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  1. Yeah, congrats to the happy mom and dad. It's gotta warm your heart and bring a smile to your face, that after all the shit Melissa went through in her previous relationship, she's found so much happiness. She's gotten married to a better man, and is now officially a mom.
  2. Considering how close the cast seem to be (I think 95% of David Harewood's Instagram are photos of him and costars, or just costars), Melissa's probably really been talking to them about it since getting pregnant, and talked to the rest of the cast. They've been prepared for awhile, so it's not a shock. This allows them to find other projects, doesn't matter if it's theater, other Beeboverse shows, or movies.
  3. Rewatching Friday Night Lights again, because why the hell not, and there's a moment I've gotta mention. Landry kicking the field goal to give East Dillon the win over Dillon, and keeping Dillon out of the playoffs. Coach Taylor was shoved out of Dillon and they redrew the district lines which cast out Landry, leading both of them to East Dillon. Like Coach said, it was the wrong move for Dillon to listen to Joe McCoy, and Joe had to watch as East Dillon beat Dillon and his damn son.
  4. Yeah, that would be terrible for Wonder Woman 1984 to debut on that. The whole launch was a disaster, and that's with Fresh Prince, Big Bang Theory, and Friends. Luckily for HBO, Peacock is apparently even worse.
  5. Miguel got there late, and only saw Robby shoving Tory against the locker, and kicking a Cobra Kai student. Miguel didn't know that Robby was training to break up the fight, from what he saw Robby was attacking Tory, and kicking the guy that tried to stop it. Robby has no clue that Miguel got there late, and misunderstood the whole thing. From there their personal feelings for each other took over, and it became an all out fight. Neither one of them tried to ask what was going on.
  6. Considering they're expecting COVID to hit even worse in the winter, on top of the flu season, I don't think we'll get it at Christmas. I hope I'm wrong. The Legends need to fix this mess.
  7. And it's been pushed back again, this time till Christmas.
  8. Daisy Ridley mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel that an early idea was that Rey would be a Kenobi. We could have gotten a Kenobi saving Anakin's grandson from the Dark Side, and the influence of Palpatine. After Palpatine tore the Anakin and Obi-Wan brotherhood apart, we could have gotten their grandchildren uniting to take down Palpatine. That would have been better than Rey being Palpatine's granddaughter.
  9. Why did I watch SHIELD? There are 3 huge reasons. The first was the character development. Fitz went from meek scientist to becoming a leader, look at season 2 when he stood against the entire team to defend Daisy. May went from agent with reputation for crushing people and the cold exterior to match, to being Team Mom, and being damn proud of that role. Daisy went from hacker who didn't really fit in, to finally having the family she never had. Like Daisy said "I already have a sister to save, her name is Jemma Simmons." Hell, at the beginning Daisy could get annoying, but they turned it around with her character. Even one season characters like Jaco go it, Jaco went from following Sarge to hating Sarge's tactics and the fact Sarge left Snow behind, he became the baker that he truly was, and went out as a friend of SHIELD. Secondly, they weren't afraid to give us the happy moments without any pain. You always fear that the happy moment will be crushed. SHIELD gave you the happy moments. We got Cal getting a happy ending, May and Coulson's kiss, Fitz and Simmons getting married, and the finale. The biggest reason was the chemistry of the cast. Everybody worked well together, it didn't matter the pairing. It didn't matter if it was Daisy and Fitz, Mack and Simmons, May and Daisy, or anyone else, you believed they were a family.
  10. Davis: "I know, but either they changed the signs, or you programmed me a little stupider, so you could feel superior for once." Piper: "I swear on all things holy you were always this stupid."
  11. That was just a perfect finale. Everybody got a happy ending, and nobody (outside of Garrett) died. Even secondary characters got happy endings. Flint's at the Academy, which is named after Coulson. Piper asked for her bestie back. Loved May taking control of The Cavalry nickname. She hated it, because she got it by killing a child, but to protect her family, she's gonna be The Cavalry. There was nothing to hate about this finale, except for when it went to commercials. Thanks for a great finale and a great 7 years.
  12. Starman's alive. The show didn't have a downer ending, it had a happy ending. That was awesome. You know that Courtney was gonna give Pat the present. Pat deserved it. Also nice to see that Rick, Yolanda, and Beth were in the family Christmas photo. In particular with Rick and Yolanda's home lives. Rick not killing Grundy was nice. Grundy's also a victim in this, he's being controlled by people who just want to use him for evil. He's not being controlled by the JSA or Bird Nose, so he's made to do evil things.
  13. This show is an original for DC's streaming service, but they're putting it on CW a day after it airs. So, since a show on streaming doesn't have commercials, some stuff has to be cut to air it on television.
  14. "Hey, Pat, are you sure we're on the right side?" That may have been the funniest line this show has had. Just completely perfect delivery. For an episode that had the villains being able to pull off their plan, it sure did have quite a bit of good comedy. The password being NKOTB, Beth not knowing who New Kids were, Mike looking after the dog, everybody's reactions as Beth is reading the manifesto, and Rick's previously mentioned line. Speaking of Rick, nice to see how welcoming he was of Justin. All it took was Pat vouching for him, and he treated Justin like the great hero that Pat said he was. He's a bit of a hot head, but he's learning. Somebody asked about Pat's side hustle. I wonder if Starman left him something in his will. We know that he was rich, so there's a chance he left some money for Pat. And Pat being Pat, was smart with the money.
  15. Upon rewatch, something hit me, the title of the episode isn't just referring to Justin, it's also referring to Pat. Justin does the knighting gesture with Excalibur to Pat, Justin tells Pat he built a fine suit of armor, he's there for the new JSA and Justin, and he "rescues" the damsel in distress when Courtney is completely devastated by Sam asking for the locket.
  16. Can we get rid of Nathaniel, and have Young Garrett as the main villain? He was just so much fun, the actor was clearly loving every minute of it and hamming it up as much as possible.
  17. No shock that Court's birth father is a piece of shit. Good news for Court is that she's got Pat, the best father. And she knows it. That hug and burying her head in Pat's shirt while crying, she accepted Pat as her true father right there. And smart move by Pat that while walking away after slugging Courtney's piece of shit birth father, looking back. He wasn't gonna get jumped from behind.
  18. Enoch is not a robot, he's 100% a human and SHIELD agent. And he wasn't alone. Gonna miss the guy. We're without a doubt getting Daisy and Sousa. I'm all for it. And we got confirmation that Daisy does have a sister.
  19. Dude, they just did that. I can't believe it. I thought the Staff would break through and let them pull Henry to safety. For something happy, that fight between 3 of the new JSA and Ito and his minions was fantastic. Yolanda shredding minions, Henry tossing them around with his mind, and Courtney using her gymnastic background was great. That was some best of Arrow and Batwoman fight sequence there.
  20. Wait, Daisy has a sister? Daisy has a sister? You can't just drop something like that on us, and then ignore it. Never thought we'd get an origin story for Yo-Yo's necklace. I don't think we can give Barry any crap for what he does to the timeline, ever again. Same with the Legends. The SHIELD team isn't a chainsaw, they're about 591 nuclear warheads. I do wonder if this section will lead to them liberating Afterlife from Asshole Malick, stopping Whitehall, and putting down a path where Jiaying doesn't go militant, thanks to regular humans helping her, and she and her Inhumans fight alongside humanity. An alternate universe where that happens.
  21. Yeah, Deke's shown to get a lot better at being an agent since he wound up in present day. He did have the tech company, and fooled multiple people. Deke's attitude also helps him, he's gotten naturally likeable, so people are more likely to begin trusting him. The guy charmed Snowflake, and she was trying to kill him. And as shown in this episode, he really is a good leader. He got pissed at Mack for insulting the Deke Squad, he didn't care that Mack insulted him, but had a problem with Mack insulting his team. And at the end when the Chang Gang was down and thought they sucked, he gave them a pep talk, and reassured them that they were important.
  22. Deke is a great friend. Fitz would be proud of how good of a friend Deke is to Mack. Like Mack looked after Fitz in season 2, Deke looked after Mack and his brother as kids. You can't break the bonds of Turbo's family and Mack. This episode began with the gutpunch of Mack dealing with killing what he believed were his parents, but was heartwarming to say the least. Poor Cricket is never gonna drink Coke again. Mack, you went through hell. You know that Deke has your back, you gotta surround yourself with the people you love. Put a ring on Yo-Yo's finger.
  23. Turns out Pat does have a superpower, all the women want him. Beth could join Team Flash as the newest member of a team full of the dumbest smart people.
  24. Courtney is still way too cocky for her own good. Listen to Pat, Courtney. Even Tony Stark when it came to a battle or who the better leader of the Avengers was, always deferred to Steve. The staff may give you more power, but that doesn't mean you know everything. The show has done great casting for everybody, except for one character. All the teens, look like teens, except for one character. Cameron looks like if he were hanging around a high school, the cops would be called in 15 seconds. That's been the only misstep, dude does not look like a teenager, hell, dude doesn't even look like he'd still be in Med School. There are certain people born to play certain superheroes. Chris Evans was born to be Cap, Gal Gadot was born to be Diana, Robert Downey Jr as Tony, and Luke Wilson was destined to be Pat.
  25. Stay behind, start a family, and have a son who becomes a cop and is there for a very important New York battle.
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