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  1. Every single reaction to Stephanie’s costume, starting with John’s, Cracked. Me. Up. 😂 I freely admit that I did not care for Adina in the beginning, but she’s really grown on me. I don’t give this show 100% of my attention when I’m watching, but she strikes me as effortlessly talented. I hope she wins!
  2. There was a time (the Dawson era) that I would have given ANYTHING for Casey to leave the show. Now I’d gladly keep him if it meant Kidd would go.
  3. Y’all, I think I officially hate this show.
  4. I enjoyed this episode quite a bit (minus those bratty, obnoxious children). I realized at the end that it was because there was NO Fredrik. I didn't even realize he was missing until they showed him in the preview for next week.
  5. It’s probably come up before and I just missed it, but… Sophie Abigail Dixon? Why, oh why, would you give your kid the initials SAD? 🤦‍♀️
  6. I FF through the credits for that exact reason. Can’t stand the sausage bit.
  7. Love Flagg. He just delights me to no end. Can’t stand Fredrik. What’s with the suuuuuuper soft focus filtered interviews? Eesh. Tracy’s sister is… not my cup of tea.
  8. I’m really impressed with Leah. She was very clear on her feelings and also able to explain WHY she feels the way she does. Amber doesn’t stand a chance with her unless she (Amber) somehow manages to get out of her own damn way.
  9. So. Much. I was beyond excited when I saw he was back!
  10. Totally agree. I feel like every time the camera stops on her, she has this look on her face like this is all so beneath her.
  11. I should have anticipated where it was going… but, I didn’t! And I loved it!
  12. Right! Thank you. I’m not great at retaining info from season to season (unless it’s a show I REALLY enjoy), so I couldn’t place him.
  13. Go away, Stella. What a selfish, awful twit she is. Not everything is about YOU.
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