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  1. Wow. Whatever minimal interest there was on this show here has completely evaporated. This may be the strangest and most unusual show I have ever continued watching. This Fraser kid is a real whack job and the way his mother has raised him and the interactions they have really show how that happened. This show is kind of sad because so many characters are messed up and mentally out of it...Fraser, his mother, Richard, Danny, the other teens, Caitlin to a certain extent, Caitlin's mother is a mess as well. Poor Maggie. She is one of the few together, rational people stuck in the middle of all these crazies. Something really bad happened right when the last episode ended, but I have no idea what. I have a feeling things are going to go haywire in the last two episodes.
  2. Interesting second episode, basically a replay of the "events" of the first episode, but from the perspective of Caitlin as opposed to Fraser whose perspective was shown in episode one. So Caitlin has two brothers and a "boyfriend"? Her father and older brother seem hard core military, while the other brother seems troubled. Caitlin seems to worship her father while (quietly, so far) despising her mother. The mother seems like a fish out of water that is disrespected by her husband and kids. It seems like they look down on her (maybe subconsciously) for being Nigerian, or maybe she is just a doormat. It seems odd that Caitlin had her first period in this episode. If she is freshman in high school aged, I figure it would have started a couple years earlier. Weird how she tells her father about it and not her mother. Caitlin is a very complex character (as is Fraser) and it will be interesting to see their respective journeys in the show. Regarding the preview scenes of future episodes, it seems there will be some serious stuff coming down with Caitlin, Fraser's Mom, Fraser and the soldier he likes. We'll have to see what happens.
  3. What a weird show with weird people. Yet, I will likely keep watching. It seems like a cross between Euphoria and My Brilliant Friend. He is gay and is apparently in love with a boyfriend named Mark from back home. He messaged the guy a couple times. I think that is who he is mad about being taken away from by his Mom. I don't think he is attracted to her at all romantically, but fascinated by her as a person. He is obviously intrigued by her gender issues. It really is an interesting setting. They live in a little "piece" of America dropped into the Adriatic coast of Italy on the other side of the world in Europe. They can literally pass a gate into a completely different world, culture and country. "Americans can only be happy in America...this IS America!" was a quote from the show. In reality, these kids don't really live in America, but a paltry imitation of it. I think this makes them subconsciously depressed and disfunctional. They are really lost souls who never really get to go home.
  4. My prediction. When Bill talks to Colin Cowherd (who I like a lot), he will whine about how horribly restrictive the society is regarding Covid and how sports, entertainment and television need to open back up (because he wants to go back to his stand up shows and record the TV show in front of an audience again). He will spew the right wing talking point of Covid being overblown and downplay the pandemic. What a shame.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking!! Bill has been off for a month and all the garbage that we are going through and he spends 30 minutes on this crap. I don't get it with his fetish for Bari Weiss. I can't stand her. She comes across as a smug, entitled, spoiled rich kid throwing a tantrum. Hopefully in three years she will be off the scene and forgotten. Any conservatives watching must have had a big laugh. We need to be laser focused on getting Trump out of the White House. Wasting time and energy on this cancel culture conservative dog whistle is a huge mistake. Is Bill undergoing a Dennis Miller-like transformation? How sad.
  6. I think Elsa's purpose was to transform Dr. Craft from a gentle, loving peaceful man to one who embraces the evil of Nazism. It was a long process that really wasn't complete until that final scene with his Hitler salute. He will likely be very different next season, a true Peter Krupp. What happened at the end between Magda and Tiago? Was she trying to put a "spell" on him to make him a force of evil? I don't think it will work. What will happen with Mateo? Will he embrace his family or go fully to the dark side? It looks like Josefina is back in the family and is done with her temple excursion. Sad to see Molly go. It was nice to see her and Tiago together when they were away from their perspective worlds and just with each other. The police department was a force of evil the whole season. They were horrible and responsible for 99% of the turmoil that happened in the story. Townsend was a sleazy fraud. A rotten, racist pig. Hopefully he will meet his demise. I really hope to see a Season 2. Hopefully the Santa Muerte character will gain prominence next season.
  7. I guess the show runner/writers really wanted to go far with it in the last season. Alex, Charlie, Tony, Caleb, Winston, the Dean, Monty and maybe Zach were all gay? Didn't Ani and Jessica share a kiss as well? Interesting. Wasn't Alex life-and-death-in-love with Jessica for the first three seasons? I was surprised by him. That principal is an unprofessional hack bureaucrat who should have been fired in Season 1. His incompetence and ineptitude were constant. A lockdown that extreme would have never happened. Also the procedure is for kids to stay in a room with a teacher/adult or find the nearest room with one if they are in the hallway. They would never spend a lock down by themselves with no adult anywhere to be found. I was also shocked that there were so many empty rooms with no kids or teachers on a typical school day (for the characters to be alone in). You would never see that in a typical public high school. Also, there would be countless teacher chaperones on the camping trip with the students. Parent chaperones would not be used, especially parents only with no teachers. Just dumb. There was nothing in the first three seasons to indicate that Clay was an Ivy League caliber student and ESPECIALLY that Justin was the caliber of student who would even be considered for a school like Occidental. Did I miss something? Whatever happened to Sherri and Skye? Wouldn't they have been Seniors with everyone else?
  8. Great to see Brian Dennehy in what turned out to be his last role (it was filmed in February and he passed in April...RIP). Cool to see the return of Brad Garrett as well. This show has outstanding casting, both the regular actors and the guests! While Josephina danced with Rico, she didn't seem too interested in the guy and she warned him not to mess with Mateo..."I have his back". I love her red hair, really enhancing an already beautiful girl. I have mixed feelings about Nathan Lane in this role. He is a great actor and he really captures the human side of the character and his justified disgust with the Nazis. He just isn't believable as a tough cop. When he talks about fighting back or going after someone physically, it just doesn't fit. By the way, I just saw Nathan Lane's appearance on a 35-year old episode of Miami Vice. He played a nightclub stand up comic who was killed 20 minutes into the episode after attempting to rape a cocktail waitress. Frankie Valli and James Remar also guested in the show. Pretty interesting.
  9. Ray is a lousy cop. It would be a miracle if Jackie lives another 18 months. Junior's wife/gf should dump his junkie ass because she can do a lot better. Renee has atrocious taste in men. I feel sorry for her little boy. Great show!!!
  10. Tatiana Maslany on Orphan Black was the greatest actor I have ever seen on a TV show. Natalie Dormer is the closest thing to that in regards to playing multiple characters...actually 4 (Magda, Elsa, Alex and Rio). I think Tatiana played 7 or 8 in OB. I think Natalie is excellent here on this show (I never saw Game of Thrones so this is the first I have seen her). I remember Amy Madigan, who plays Molly's mother, in the excellent film Streets of Fire in the early 80's. She has been married to actor Ed Harris for decades.
  11. Of all the characters on this show, Rhodes Senior is the most rotten of them all. He is a true bastard and his death would make the world a better place. He is a ruthless scumbag who treated his wife and son like garbage. I would think Chuck privately, deep in his heart would want his Dad to kick the bucket. He would be free from the abuse and likely in for a good inheritance. While last season seemed to be a big showcase of the Taylor character, this season is going nuts on Wendy. Interesting how I like the character less as she gets shoved down our throats.
  12. This show seems like a better fit on a smaller streaming network than a monster conglomerate like ABC. I hope it finds a new and better home.
  13. BigDfromLA


    Yes, exactly. Also, think of this. How long was the time period from when Emma was sent away to when Victor the father was arrested/deported? If that period was relatively short, wouldn't Vida have sent for Emma to return to her family, since he was gone? I would say if it were a few years or less, Emma would have returned home, maybe by the time she was in her late teens. I'm not a fan of Lyn and Johnny ending up together. Too much disfunction for it to last long term. Two more seasons would have been perfect for this show. The seasons are very short anyway, so it's not like we are talking about another 30 episodes or more.
  14. Both actors who play Noa and Daniel are the same age, born in 1984, making them 36 in 2020. Interestingly, the actress who plays Vanessa was born in 1992, making her 28 and eight years younger. While Lewis looks younger on the surface, if you look closely you can tell that he is probably early 50's.
  15. BigDfromLA


    Rudy is an empty suit and his mother is horrible. I don't like any of the guys Lyn has been with, including Johnny. Maybe that one Polish guy she bumped into awhile back would be good for her. I can't imagine Lyn as a born again Christian. Will she last a month? I think it's pretty clear that Emma didn't like her mother, but she absolutely hates her father. I wonder what really happened? So it seems that Lyn and Emma are very close in age, probably less than two years. I think Emma is right around 30 so Lyn must be 28.5??
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