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1,000 Pound Best Friends in the Media

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I was reading on Reddit to see what's new with the besties, and it said Meghan went on Instagram claiming there was a flood in Tina's home (burst water pipe?) and they needed $2500 to pay the insurance deductible. From what I can understand, the problem started in the basement's bathroom. 

They apparently are not posting any pictures of the damage despite being asked to by donors.  This happened a couple of weeks ago and they raised over the amount they needed but apparently kept the GoFundMe account up. 

They also set up an Amazon wish list and some of the Redditors are saying some of the things they're asking for is suspicious. 

Meghan said they are living in a hotel.

Some Redditors are calling them scammers.  If they are not posting photos of the damage when asked to by potential donors, then something is definitely fishy.


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58 minutes ago, Gemma Violet said:

Meghan went on Instagram claiming there was a flood in Tina's home (burst water pipe?) and they needed $2500 to pay the insurance deductible

$2500.00 deductible? Why would anyone ask for that high deductible rate if they know they could not afford it if anything happened? And what are Tina and Meghan doing with their TLC paychecks? 

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Maybe the thing to do would be go the TLC homepage, or Facebook page, and point these things out.  I'd think TLC would frown on scamming your viewers.
I went to FB page and mentioned this.



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On 4/28/2022 at 10:55 PM, auntjess said:

I'd think TLC would frown on scamming your viewers.

I don't know if TLC frowns on scammers because they are all in on nefarious bull$hit but the 1000 Pound  Sisters Allegedly had their You Tube videos "deleted and scrubbed" before TLC would sign them on.

Something about Amy claiming Tammy died and needed money for the funeral. Not sure if it was a Go Fund Me or what. TLC is just as disgusting as the "reality" stars they exploit.

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4 hours ago, SunnyBeBe said:

Was wondering if there was any updates on the friends.  ……..omg!


Yes.  Just saw a photo of Vanessa. 😳


And Megan.  


They both look good. Obviously they used filters a lot for the pics. Hope they continue to lose weight.

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We are getting a Season 2 Jan 4.

Edited to add- Season 1 was as DULL as dishwater. Of course I want the women to succeed and improve their lives, I actually like seeing Tina (she seems to be the most relatable), I like Ashley too, but I think Ashley's first priority is protecting her "real life" career and isn't going to give anything to the camera that might compromise that (which of course I understand). I wonder if TLC just wants content so badly or something interesting is actually going to happen.

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13 hours ago, SunnyBeBe said:

Can anyone tell who is talking in the preview when they say they have to change or die?  Megan makes a face and walks away from the table….who’s voice was that?  

Let me go look up the preview and get back to you....actually can you provide the video? I am not sure to which one you are referring?

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I think Vanessa (the blonde who finally had weight loss surgery), is talking to Meghan (dark hair) who has apparently been cheating a lot after her surgery, and Tina (Tina is the one with short brown hair sometimes with huge blonde streaks) and Ashley.    I think Meghan was living in Tina's house, downstairs.   Ashley seems much too nice to be with this group.   

Vanessa has the son who is very overweight too, and she is trying to get him to change before it's too late for him.     I hope he does, he's too young to end up with the orthopedic and physical issues that can come from being so overweight.     Also, skin bounces back a lot better for most younger patients who have bariatric surgery, and lose a lot of weight. (Can you tell I've watched My 600 lb. Life a lot?) 

I hope all four women accept the program, and get back on track.  

Dr. Proctor's face when Meghan says she sort of follows the diet is interesting.   

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I'm kinda surprised they brought this show back.  Last season's highlights were the shock value of seeing Vanessa run around nude in the rain at a campground or wear a string bikini to a public beach. Tina & Ashley seem more "average".  And I have little tolerance for crybaby spendaholic Meghan & less for her lazy BF, so I may sit this one out. 

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23 hours ago, auntjess said:

I thought it was 4 friends, each closing in on 1,000 pounds.  Weren't each of them over 600?


No. Ashley and Tina were in the 300s, Vanessa was the biggest in the mid 400s before her weight loss surgery.  

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30 minutes ago, CrazyInAlabama said:

I think Meghan is short, so she looks like she weighs more.   It's really more like 1500 lb friends.    Calling them best friends is a stretch though, a lot of the time they don't even seem to like each other. 

At Meghan's heaviest she was in the 500s, but she had weight loss surgery and when we left off last season she was in the 300s.

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Someone asked how Meghan and Jon (fiance) ended up living in TIna's basement.    I didn't find an answer, I just recall that in the first couple of Meghan/Vannessa episodes on Too Large, I think Meghan lived somewhere else.   Now Meghan and Jon live in Tina's basement, no explanation.            I like Tina's house, when it OK, and Vannessa place is certainly nice too. 

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11 hours ago, goofygirl said:

Megan & John need to get their own place STAT!  And if they can't afford one, they need to move into a homeless shelter.  There is no reason there should be EIGHT PEOPLE living in ONE hotel room.

I don't know if Meghan & John living with Tina is due to finances or for the show.  John works I think, she probably gets disability.  Meghan is simply incapable of "adulting".  She's a teenager, shopping online for clothes, makeup, jewelry. Tina is her mommy & chauffeur.  I think my main reason for watching is to see if Meghan & John ever move out. 

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I think Meghan and John living with Tina is a story line. When Tina's house burst a pipe- a better story line. I liked Meghan last year, but her learned helplessness and her toddler behavior (holding hands with Tina, crying in the bathroom, being disrespectful to her doctor) is ridiculous. Not rooting for her at all. 

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Hope we get to see Vannessa's skin surgery this season & not just a teaser with the consultation. 

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On 6/1/2024 at 4:49 AM, SunnyBeBe said:

Did I miss season 3?  

I'm waiting on this one, too. Haven't seen anything.

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