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  1. Travis was a really sweet and genuine person, and it's one of the first times that I can see why their spouse married them in spite of the weight. How cute was Yasmin doing the happy dance at Travis' weigh in! What a lovely episode. There was one thing that surprised me regarding his backstory. Travis said he only started gaining weight after his brother left. He also said he was a pretty normal sized kid and at 11 (I think) weighed about 120 lbs. Wait, that's more than I weigh as a full grown adult. No 11 year old should weigh that much, so I have to wonder if the Daddy issues were deeper than the brother issues.
  2. Aw, I thought he was funny and sweet.
  3. It's the only way you'd get me to go on one.
  4. Funny thing--I meant exactly what I wrote. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/nonplussed 2) chiefly US : not bothered, surprised, or impressed by something
  5. I'm with you, Sterling. I assumed he was having an affair (with a woman) right out of the gate. Also, as soon as Lindsey said she knew she was doing really well on the diet by following her own rules, I knew she was doomed. Dr. Now was so nonplussed about Lindsey's rotating support team. What happened to your husband? *shrug* I think he's so done with these people who are lying liars who lie, lie and then lie some more.
  6. Are you asking why everything is so expensive on Martha's Vineyard? If so, that's not a mystery.
  7. It's a little hard to read between the lines but I sense you don't like Kathy Griffin? Personally, I'll side with Lily Tomlin and Randy Bick. Kathy's pretty amazing and funny as hell, but to each his own.
  8. So back to my point, he said he had insurance issues. She only gave him a month's worth of product and I can't believe his own MD didn't try to prescribe him mAbs.
  9. Damn, he was only 79? I thought he was 79 twenty years ago. FWIW, he says he was the pioneer but I grew up in NY at that time listening to AM radio, and Howard Stern was the one who broke out. Imus only got famous because he started fighting with Stern. And yes, he was a pig even then.
  10. Agree with all of you, too much back story. That being said, a 12.9 lb lipoma? How the fuck do you ignore that? Also, the guy with psoriasis: didn't he say he had insurance issues? I took that to mean that his insurance wouldn't pay for a monoclonal treatment. I can't imagine his doctor was unaware of the treatments available--they're almost standard of care at this point.
  11. Add Karen Carpenter to that list. Does anyone wonder why so many girls and women have eating disorders? You GO Lizzo!
  12. This is the best description I've ever seen for everyone and everything that has come from the Kardashian nucleus. It's like a science fiction movie, or Dr. Who. The Great Kardashian Beast with tentacles...
  13. As much as I hate all those cloying jewelry commercials, kudos to Zales for the Enchanted Disney Villain collection. That's awesome.
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