they blame everybody for their issues and become something incredibly dangerous. And in the world of demons, hell gods, and vampires
  14. Told you that you'd turn around on the Trio being a threat, especially Warren. The most disturbing episode of Buffy, ever. The attempted rape, and Warren's full blown out of control misogyny. Warren's shit is a lot worse today, thanks to the rise of Incels. In a world with vampires, a Mayor selling his soul to become a demon, and a hell god, the scariest stuff is the shit that can and has happened in real life. There were some great moments in the episode. Dawn's reaction to Willow and Tara being together was nice, it's surprising that on rewatch, I actually like Dawn. Buffy kic
  15. Oh, you're gonna want to stick around. You'll do a 180 on the Trio's lack of being a threat. Warren is the most vile piece of shit to be in this show.
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