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  1. Funny, there was a discussion a while back in the Who, What, When, Where?!: Miscellaneous Celebrity News 2.0 forum* about Angelina Jolie giving her mother that ultimatum when she was a teen. Her mother's solution was to let Angelina's boyfriend move into her house. Explains a lot. *The discussion was many pages back and I don't have the stamina to try to find it
  2. Dr. Emma does wonders with scars, and it's incredible how much dermatology has advanced. I felt bad for him but with or without scars, I agree with sempervivum that wow, he sure is a handsome man!
  3. Getting older doesn't help coping with grief. That's a very individual thing.
  4. There's a middle option. I have filters on my gutters and it's more like teeny tiny chicken wire than the ultra filter. Definitely keeps the big stuff out including leaves and maple tree seeds.
  5. The Sven cookies were freaking adorable.
  6. It's really hard to go back to some of these old shows if you didn't see them the first time around because you can't help but view them with a different lens. When I watch now, it's totally cringeworthy. But at the time, the situations were not as odd as they appear now. The 70's feel like a thousand years ago. As for the screeching of Julie and Ann, I can personally say that it was annoying even 50 years ago.
  7. Yes it really is Matthew Gray Gubler. There are also bunches more here: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/film/petco_its_what_wed_want_if_we_were_pets
  8. These shows were on D+ last year, so maybe they have a year embargo ?
  9. Hold up partner! I'm sure you meant that as a generalization, because some of us boomers are enlightened, evidence-based seekers of knowledge. It may have not been talked about much in 1999, but I sure knew it was wrong when my parents (depression era) made terribly outdated racist comments. In the 70's, well before I was 19, I recognized my parents were wrong. Because of that, and staying on topic, I'm in the camp of not giving her a total pass. I like the suggestion from merylinkid where she says something along the lines of "yeah I did. Looking back it was wrong. I've learne
  10. Agree, and that show is hugely dated when looking through the current lens. I was obsessed with this show as a pre-teen, (Randy Mantooth sure helped with that) and recall that paramedics were not a 'thing' back then. The idea of having paramedics was completely novel and the show has been credited with elevating the program nationally. It was pretty groundbreaking 50 years ago. Shit. Can it really be 50 fucking years ago??????
  11. Jeez, it seems like yesterday. That was a sad, odd day.
  12. I guess they're creating a market for it.
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