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  1. I am just new to watching the show and I am up to Season 1, Episode 7, this episode. At this point of the show, I am shocked how rotten a person Devi is. Even the "C" word would be an appropriate description for her. She is selfish, obnoxious, disrespectful, arrogant, narcissistic, and an overall pain in the ass. I have never seen a main character in a coming-of-age show like this be so rotten and unlikeable. It's shocking. Despite all of that, I find the show intriguing and very good, and I will surely continue watching.
  2. I hope the second season continues with the same cast. Both Olivia and Chiara were spectacular throughout season one. The show just can't lose such amazing actresses and retain quality. I think the story can be picked up in the summer of '96. After a quiet few months we can revisit the characters that summer, maybe both would have slipped even further into the abyss they were at in '95. Unresolved issues from season one could hit everyone and create an intriguing story. What was so great about Olivia and Chiara was not only how different each looked in all three years ('93,'94 and'95), but how
  3. I was super excited about the scenario of Gabriel Byrne's Dr. Weston visiting Brooke at that moment and how great that encounter would have been. Then, it didn't happen. What a deflating disappointment. Brooke on Brooke was a cheap, gimmicky stunt that was salvaged by Uzo's amazing acting which saved it from being a true disaster.
  4. How many episodes are there in this, the first season? Eight? Ten? More than that? Maybe 79 is the year of her father's death, since he passed when Kate was very young.
  5. Tarantino also used her in Once Upon A Time...in Hollywood as one of the Manson hippie chicks. You talk about nepotism.
  6. According to a USA Today article on Jeopardy published this week, the dates for the next three guest hosts are set... Katie Couric will have two weeks starting on March 5th. Then, quack/charlatan Dr. Oz pollutes the show for two weeks, starting March 22. Then Aaron Rodgers will start his two week stint the day after Easter, April 5th. Apparently, these shows were taped in January. The dates of the other guest hosts were not announced yet. Very disappointing that a clown like Dr. Oz was selected for this. Richards' quotes in the article support Dr. Oz ("He was 'close' to Alex", was sa
  7. Send Upton to FBI permanantly and bring back Rojas. That would solve a lot.
  8. What happened to Rojas? I liked her a lot, a heck of a lot more than Upton. She just disappeared off the face of the earth in this new season, without a mention. That really sucks.
  9. Both of these episodes were outstanding! I love shows with heavy dialogue. My favorite scenes from the Sopranos were the therapy sessions with Tony and Dr. Melfi, and I also loved the show In Treatment. In just two episodes, a great deal was revealed about Rue and Jules and how each sees the situation they are dealing with. It is such a huge advancement of the story. The acting and writing in both episodes was amazing. I imagine that many of the very young Euphoria fans may have been bored with these episodes and maybe didn't like the "lack of action". I thought they were excellent! The bad ne
  10. The best Hall of Shame episode so far was Lip. It was great to see Amanda, who was my favorite of all his girlfriends and I really liked the episodes when he was in college. I imagine there will be a Frank Hall of Shame episode and they should have one about Fiona, but since she is off the show maybe they won't. It's understandable that they would make these episodes to "fill time" during the pandemic. Lots of highlights and limited filming of new scenes giving them 5-6 extra episodes. It does slow down the progression of the story in its last season, though.
  11. Wow. Whatever minimal interest there was on this show here has completely evaporated. This may be the strangest and most unusual show I have ever continued watching. This Fraser kid is a real whack job and the way his mother has raised him and the interactions they have really show how that happened. This show is kind of sad because so many characters are messed up and mentally out of it...Fraser, his mother, Richard, Danny, the other teens, Caitlin to a certain extent, Caitlin's mother is a mess as well. Poor Maggie. She is one of the few together, rational people stuck in the middle of
  12. Interesting second episode, basically a replay of the "events" of the first episode, but from the perspective of Caitlin as opposed to Fraser whose perspective was shown in episode one. So Caitlin has two brothers and a "boyfriend"? Her father and older brother seem hard core military, while the other brother seems troubled. Caitlin seems to worship her father while (quietly, so far) despising her mother. The mother seems like a fish out of water that is disrespected by her husband and kids. It seems like they look down on her (maybe subconsciously) for being Nigerian, or maybe she is jus
  13. What a weird show with weird people. Yet, I will likely keep watching. It seems like a cross between Euphoria and My Brilliant Friend. He is gay and is apparently in love with a boyfriend named Mark from back home. He messaged the guy a couple times. I think that is who he is mad about being taken away from by his Mom. I don't think he is attracted to her at all romantically, but fascinated by her as a person. He is obviously intrigued by her gender issues. It really is an interesting setting. They live in a little "piece" of America dropped into the Adriatic c
  14. My prediction. When Bill talks to Colin Cowherd (who I like a lot), he will whine about how horribly restrictive the society is regarding Covid and how sports, entertainment and television need to open back up (because he wants to go back to his stand up shows and record the TV show in front of an audience again). He will spew the right wing talking point of Covid being overblown and downplay the pandemic. What a shame.
  15. Exactly what I was thinking!! Bill has been off for a month and all the garbage that we are going through and he spends 30 minutes on this crap. I don't get it with his fetish for Bari Weiss. I can't stand her. She comes across as a smug, entitled, spoiled rich kid throwing a tantrum. Hopefully in three years she will be off the scene and forgotten. Any conservatives watching must have had a big laugh. We need to be laser focused on getting Trump out of the White House. Wasting time and energy on this cancel culture conservative dog whistle is a huge mistake. Is Bill undergoing a Dennis
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