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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

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Kevin Pollak who was in A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon


I'm terrible at this kind of game, but I love the idea that the full name of that movie is really A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon.

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Kevin Bacon has been in over 65 movies. Maybe that is why playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon works so well. I didn't realize, but this game celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

The game requires you to link celebrities to Bacon, in as few steps as possible, via the movies they have in common. The more odd or random the celebrity, the better.

For example, O.J. Simpson was in "The Naked Gun 33⅓" with Olympia Dukakis, who was in "Picture Perfect" with Kevin Bacon.

Here is the Wiki article about the game.

Let's start easy and then, if you want, we can get harder as time goes on (link through only action movies, or only on TV, etc)

So let me start ...

Link Kevin Bacon to Kathy Bates.

Not playing the game (yet), but -- when my daughter was in college she got a job at  Blockbuster.  The big interview question was this game.  I've forgotten who the other actor was, but she managed it.  At the time, she hadn't heard of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, so it took her really off guard.  Since her two years working there, you should hear her now, even ten years later. 

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There might be an easier way to do this, but:

Christine Baranski was in Mamma Mia with
Amanda Seyfried who was in Mean Girls with
Rachel McAdams who was in the Notebook with
Ryan Gosling who was in Crazy, Stupid Love with

Kevin Bacon

Next: Andy Samberg

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(It's possible there's a faster way to get here but)

Lily James was on Downton Abby with

Shirley MacLaine who was in Steel Magnolias with

Julia Roberts who was in Flatliners with

Kevin Bacon.


Next up... Rose McIver

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Lenny Kravitz was in Zoolander with

Ben Stiller who was in There's Something About Mary with

Matt Dillon who was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon.


Next up... David Schwimmer


(Isn't it movies-in-common only?  Not TV shows?)

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I've always played it as movies-in-common only, but I do know some play it with tv shows.  I don't have a preference, but movies-only does make it a bit more challenging (in a good way)

David Schwimmer was in Apt Pupil with
Brad Renfro who was in Sleepers with

Kevin Bacon

Next up: Christopher Meloni

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There's probably a shorter way to get here using TV shows, but...

Jerry Seinfeld was in Bee Movie with

Renee Zelweger who was in White Oleander with

Robin Wright who was in Forrest Gump with

Tom Hanks who was in Apollo 13 with

Kevin Bacon


Next up:  Lisa Kudrow

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There might be an easier way to get there, but:

Scarlett Johansson was in Iron Man 2 with
Robert Downey Jr, who was in Tropic Thunder with
Tom Cruise, who was in A Few Good Men with

Kevin Bacon

Next Up: Jimmy Fallon

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There might be a faster way to get here, but then you wouldn't get the pleasure of knowing how many terrible movies I've seen....

Vincent Kartheiser was in Alpha Dog with
Shawn Hatosy, who was in The Faculty with
Jordana Brewster, who was in Furious 7 with
Djimon Hounsou, who was in Beauty Shop with

Kevin Bacon

Next Up: Drea De Matteo

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1 minute ago, Drogo said:

I always thought it was film roles only.  And they both had to be actors (not one director, one actor and such.)

That was my thought as well, I just wanted to confirm! Thanks!

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Again, there's probably a faster way to get this one but

Jon Hamm was in

The Town with

Ben Affleck who was in 

Good Will Hunting with

Minni Driver who was in 

Sleepers with

Kevin Bacon

Next Up: David Harbour 

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