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  1. If they win on those grounds, then every single reality show ever made will have to pay out claims.
  2. I'm not sure which thread to post this in, but I suppose this one works. An ad for these things popped up in my IG feed and all I could think about was Charlie's Kitten Mittens. Cat paw chair socks
  3. Wait, you still have a coat from when you were 14? I'm also older than Rachel and want to let her know that 47 is NOT ancient.
  4. How did you manage that? Teach us, oh wise one.
  5. I tend to believe that if that contraption actually did work, it would be newsworthy, and not sold on some infomercial.
  6. Aw, that's an awesome movie. Carl Reiner was a genius.
  7. Totally agree. Life isn't neat, it's messy. I absolutely adore all of the people they interview for the newspaper. For instance, the fat woman who said her fat saved her from being impaled--only for Tony to say that if she hadn't been fat the thing would have missed her entirely. Or the man thinking he was really an 8-year-old girl. When Tony told the bully in the school yard that he would murder him if he picked on George again, I did a literal LOL, which is very rare. For some reason, I was particularly touched by the scene of him giving the puppy (Brandy) to Lisa. I had to hit pause because I was crying so hard. That, and also when his dad died. Wow, just wow.
  8. I only just found this show and binge watched the whole thing. By the end I was sobbing like a baby because so much hit home. As for giving the money to Julian, I totally get it. If you've never been in that dark place, it's hard to understand, but if you have, it's crystal clear why he gave him the money. I don't think he was evil, and I don't even think he was wrong. The scenes with his father were heart wrenching, and so very real. I'm emotionally spent.
  9. She probably could have been a little more empathetic and kinder, but that talk was SO sexist. I personally think that's the moment she decided this relationship might not work. Either then, or when he called her heartless. If you haven't seen any of these videos by the psychologist Dr. Kirk Honda, you should at least watch the one about his reaction to Ash's seminar. It's freaking genius.
  10. I'll forever link someone huffing to Allison on Intervention:
  11. I don't watch NASCAR at all, however I saw this on the news and was incredibly touched. It's even more powerful when you see the video of all the racers.
  12. This circus has officially gone past it's expiration date, at least for me. Clearly the ratings are there so lots of others are still enjoying or hate-watching. I love reading comments in here and will continue to do that, but I can't take any more permutations and combinations of this bunch.
  13. I am of the belief that the vast majority of police officers are decent, honest people who care about others, and that's why they do this. However, this show made me recognize how pervasive the racism and what I can only see as anger, are in law enforcement. Live PD did show many, many positive things that warmed my heart. What opened my 'white privileged' eyes and scared me a lot, (and also made me stop watching), was the behavior exhibited by some of them, even though they knew they were being filmed. That means we didn't see any of the REALLY bad stuff. I was disgusted.
  14. I would have thought it was mundane if it was a warning, a fine, or a public statement. But this was bad enough to completely shut it down. That hints at something a bit bigger, but who knows?
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