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  1. Wasn't it red, white and blue? I kinda liked it, especially when they showed the whole Capitol and her on the balcony. And you ain't kidding, about her voice, not that there was ever a doubt,
  2. I can't wrap my brain around this. Admittedly, I only know what these pilots did through watching Chernobyl, and I don't know how much artistic license they had, but those helicopter pilots were true heroes. He literally flew into the reactor that was spewing massive amounts of radiation to put out the fire, yet it was fucking Covid that killed him? Where do you even go with that?
  3. Thedrick may not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, but some of his impairment was related to his congestive heart failure. I'm pretty sure Dr. Now made mention of the decreased oxygen to his brain at one point, Apparently, I'm the only one who liked this episode. Thedrick was a sweet, kind person and that made me smile.
  4. That's probably the case, and I'm on the side that thinks they're funny ads. However, I see a certain irony in that Martin is showing Charlie how to get cheaper drugs.
  5. I would bet that carrot sticks or a stalk of broccoli would completely decompose in her refrigerator before it ever got touched. I can feel sympathy for a lot of these people, but Samantha was just exhausting. She also kept saying "to be honest", which is a dead giveaway that someone is lying.
  6. What a perfect way to end 2020. An MD boarded in internal medicine, who clearly didn't pay attention during immunology classes, shares the wonderful gift of COVID to a roomful of restaurant staff and patrons. Such a giving man.
  7. I totally get what you mean, however that sentence is hilarious.
  8. Hugging a patient isn't necessarily unprofessional. A lot of the people who come to her are very frightened and her demeanor is one way to set them at ease. It is probably even more important for people with skin diseases who likely believe that no one wants to touch them. I see it as a very caring behavior and frankly, most doctors act like they don't really give a shit about you or even know your name. As for the sterility issue, I agree with Back Atcha's response.
  9. We've talked about the Geico clogging commercial ad infinitum so this is more of an observation vs. love/hate. I was looking at the apartments and it only just registered that: Those apartments are fabulous. They don't look anything alike - even the cabinets are totally different colors. The clogging family's apartment must be 5,000 square feet. It's positively massive. I would totally rent an apartment like that. (sans those upstairs neighbors)
  10. Indeed I am!! D'oh. Thanks for the correction.
  11. Hayley Paige fans will find her dresses no matter what name she sells them under. She could try "Stripper Bridals" or "Slut Couture"
  12. "Silverstone went on to say that Bear’s never needed antibiotics or medical intervention." Bitch, I went my first 24 years without needing antibiotics or medical intervention, and I ate boatloads of candy, red meat, and was likely a bottle baby. I'll go a step further--In 50+ years, I've never had a cavity. Have you ever heard of genetics?
  13. Hey now, old ladies can totally be playing poker! I resemble that remark. I doubt it for that commercial only because there are no chips or anything to bet with in sight.
  14. I see it a badge of honor, although I'm quite sure I didn't think that at the time.
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